dany's dragons

              {{ u kno there’s major differences between european and asian perceptions of dragons right? and i ain’t makin accusations that westeros is the british isles and yi ti is probs in “asia” but given that they’re very much similar i just rly like to imagine ppl talking to yuan abt these cool and extinct but not rly extinct dragons dany has and he just like ??? idgi we have dragons at home there’s a shit ton everywhere the fuck?? 

                 but nah it’s probs nothing like that 



Daenerys Targaryen’s Fashion 

“I always put trousers underneath because in her psyche anything might go wrong and [she’s always thinking], ‘I might need to run away,’ Even with the longest, most beautiful gowns, she always wears a pair of boots and trousers. I like that sense of, 'I can play this [queen] but underneath, I can run.’“ - Michele Clapton on Dany’s Costumes (insp.)

• Daenerys talks to Jon • 7x03

“I was born at Dragonstone. Not that I can remember it. We fled before Robert’s assassin’s could find us. Robert was your father’s best friend, no ? I wonder if your father knew his best friend sent assassins to murder a baby girl in her crib. Not that it matters now, of course. I spent my life in foreign lands. So many men have tried to kill me, I don’t remember all their names. I have been sold like a broodmare. I’ve been chained and betrayed, raped and defiled. Do you know what kept me standing, through all those years in exile ? Faith. Not in any god, not in myths and legends. In myself. In Daenerys Targaryen. The world hadn’t seen a dragon in centuries, until my children were born. The Dothraki hadn’t crossed the sea, any sea. They did for me. I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms. And I will.”


Jon Snow + Ghost / Daenerys Targaryen + Drogon

“He’s not like the others. He never makes a sound. That’s why I named him Ghost. That, and because he’s white. The others are all dark, grey or black.”

“Khaleesi … there sits Balerion, come again.”


• Jon •

Even with Ygritte sleeping beside him, he felt alone. He did not want to die alone. (Jon V, ASOS)

• Daenerys •

She sat up with her hair disheveled and the bedclothes atangle. Her captain slept beside her, yet she was alone. (Daenerys VII, ADWD)

Another great book parallel ❤


“He might as well wish for another thousand men. And maybe a dragon … or three.” (Jon, ASOS)

“Up there there was only her, alone. She was the blood of the dragon. And who would ever dare to love a dragon?” (Daenerys, ADWD)