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You know what I kinda want?. I want Ghost to instantly fall in love with Daenerys and start to follow her around and Jon be like “You traitor” and maybe one of the dragons instantly click with Jon and just start listen to him and Daenerys is like “I can’t believe this”. Just imagine like both Drogon (or any of the other dragons) and Ghost kinda switch owners and follow them around listening to them, protecting them, loving them….Gah! Someone needs to write this or I will!

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Do you anticipate any further explanation or understanding of the dragons in the last two books, or do you think that they'll continue to be nuclear weaponry with cool names and little distinguishing characteristics?

Hey man! I think the dragons have been well-established as externalizations of Dany in the same way the direwolves are for the Starklings. Their birth on the Dothraki Sea reflects her rebirth at the end of AGOT as a leader in her own right, apart from Drogo and Viserys. They become an object of fascination in ACOK and so does she, as the deceitful powers-that-be in Qarth seek to ensnare them, climaxing with Drogon saving Dany from the Undying. As they grow both literally and in terms of confidence and aggression in ASOS, the scope of her story widens accordingly, and they unleash her anger on the slavers. In ADWD, it takes a potent turn; Hazzea’s death, resonating as it does with the dead children throughout Dany’s storyline, leads Dany to consider the dragons representative of her worst self. Her locking up Rhaegal and Viserion is a blunt metaphor for her repressing her desire for outright war, and indeed, she turns to them (and the bloodthirsty Daario) for comfort and catharsis when her certainty in Hizdahr’s peace wavers. Drogon escaped, of course, and when Dany’s disgust and anger reaches its peak at Daznak’s, he returns to take her away. He then refuses to take her back, leading to her gradually rejecting Meereen as home, forgetting Hazzea’s name and instead embracing “fire and blood.”  

Throughout all these storylines, Dany’s constantly communicating her emotions in terms of feeling fiery or (explicitly) like a dragon. This is in part the legacy of Viserys’ “wake the dragon” mantra; Dany associates anger and violence with dragon imagery. But GRRM’s also making a larger point about the possibilities and pitfalls of power, one rooted in the history of Valyria and the Targaryen regime in Westeros. On the one hand, Dany has the world’s only dragons, potentially a world-changing source of power and a connection to her Targaryen identity that’s not just secondhand info from her brother. On the other, that makes her a target, and again, she can’t fully control them, meaning there’s constantly the possibility that things will fall apart in a catastrophic fashion…especially if she decides she wants that. This, of course, has implications for the genre, the idea being that having flying WMDs doesn’t automatically solve your problems or the world’s (and indeed, they bring their own), nor do they inherently make you a worthy leader. GRRM’s always arguing against shortcuts in characterization. The magic in ASOIAF tends to complicate and deepen character dilemmas, not solve them. 

As for how they’ll be used in the future: if Jon and Tyrion become dragonriders as I suspect, that will definitely contribute to their arcs in a big way (Jon RE Rhaegar, Tyrion RE “even a stunted, twisted, ugly little boy can look down over the world when he’s seated on a dragon’s back"), and Dragonbinder has the potential to rework the dragons’ roles entirely, though probably temporarily. Regardless, they’ll always represent that teetering-on-the-edge between the power to change the world for good and the power to just burn everything down. Every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin…

Jon and Daenerys Parallels

Season 1
Episode 1 - “Winter is Coming”

- We see that both Dany and Jon feel disconnected from their family. Jon of course because he’s a bastard and Dany because she feels powerless against Viserys.

- In contrast, Jon is kept away from the celebration welcoming King Robert, this angers him because he is once again being ostracized for being a bastard. Dany on the other hand is forced to attend the celebration of her wedding even as she begged Viserys to not make her marry.

- Both receive/find their animal companion:Jon finds Ghost and Dany is given the dragon eggs.

