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Bend Your Knees (Part 3)

Happy boatsex eve! I can’t wait so I wrote more of my own, the comments on Part 1 & 2 led me to write part 3! lmk if ya’ll want a part 4?


Warning: lots of SMUT (with build up fluff!)

Preview: “Good morning, Your Grace” Jon hummed, pressing a kiss to her forehead.
“Hmm.” Dany didn’t want it to be morning yet. She wanted to stay pressed against him. She turned around in his arms, pressing her back against his chest. She felt his hard length against her ass. He blew a hot breath against the back of her neck. Dany shivered. Jon’s hands skimmed over her body. He rubbed her legs and up her side, pausing to pull at the skin of her hips playfully. 

When the table grew stiff underneath them and their muscles started to ache against it Jon and Dany slowly stood up, peeling away from each others touch. 

Jon turned away from her and pulled up his trousers, turning back just in time to watch Dany step into her sheer black dress again. She pulled it up over her hips easy, the fabric swaying softly around her. The dress had silk ribbons that crossed over her chest and tied behind her neck. 

Jon saw her struggling with the ties and came up behind her. He took the silk ribbons from her hands. Jon’s bare chest pressed against her back. He pulled Daenerys’ silver hair over her shoulder and out of the way. 

His big rough fingers pulled together a gentle bow and Jon sealed his work with a kiss just below the back of Dany’s ear. Dany scrunched her neck at the unexpected kiss, a tickle rising under her skin. Jon let a little huff of air escape his nose, suppressing a laugh at he reaction. Dany pushed her feet into her boots.

Dany faced him and he back away, picking his jerkin off the floor and pulling it over his head. His curls tousled about his face as he pulled his arms through and picked his cloak up off the floor, wrapping it around his shoulders. Jon bent down to pull his boots on and when he stood back up his muscles tensed. 

Daenerys was leaning against the war table, the violet in her eyes glinted in the dim light as she stared down at him. Her silver hair was perfectly tousled around her. Jon stepped toward her slowly, as if she was reeling him in by a string. 

Dany kept her eyes glued on his as he sauntered over to her, stepping as lightly as a wolf in the woods. When they were finally face to face she wrapped her arms around his neck. Jon brushed the back of his fingers over her face. She leaned into his touch. Her heart fluttered. 

She couldn’t remember ever feeling this way toward a man. Toward anyone. Dany was drawn to him, and when she was around him her heart ached to get closer, to feel him more, know him more. He looked down at her with those deep eyes and her heart swelled. Tingles pushed through her body. She was full. she was hole. 

Jon just looked at her. He couldn’t stop. She wasn’t anything he ever expected and looking at her didn’t get old. Whether she was on top of a dragon, or talking strategy or writhing underneath his body he was fully enamored by her. Sometimes he felt as if  he would starve if he looked away too long. 

Jon leaned down to touch her lips with his. They kissed slowly. They were calm. The seas rocked the boat and the kingdoms roared around them and the dead stirred in their memories but when they were kissing they all stilled. 

“Come to bed with me,” Daenerys whispered. 

He didn’t argue, just picked her up in his arms and walked them out of the war room. Jon walked easy to not disturb anyone. The sky was dark and the stars shown bright. Dany stared up at the moon and then back up at Jon. Her eyes fluttered. 

By the time Jon reached Dany’s chambers she was almost asleep. He opened the door and gently led them to the bed. He tried his best to not wake her while he lay her gently on the bed, but when his skin left hers, Dany’s eyes fluttered back open. 

“I should go,” Jon said. In truth, he didn’t want to, but in her chambers he felt strange, out of place. Her blankets were warm and feathered, her furs a bright white. Bottles of wine, trunks full of silks, boxes of silver hair pieces and bright jewelry and more were scattered around her quarters. The lush space almost compared to his fathers chambers in Winterfell. You’re just a bastard - Catelyn’s voice rang through his head. 

“Stay,” It wasn’t a command, but an invitation. Her voice was gentle. Jon looked down upon her body sprawled out on the white furs. Dany sensed his hesitation. She sat up and grasped his hand in hers. 

Then she leaned back, pulling him down on the furs with her. “Keep me warm.”

Jon knew she said it to make him feel less unsure, for her skin was as warm as embers. He lied down with her anyway, wrapping an arm over her waist and pulling her into him. Their eyes met and Jon’s unsure feeling melted away. Down here she was just Daenerys, and he Jon. 

Jon’s lips pressed against her forehead. Before they knew it they were asleep. 


