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OKAY HERE YOU GO I HOPE YOU MAKE ME CRY: “I’ll, uh, be gone by Tuesday. Can’t keep them waiting forever, can I?” with shakarian; OR “I-I can’t… Not yet. I’m not strong enough yet, love.” with jonerys????

[Oh man!!! I haven’t ever received a Jonerys request before so I have to do this one! Hope you don’t mind :)

“I-I can’t… Not yet. I’m not strong enough yet, love.” — I changed it a BIT. Because the way the story was going called for it, so hope you don’t mind :) Also this is sad… so…. hope you’RE HAPPY!!!!! hahahah Kinda short but… hope you enjoy. FYI there is a major character death in this bitch lol. SORRY NOT SORRY!!!!]

This wasn’t possible… none of this was possible… How could she have done everything… traveled that far, been hurt, used and abused… Suffered through everything she did, all just to end up here. 

As Daenerys looked around, there were bodies everywhere. Bodies of people she considered friends, those she saw as her family… hundreds of her soldiers slaughtered by the Army of the Dead.

When she scanned each broken body she knew what would happen next. They would rise, and come for her… For Jon. For the rest of Westeros, and then the rest of the world.

Dany looked down to Jon once more, and she knew that this really was it… 

He wasn’t going to be brought back like he had been the last time… there was no Red Woman or any other follower of the Lord of Light that could save him. It was just her, and a bunch of bodies, and she could do nothing.

Nothing but watch as the only man she ever truly loved died before her very eyes.

The noises of battle were almost blank and numbing as the steady stream of tears slid from her lilac eyes. Her white fur gown was spotted with warm blood so dark it was almost as black as Jon’s hair, and her hands trembled weakly. 

Not from the cold, but from fear.

“You cannot die here. We must get up… we have to go, Jon.” She pleaded, holding her hand over the large gash in his side, watching as he flinch in pain.

She couldn’t feel the blood that sept into her gloves at first, but now it was the only thing she could feel. Dany felt it places it wasn’t even decorating… Across her neck, and all over her chest and stomach… Inside her very body and she could almost taste it. 

When Daenerys looked to his face; he was pale, and that spark she loved in those dark amber eyes was fleeting… disappearing. He was disappearing.

“You know I-I can’t, Dany…” He coughed back, looking to her with eyes so full of admiration and pain it was almost overwhelming for her. Even now as he bleed out he was gallant and strong.

“Don’t. We’ve come so far… We cannot give up.” Daenerys threw herself over him, hugging him tightly as the battle roared loudly around them. “Together, remember?”

The clash and screams of swords on armor; Reminding her once again of her fate. The fate of her lover, friend… her king. The fate of them all.

“Listen to m-me… This is it. I’ve done my part, and now you must do yours. You can stop them, Dany… if any–one can stop them, it’s you.” He breathed out weakly, and now his face was almost as white as the snow he laid softly atop. The red of his blood seeping and fanning out beneath him like ink in water could almost be beautiful if not for what it meant…

“I cannot lose you… You’re all I have left.” She cried, sobbing so fiercely her whole body shook. And now, Dany could hardly even hear the cries and screams of her friends around her. “You have to get up… please…”

“I-I can’t… I’m not strong enough, love. You’ve got to do this without– me…” Jon pulled a weak hand to the back of her neck, decorating her white hair with ruby red blood. He looked intently into her eyes, dancing between the lavender color as a small smile spread over his purpled lips. 

“No. I can’t.” She said flatly shaking her head more animately than intended as the salted tears slid down her reddened cheeks. Dany pulled a hand to her forehead wiping away a strand of hair, and she felt as his warm blood replaced it.

“You can.”

“No…” She was nearly sobbing now, and it hurt worse than even losing Drogo had or her unborn child had.

“You’ll never be alone, Dany… never.” Jon cooed softly, as he pulled her into a soft kiss; his other hand resting on her stomach softly. “You can stop t-this. For our– for us…” 

She could feel the exact moment Jon left her… and when his hand and head fell limply to the cold snow she sent out a shriek so loud and painful it made her dragons roar. 

Dany slammed her fists into the bright red snow in agony, as the thundering waves of Drogon’s wings grew closer; shaking her to the core. When she felt him land beside her in a glorious rumble, she knew what had to happen. 

Throwing her head over her shoulder still holding his cold hand to her belly softly, she watched as Dragon released waves of fire atop each lifeless body that had fallen beside them. 

Daenerys pulled Jon’s limp body up into her arms, hugging him tighter than she had before. In that moment she could almost feel him against her like he had been all those nights ago… She could feel the way he slid his hand through her hair, and the way he told her he loved her… 

Daenerys could see it all and she was full of a fiery rage.

“I will see you soon, my love…” Dany said quietly as she released his body reluctantly pressing a final kiss to his cold lips with eyes closed painfully, still holding her own hand over her stomach softly. “I will stop them… For us.”

When she looked back to Drogon, he seemed just as pained, and she sent him a look while walking towards him. A look that said everything her voice couldn’t. A second later Drogon took a large breath in, then released the flames across Jon Snow’s body.

She couldn’t look, but she knew it had to be done. That Jon would have wanted that… that if she didn’t, she’d likely be seeing him on the battlefield, and if she did– there was no part of her that guaranteed she’d be able to stop him. 

Daenerys didn’t know if she’d even make it to the next day, or if she’d actually stop the Night King or claim her throne… She didn’t know if the life that grew inside her would ever see the light of day… 

But one thing she did know, was that there was nothing more powerful than waking the dragon. And now, she was ready for vengeance.