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nina and daniela for @smoltinypumpkinchild


nina doesn’t give in and now has a nice new bob


In this moment both Dany and Jon acknowledge the obstacles they’re facing, but they look into each other’s eyes and find some comfort. An instance of levity admist complications. In this moment they’re just two people together in this world. Just two people falling in love.

also how do ppl insist that all targs are white when dorne has married into the targaryen family three times…. baelor breakspear was derided for “looking more martell than targaryen” bc he didn’t look white and his brother maekar, who was also half dornish, married dyanna dayne, a dornishwoman, which literally means his kids (including aegon v who continues the targ line) are ¾ dornish!

here are some actual white houses 4 you: house stark, house greyjoy, house tyrell, house baratheon, house arryn, house tully……..


AU in which no one is dead and everyone is friends and celebrates Christmas at Lydia’s Cabin in Tahoe.

anonymous asked:

THANK YOU. People are acting like Jonsa isn't already a canon ship, when it is. It's just not romantic, and im honestly fine with that. Jon and Dany make sense. It's been something that I've thought the show would eventually do since the first episode. People are suddenly "shocked" by it and pissed off and I'm like WHY? Did you really not see this as the inevitable path for these two characters?

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wondergrayson  asked:

jonerys modern au headcanon where jon celebrates dany's birthday??? :D

Okay so my imagination is going wild now:

  • Jon tries really hard to make a surprise party for Dany, although he isnโ€™t particularly fond of such social gatherings, but he wants to make his girl feel like sheโ€™s appreciated and loved by EVERYONE, her family is just a bunch of creeps,

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[make me choose] kalelandmel asked: Wonderland Wardrobe or Frilly and Fancy?

↳ {Wonderland Wardrobe}

Welcome to the Waves Network, a place for us to share our love for this wonderful DeanCas fanfic.

This is also my first network so if you have any questions or concerns or i’m doing something wrong just send me a message  :D


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What I’m looking for:

  • a Destiel shipper 
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 If you get accepted:

  • +follow from me 
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 What you’ll get:

  • a place to talk about how much you love this fic and how gross Dean and Cas are. the’re so in love. this is hurting me
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 Additional info:

  • I will announce the first 5-10 members on January 16th
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  • If you have any questions just ask