Episode 2 - “The King’s Road”

- While Drogo is rapping Dany she is looking at her dragon eggs which are surrounded by candles, as she looks into their fire we transition to Jon looking at the campfire. This is a clear connection between these two characters and probably a hint of Jon’s Targaryen heritage.

- The parallel here is the both lament the situation they find themselves in. Dany suffering in her marriage and Jon realizing that the Night’s Watch is nothing like he had imagined.

Episode 3  - “Lord Snow”

-We see the scene transition from Dany to Jon. In Dany’s scene she is learning to assert herself as a khaleesi, earning the respect of her followers (Dothraki as well as Jorah). In Jon’s scene with Benjen, he tells him, “a man gets what he earns when he earns it.” Later in the episode we see Jon working with the other recruits teaching them what he knows, and beginning to earn their respect.

-Tyrion is meeting with the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and Maester Aemon, when the conversation is almost to an end Maester Aemon says: “When winter comes, gods help us all if we are not ready.” The scene then transitions to Dany’s dragon eggs. We then see Dany telling Drogo that they are having a boy, then we transition back to the Wall and Tyrion and Jon.

Episode 4 -  “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things”

-We begin with The scene in which Jon meets Sam, the coward, this scene then transitions to Dany riding alongside Jorah into Vaes Dothrak. Jorah complains about Ned Stark driving him from his land, to which Dany reminds him that he sold slaves.

-Second transition: Ser Allister is talking to Jon and Sam about winter and says to them “When you are out there beyond the Wall do you want a man at your back or a sniveling boy?” This then transitions into Viserys dragging Doreah into Dany’s tent, he attacks Dany but she hits him back, showing him to be a sniveling boy.

-We then transition back to Jon and Sam, Jon tells Sam that he almost had sex with the red-headed Ros! Ser Allister then comes in and after throwing some more insults says to Jon “Mance Rayder’s men are hard men, harder than Jon will ever be. Not quite true Ser Allister. Finally, we transition back to Dany and Jorah, they are both talking about going home. Dany confesses to Jorah that she doesn’t believe Viserys will ever be able to take her home.

NOTE: In this episode we see both Dany and Jon stand up for someone else and confront a bully. Jon stands up for Sam and confronts Ser Allister and Ralf while Dany on the other hand stands up to Viserys and defends Doreah.

Episode 7 - “You win or You die”

- The first transition goes from the assassination attempt against Dany to Jon being selected as Stewart to the Lord Commander.

- Second transition from Jon to Dany. Jon takes his oath in front of the Heart-tree this transitions to Dany talking to Jorah about punishing the wine seller and Drogo makes his speech promising his son the Iron Throne.

The symbolism going on in their scenes this episode was about being given a ‘gift’ that they don’t really understand the magnitude of yet. In both cases they are coming close to their future leadership roles but not in the way they expect. Jon is put out and sulky to be assigned a steward without realizing the leadership potential of being LC Mormont’s direct assistant. Daenerys on the other hand is given the gift of what she wants most from Drogo, to take back the Iron Throne. She expects fully expects this will happen and has no idea it will in fact be herself that follows through with Drogo’s promise much later.

Episode 8 - “The Pointy End”

- Ser Alliser taunts Jon about being a traitor’s bastard, Jon responds by lunging on his with a knife and Ser Alliser tells him, you will hang for this. Not really, but you will Ser Alliser, for being a traitor. Oh the irony. Later on Ghost senses the Wight and Jon burns his hand with a lamp while burning the Wight.

- We then transition to Dany who is in the Lhazareen village as the Dothraki are pillaging it. As Dany looks as the mayhem around her she asks Jorah to make the Dothraki stop raping and abusing the women. Jorah looks at her and tells her that she has a kind heart but this is how things have always been. Dany denies this but demands that Jorah make the men stop. I think this touches on an important theme in Dany’s story, which is that she doesn’t believe in maintaining the status quo. If something doesn’t seem right to her, she will do her best to improve it, no matter if it’s been done that way for hundreds or thousands of years.