Dany woke just before the sun poked over the horizon, the sky still a deep blue outside the boat window. Jon snoozed to her left, his arm wrapped around her. She watched him sleep. He looked younger than ever, less brooding. She smiled.

She tried to stay still as long as she could, but her legs were falling asleep and her nose was cold from the ocean breeze. Dany turned into Jon’s chest. Jon stirred awake slowly and pulled her closer, pressing their bodies together without hoping his eyes. 

He rubbed calming circles over her lower back. After a while she pulled a leg up, entwining it with his. 

“Good morning, Your Grace” Jon hummed, pressing a kiss to her forehead. 

“Hmm.” Dany didn’t want it to be morning yet. She wanted to stay pressed against him. She turned around in his arms, pressing her back against his chest. She felt his hard length against her ass. 

He blew a hot breath against the back of her neck. Dany shivered. Jon’s hands skimmed over her body. He rubbed her legs and up her side, pausing to pull at the skin of her hips playfully. 

Jon’s fingertips grazed up Dany’s arms and she shivered again, pressing her ass against him harder. He traced his fingers up and over her collar bone, up her neck and to her lips. He felt her plump lips kiss his fingers and she pulled them into her mouth, sucking on them. Jon felt himself grow harder. 

She released his fingers slowly as he pulled them out of her mouth, gliding them back down her chest. He flicked circles around her nipples through her sheer night dress. He remembered them waking to change in the night, pulling off layers in the heat. He stayed only in his jerkin and pants. 

Dany’s feet rubbed against his legs as he twirled her nipples under his fingers, pinching and pulling at them until they were hard. Then he brought his fingers down to her legs, playing with the end of her night dress. 

Jon pushed it up her legs, his touch growing closer to her heat. Dany was dripping. She waited in painstaking anticipation as his fingers grew nearer to where she needed him most. When his fingertips flickered over her outer lips she shuddered. 

Jon kissed the side of her neck. He plunged a finger between her folds and swirled, making her inhale sharply. He rubbed up and down her lips, stopping to swirl and press at her clit. 

Dany grasped his arm with her hand, feeling his muscles flex as he worked his fingers around her heat. She needed him in her. Dany shift so her back pressed against the furs. Jon leaned up on one elbow, using his other hand to make her melt below him. 

Dany opened her legs wide. He met her eyes and plunged a finger inside her, curling up and finding her sweet spot instantly. Dany let out a whimper. Jon pushed another finger inside her, pumping in and out of her slowly. 

Dany could feel his rough fingers pressing against her walls, curling up and hitting her sweet spot. Her heart beat quickened with the friction. 

“Jon..” she almost choked on his name. At the same time he pressed his thumb into her clit. She bucked her hips, her ass raising off the furs. 

Jon could feel her walls tightening under his grip, he quickened his pace. He curled his fingers up and pressed firmly into her sweet spot again and again. Jon looked up down at Dany, writhing under his control. Her hair was spread out around her, a bead of sweat dripped down her temple. 

Jon leaned down and kissed her neck right below her ear, his lips lingering there. He continued to stroke her, quickening the pace of his thumb on her clit. 

“please ..” she whimpered, back arching up. Jon bit her nipple through her night dress and she moaned. He dipped his neck back down to blow a hot breath in her ear. Goosebumps rose on her skin.

“Daenerys,” he whispered. That was it. Jon’s fingers pumping in and out of her and flicking her clit with his thumb and him whispering his name, his voice low and raspy - it was all to much. Dany’s eyes rolled back as she came, hips bucking to the ceiling. Jon kept pumping and flicking and the world went quiet. She went to scream but nothing came out. Her walls clenched and tightened until her toes curled. Dany rode her high, fingernails digging into Jon’s bicep.

When she came down and finally caught her breath Jon was staring at her. His deep eyes soaked in her image. Dany could feel her cum dripping down her, the back of her dress was wet with it, the furs below her too. 

Jon pulled his fingers out of her. They were dripping with her cum. She grabbed his arm and pulled them toward her mouth, and made eye contact with Jon. She sucked them clean. 

Jon’s cock throbbed. Watching her come undone under him was something he would never grow tired of - that much he knew. 

Jon let Dany catch her breath. When she looked up at him with a look of readiness, he pulled his jerkin off over his head with one hand. Jon rolled on top of her, lowering his body over hers. 

Her nipples rubbed against his hard chest through her dress. He reached down with one hand and pulled the silk up her body and over her head. Their foreheads leaned together and they breathed. Their chests heaved against each other. 

