dany's dragons


Jon Snow + Ghost / Daenerys Targaryen + Drogon

“He’s not like the others. He never makes a sound. That’s why I named him Ghost. That, and because he’s white. The others are all dark, grey or black.”

“Khaleesi … there sits Balerion, come again.”


• Jon •

Even with Ygritte sleeping beside him, he felt alone. He did not want to die alone. (Jon V, ASOS)

• Daenerys •

She sat up with her hair disheveled and the bedclothes atangle. Her captain slept beside her, yet she was alone. (Daenerys VII, ADWD)

Another great book parallel ❤

  • Danny: Come on, haven't you ever wanted to slap me? Just a little?
  • Sam: Absolutely.
  • Jazz: Yes.
  • Dani: Yes.
  • Tucker: Yes... wait, what are we voting on?
  • Danny: I wasn't asking you people!
  • Valerie: Face it. You set yourself up for that one.

Dragons!!!…. and Jon and Dany and……..DRAGONS!!


Game of Fashion !

As I thought Game of Throne’s costumes were really good, I thought it would be funny to imagine some of the main characters wearing Haute Couture pieces witch matches with their style and personalities.

So here are :
- Jon wearing an Alexander Mc Queen suit
- Daenerys wearing an Elie Saab dress
- Cersei wearing a Dior dress

More is coming !

You know what I kinda want?. I want Ghost to instantly fall in love with Daenerys and start to follow her around and Jon be like “You traitor” and maybe one of the dragons instantly click with Jon and just start listen to him and Daenerys is like “I can’t believe this”. Just imagine like both Drogon (or any of the other dragons) and Ghost kinda switch owners and follow them around listening to them, protecting them, loving them….Gah! Someone needs to write this or I will!

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“A Dance with Dragons”

I’ve always wanted to do a Game of Thrones/Korra mashup! How would it look if GoT’s story happened in an ATLA/LoK universe? Two of my favorite shows ever, they were meant to be mashed-up. This is Daenerys Targaryen, who would definitely be Fire Nation royalty. History as conquerors? Check. The realm’s foremost dragon wranglers?? Check. Dany could be the Fire Queen of all 7 kingdoms. But she needs to practice her Dragon Dance moves if she’s gonna win the game. I referred heavily to avatar art books for style and I got the pose from a piece by Joaquim Dos Santos, which appeared in Korra’s first episode. More to come!

available on redbubble: http://www.redbubble.com/people/pipreyes/works/15389080-fire-dany