After Jorah stops the men he tells Dany “You can’t save them all” to which Dany answers “I can and I will.” This will later be manifested in her campaign against Slaver’s Bay.

An interesting part of a parallel occurred in this episode or at least part of it. In this episode Theon asks Robb if he’s afraid (after he tells Maester Luwin to call his banners after Ned is arrested) to which Robb says “I must be” while he looks at his shacking hand. Theon says “good” and Robb asks “why’s that good?” to which Theon answers “ because it means you’re not stupid.”

This conversation is eerily similar to the one Dany has with Tyrion at the end of season 6x10, where Tyrion asks her if she’s afraid of entering the “Great Game” and Dany nods yes, to which Tyrion answers “Good, only mad men like your father are not afraid.”

Bringing this full circle Jon’s selection as King in the North in episode 6x10 is almost identical to Robb’s selection as KITN.

So, in the season finale of season 6 the show tied in both Dany and Jon to Robb, another young leader and monarch. Let’s hope that they at least end their lives in a better way than poor Robb’s.

Episode 9 - “Baelor”

- We only have one transition between the two this episode. We go from Jon and Aemon discussing choice to Dany in the Dothraki sea choosing to fight for her husband even though it’s clear he is dying. While Jon is being given the philosophical view of what it is to choose between love and duty, Dany is force to make that decision at that very moment.

Episode 10 - “Fire and Blood”

- We transition from Dany to Jon. First Dany wakes from her miscarriage to find out her child is dead, that her husband is a shell without a spirit and that MMD has betrayed her. Then we transition to Jon who is running away to join Robb. Then we have Jon’s friends stop him and recite the oath he made. We then transition back to Dany who is washing khal Drogo before smothering him. I’m not sure if there are any connection between these scenes.

-Finally the season ends with a transition between Dany and Jon. First Jon goes beyond the Wall with Lord Commander Mormont and the Night’s Watch. Then, we transition to Dany who is preparing the pyre for khal Drogo, gives her speech to her newly formed little khalsar, burns the pyre with MMD in it, enters pyre wakes up with dragons. The connection between the two being that they are about to embark in life-changing adventures. Neither of their lives will ever been the same after this.

General Parallels: Both Dany and Jon deal with the grief of loosing someone they love, Dany with Drogo and Jon with Ned. Also, Dany’s first scene lead’s into Jon’s first scene. Jon’s second scene lead’s into Dany’s second scene. Jon’s final scene lead’s into Dany’s final scene.

Season 2

Episode 1 - “The North Remembers”

-We find Dany in the Red Waste with the comet above her in the sky. Dany is talking to Doreah and says that no one will take her dragons. Yet, we will see that in Qarth they are taken from her by the warlock at the House of the Undying. Dany looks up at the sky and sees the comet and this transitions to Jon in the North at Crasters. Jon mouths off at Craster and Lord Commander pulls him aside. He asks Jon, “Do you want to lead one day?” to which Jon nods to which Lord Commander says “then you must learn how to follow.” It is important to note that Jon does want to be a leader, I think he wants that respect and acceptance, to earn it on his own right. We see him smile when he is elected Lord Commander, although, with a little trepidation. However, when we get into the King in the North scene he accepts but with a lot more trepidation. Now realizing how truly hard it is to be a leader.

- We have another scene with Dany in the Red Waste. Her people are starving and she doesn’t know what to do. She questions herself as a leader, because she cannot help her people, she cannot feed them or give them water. Jorah tells her that she must be their strength, and Dany asks Jorah to be her strength.

The scenes between Jon and Dany are both about learning to lead but in different ways. Jon needs to learn how to follow, being part of a military order before he can learn how to lead men. Dany having found herself leading already needs to learn how to take on the sorrows of her people, to be their strength, to give them hope when there is none.

