As far as Dany telling Jon she was raped...

She was. She fucking was. I’m sorry if you can’t reconcile that with her also growing to love her rapist, but it doesn’t change the fact that she suffered greatly from it. Also, why are people only thinking of Drogo as her rapist? Viserys abused Dany for years before selling her to the Dothraki, who’s to say she wasn’t referring to those experiences. Or both. I just don’t understand the hate around this particular part of her speech.

If the Starks were smart and the writers weren’t trying to move the plot in several OBVIOUS ways, then they would send Sansa to treat with Dany.
She doesn’t have the report or leadership that Jon has with the Free Folk or most of the Northmen, they didn’t just select her to be their leader. With the influence that Littlefinger is clearly trying to exert, her inexperience, and her previous bad treatment in Winterfell, it would probably be good for homegirl to get out of that toxic swirl for a minute.
What she does have is a better knowledge of the great game and how it’s played. She knows how Cersei operates, and she also knows Tyrion. And she is after all, the lady of Winterfell and Jon’s sister.

Obviously that would never fly because otherwise how would we start shipping Jon and Dany? And they clearly want to bring other contentious relationships like Davis/Melisandre and Sansa/Littlefinger in to further some plot.

I just think it feels really obvious and if the Starks were smart they would send Sansa.