Looking down into her eyes like this, Jon felt a sense of belonging. Like he was meant to get lost in her forever. He kissed her tenderly. 

The dragon had a different idea. Her hands gripped his neck and pulled him to her furiously. Their mouths clashed again and again, tongues dueling as they breathed each other in. 

Dany snaked an arm over his back, tracing her fingernails down his spine to make him shiver. She shimmied his pants over his ass and he kicked them off the rest of the way. Dany felt his length against her inner thigh. 

She brought a hand between them and took him in her grip. Pumping him slowly, she watched Jon’s face contort in pleasure. He gave into her touch and nelt his head down, his lips hovering over her neck, curls and beard ticking her skin.

Jon let her continue like this until he couldn’t take it anymore. In a flash he grabbed her arms and pulled them up above her head. Dany gasped at his sudden fierceness, her cunt swelled at the lust she saw in his eyes. 

Holding her arms in place with one hand, Jon pressed his forehead against hers and guided his length into her with the other. Dany inhaled deeply as he filled her, wiggling her hips to adjust to his length. 

Jon let her settle, only pumping into her when she bucked her hips. He brought his other hand up again, intertwining his fingers with her. Dany’s mouth hung open as he pressed her into the furs. 

Jon pumped into her slowly and she met his rhythm with her hips. Their lips lingered over each others as he pushed in and out. Her legs were open wide to him, she pushed off the bed every time his cock pushed in, begging for more length, 

“Bend your knees more.” he whispered, sensing her need. 

Dany bent them almost to her chest and she instantly felt the difference. He thrust into her hard and she screamed. Jon kissed her lips to hush her. 

She moaned into his mouth desperately. His cock pushed against her sweet spot again and again and she bit into his collar bone to keep quiet. The sun was rising over the sea now, illuminating a orange glow across their skin. 

As her walls clenched she gripped his hands harder. Jon held her down, his biceps flexing as she bucked her hips. He pushed in even deeper and faster and harder, his balls slapping against her ass. Dany screamed and moaned, legs shaking and kicking out in pleasure. 

She was tightening around him. Jon felt it. He was almost ready too. He pressed his lips hard against hers, moaning against her mouth. Finally he let her hands go and brought one to her clit. 

He rubbed her there as hard as he could, making her shake and writhe as she came undone. Daenerys moaned his name and bit at his flesh. Her fingernails dug into him but he never stopped fucking her, never stopped rubbing sweet circles on her clit. He pressed her back against the furs and watched her come, pleasure swirling in her eyes. 

Dany calmed down quickly and he pumped into her more gently, his high still building. Seeing his need, Dany pushed them over, straddling him. She rode him with tight walls, her hips working up and down, hands planted on his firm chest. He watched her breasts bounce with her body. His hands gripped her everywhere, unable to focus on one spot, wanting to feel all of her. 

Dany tickled his balls with her hand and his head leaned back, He moaned low and his eyes closed and she felt him twitch inside her, teetering at the edge of his relief. She leaned in closer to whisper against his skin “Let go, Jon.”   

He did. Jon grunted and moaned and bucked his hips against hers and then went completely still. She felt his warm cum fill her. She pushed the sweaty curls out of his eyes as he came and kissed his face all over, climbing off of him when he was done. 

“Daenerys,” Jon started. He gulped hard, unable to finish. He was still catching his breath. 

Dany allowed herself a laugh and curled up against his warm naked body. 

“Good morning, Jon Snow.” 


Another thing to note is the cinematography of the Staircase Scene™, namely in regards to Daenerys.

There are several cuts that are shot from above, the camera on a downward angle as she looked towards Jon. Downward camera angles tend to be more flattering, especially regarding women because having the character look upward gives off the impression of femininity and coyness. The last shot of her looking over her shoulder as Jon leaves is also a far more softer/feminine way of presenting Daenerys. It’s hard to recall but I don’t think we’ve ever seen Dany filmed in such a way.

As for Jon, he is shot very differently compared to their first meeting. When he first laid eyes on her in the throne room he looked to be filled with awe. Throughout that scene there were also several shots with the camera on a downward angle, making him appear more boyish and even nervous/shy in some shots. In the Staircase Scene he stands a few inches taller than her, glancing off towards the ocean so Dany can study his profile. He’s presented more masculine here and it’s very obvious that Daenerys is intrigued by this Mysterious Brooding Northern Man™.

Not to mention their new theme played for the first time!! I can’t wait to see more of these two! I demand the full version of their song and if it isn’t called “A Song of Ice and Fire” I’ll be severely disappointed.