Episode 2“The Night Lands”

-There was a great Jon and Daenerys book-ended set of scenes - and a potential parallel between Jorah/Jon that I feel will later come full circle in both loving Daenerys also.

At the end of the scene with Sam and Gilly … We see Jon reflect on his feeling of helplessness in doing what’s right for people. His honor is warring with his sense of duty and keeping peace with Craster. The scene then transitions to Jorah sighing the same as Jon was … only now it’s he who feels helpless as Daenerys and the Dothraki are suffering (no water or shelter). I liked this parallel between the honorable men and the people they love. Jorah’s love for Dany and Jon’s love for Sam. Both are honorable men who will later do anything to save those they love.

Episode 10 - “Valar Morghulis”
-In Dany’s visions in the House of the Undying she goes through the red keep to the Wall where Jon was at that very moment.

Season 3

Episode 10 - “Mhysa”

-Both Dany and Jon are carried. Dany by the newly freed slaves of Yunkai and Jon by his fellows brothers from the Nights Watch.

Season 4

Episode 9 “The Watchers on the Wall” and Episode 10 “The Children”

-Dany and Jon are left grieving and walking into an uncertain future. Dany chains away her dragons, afraid that they will harm another child. Jon buries Ygritte after the event at castle Black.

Season 5


-both are trying to incorporate a formerly persecuted group into the larger society. Facing opposition from the status quo, neither can seem to get both sides together.

Episode 2 “The House of Black and White” and Episode 3 “High Sparrow”

-Dany and Jon execute members of their “organizations”. Dany beheads Mossador for defying her orders and Jon beheads Slynt for defying his orders.

Episode 5 - “Kill the Boy”

-Jon seeks out Maester Aemon’s advice regarding what he should do about a difficult situation, this is paralleled but Dany seeking out Missandei’s advice about what she should do about a difficult situation. Both of their advices advice the, to follow their instincts. Additionally, both Dany and Jon release their prisoners in order to use them as allies. Also, there is the parallel of Sam and Missandei. Both of them are the “right-hand man” of each character and they are both in the mist of unorthodox romantic relationships.

Season 6

Episode 9 & 10 - “The Batlle of the Bastards” & “The Winds of Winter

-In episode 9 while Dany is speaking with the slavr masters she tells the “My reign has jus began” . In episode 10 Jon is selected as King in the North, effectively the beginning of his reign.

Ice (death/cold/blue) and Fire (life/warm/red)- Jon x Dany

“I mean… Fire is love, fire is passion, fire is sexual ardor and all of these things. Ice is betrayal, ice is revenge, ice is… you know, that kind of cold inhumanity and all that stuff is being played out in the books.” - George R.R. Martin

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A lot of Jon fans dislike Dany and a lot of Dany fans dislike Jon. For each set of fans and you should acknowledge that either of them is pushing for their hero to be the saviour. Jon with riidng Drogon, be AAR and take the throne. Dany fans of course Jon has to fall in love because she's our special princess or queen, she is AAAR and every other title there is ASOIAF world, saviour and gets iron throne. Both set of fans are wrong but you seems to be leaning towards Dany.

Hi anon,

I beg to differ, most Dany fans actually like Jon as well. You see the issue that most hardcore Jon fans have with Dany is that they are afraid she will steal his thunder with her dragons, and her magic and her followers, and the prophesies surrounding her. She is a larger than life figure just by virtue of being who she is, the Mother of Dragons. She’s also a young leader just like Jon. Of course Jon has his own accomplishments, adding to the fact that he died and came back to life and in the books we’ll probably see this through his consciousness being sent to Ghost, which should be pretty cool. But, Jon isn’t a larger than life figure, not yet at least, and I think that bothers a lot of people. 

