dany x ser jorah

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My Game of Thrones OTP’s

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     All I ever wanted was to serve you. Tyrion Lannister was right. I love you. I will always love you. Goodbye, khaleesi.

          Do not walk away from your queen, Jorah the Andal.

     (…)I command you to find the cure, wherever it is in the world. I command you to heal yourself and then return to me. When i take the Seven Kingdoms, I need you by my side.

On that final scene from Game of Thrones season one: “The crew was a few cliffs over, so it’s me, four or five extras, and Iain Glen [Ser Jorah Mormont]. Iain does this thing where he lifts his head up and his face goes, ‘Ahh naked lady.’ But because they were filming so far away, what he said was, 'Great tits, love.’ I’m like, 'The camera’s not on you, can you stop commenting on how great you think these breasts are?’”

Harper´s Bazaar June/July 2015

I don’t really care who sits on the iron throne. I just need Jorah, Bronn, and Davos to make it to the end game.

Well I guess Dany getting the throne would be great especially for Jorah. We know Iain Glen would have the best non verbal reaction. That stance and more importantly those eyes would say “I’m so damn proud of you, Kahleesi”.

Bronn simply cant die or worse fade off into the distance. Hell nah! I need to know my man has done alright for himself. He’s the hero of Blackwater Bay!

Davos, along with Jorah, is the original ride or die chick. His relationship with Shireen proves he’s the uncle we all wish we had. I know it’s GOT but he deserves as much happiness as possible on this show.