no but. listen to me. gavin is this flimsy little 5'10" guy who barely weighs more than i do and dans this over 6 foot guy whos in the military and looks like he is literally made of muscle and yet he follows gavin around like a lost puppy and is never far from him at rtx or when hes in austin and does whatever gavin says

it’s the ship that feeds itself

okay dan and gavin have matching gamer tags and thats literally the cutest thing ever but the story behind it is even funnier

dan had a gamertag he was really attached to and gavin bet him that he wouldnt be able to change it for a month without going back. dan took him up on it, changed it to daninogee, and gavin promptly took his old gamertag and holds it on an empty account so dan cant get it back

gavin essentially tricked dan into giving up his gamertag and if thats not the funniest thing about their relationship i dont know what is