Nowadays Jon gets more hate than he use to but it’s still pretty mild in comparison to other characters. Dany has gotten a lot of hate, especially after ADWD. She is a controversial figure, GRRM once said that someone who is named Stormborn should be controversial. So it is part of the character. Jon has a little gray here and there but he’s a pretty light character in that he has a strong moral compass and has tried to do the right thing from the start. Dany tries to do the right thing as well but she’s much more willing to get her hands dirty if she has to,

Of course all fandoms want what is best for their favorite character, it’s just the way it is. I have never shied away from saying that Dany is my favorite character, ironic being that I started as a Jon-stan. 

I will clarify something for you though, I don’t want either of them sitting on the Iron Throne my preferred ending is for the two of them to run away and find a safe and peaceful place to call home. Because deep down that’s what they both want, they want to belong, the want a family, they want a home. 


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Let's be honest, incest caused many things you've mentioned but it's part of the story. I'd like to point something anon said. There is no prophecy about ice and fire, about saviour and these kind of things yes, but not ice and fire like literally this. The title itself stands for white walkers and Dany with her dragons as said by GRRM. Jon does not represent only Ice, it could be another meaning of title, live and death etc. George likes to use it for different things but main reason.

hmm no. incest does not correlate with violence like beheadings and rape. It’s merely a condition in the narrative not a cause for any act. the Targs survived for 300 years breeding brother and sister and I’m honestly tired of people using incest as some sort of direct cause for conflict. this is a story about power: how to get it and the things people will do to keep it. also when it comes to ice and fire, I know that George has said Dany is fire and the white walkers are ice but he said this a) post-ADwD and he wouldn’t want to reveal that Jon is actually being resurrected and b) ice can mean more than one thing and for me it’s always been associated to Jon.

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I'm not sure if you saw (or if it's real) but there was a script exert and Dany brought up her dragons being the only children she will ever have again, this time to Jon.

Hiya anon,

I don’t believe that’s a legit script. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another mention of Dany believing she’s unable to have children. They are almost getting ridiculous with pounding that over our heads. Which can only mean one thing…

…I thinks we gonna see a stork make her way to Westeros. Yes siree! 


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Lol if Dany died, Drogo would mourn her by probably going crazy burning a shit load of people and then flying to old valyria, he wouldn't be like I'm mourning my mother but hop on me Jon. I do worry what would happen with Dany's Dragons if she died, hell she wasn't rider bonded with the other two but they started starving themselves in Mereen when she just left the city. I think if Dany did die, they would all go with her.

Hola anon,

My theory is that the dragons will die by the end of the series. I have this very detailed theory that I am working on that explains basically that in order for Dany to give birth to her “human children” the dragons must died. 

In essence twice she has inadvertently chosen her dragons over her real children, at the end of AGOT and at the end of ADWD. The third time she will choose her own child over them. It will be a conscious decision and a very painful one. 


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So in dai does Bree keep in contact w/ Zev? ;v; and in yer headcanon, does he make an appearance at Skyhold at all? (i rly like how u draw all the dragon age characters omgomgomg)

Once Zevran reaches out to the Inquisition, Bree keeps in touch through Leliana… ‘s birds.  Actually, she probably overdoes it and sends like 10 letters/birds at a time.

It’s possible he could find refuge from the Crows in Skyhold after his business with Lord Enzo of Antiva?  Shame on me, but I haven’t given it much thought beyond that!

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while i feel like the show pictured her mostly as the pretty girl that stares into the camera doing nothing but boasting with her name, her dragons and her army i really love dany in the books and she's gone through so much and still stands. i hate that so many say both she and sansa are going mad. dany literally sets sails to break the feudal system (she contradicts herself with that a bit by claiming it's her house that gives her the right to do so but okay).

MEME → opinions on my muse. 

I stay miles away from show!Dany tbqh I ADORE Emilia Clarke, it’s not her fault, but the writing has just become so bad. But lbr everyone on the show/in the books that’s trying to get the throne thinks it’s ‘theirs by right’ because of familial ties. I don’t think Dany can really be blamed for that mindset considering how she has been raised. But I basically agree with everything you’ve said lmao.