So this had been a headcanon staple of mine for ages but, FAHC Dan and the Crew yes? Because it’s some good shit, Gavin and Dan together again, another weapons expert/hitman at the crew’s disposal yes? And the crew get along just fine with Dan yes? Right?

Fuck no. Michael is and always has been a jealous idiot, about Lindsay, Gavin, Meg, even before they were all dating but now? This guy that Gavin absolutely adores, who knows Gavin as well if not better than Michael does, this guy who’s talents range from guns to cars to explosives, to Michael’s thing, Michael’s area of expertise, Michael hates Dan. Dan doesnt like Michael either I mean Michael is openly hostile to Dan and at first Dan kinda thinks he’s like this with everyone and asks Gav why he’s dating that dickhead and Michael damn near blows a gasket, and then Dan learns it’s because he’s jealous and gets defensive and then they both actively just don’t like each other. They play act just dandy when Gavin, who’s so far down the ‘Dan’s back and alive and here with me and he’s ok and my B is back’ rabbithole that he does not (yet) notice the strife between his boyfriend and best friend

And so Michael and Dan constant trying to one-up each other, getting on each others shit like
Random Thug: one more step Jones and the limey gets a bullet in his head
Michael: just one?
Dan: fuck you Jones
Michael: yeah ok, anyway bye Dan, ive got more important shit to be doing, GAVIN MY BOI ARE YOU IN THERE?
Dan: are you gonna damn help me?
Michael: I wasn’t planning on it no.
Dan: You’re a cunt you know that
Michael: eh, I try, GAV, BOI-

Random thug #2: i’ve got your friend limey, stand down!
Dan: friend?
Michael: damn straight he’s not right. ugh, fuck you for making me agree with you dan.
Dan: right, anyway *sits*
Dan: continue. 
Michael: i’m gonna slit your throat and tell Gavin it was a freak accident
Dan: can’t do that if youve been shot in the head. please sir, continue,

Michael: ‘oh hey Gavin,’ i’ll say, ‘yeah boi its the darnedest thing, Dan just up and died. just stabbed himself like eight or nine, ten, twelve times in the face. so strange.’ I’ll say
Dan: if you’re as shit with a knife as you are everything else I wont have much to fear, will i?
Michael: ‘Fifteen, twenty times,’ I’ll say ;carved his own damn eyes out man, dan’s such a weird fucking bastard, i have no idea why you hang out with him’ and then i’ll set your room on fire to really sell it

Dan: you’re doing that wrong
Michael: no I’m fucking not Dan I’ve been doing this eplosioves shit for fucking years you horse’s ass
Dan: oh really, and how did you learn this ‘explosives shit’ eh? 
Michael: I’m self-taught jackass
Dan: and I learned in the military and you, are doing that wrong
Michael: I fucking hate you

Dan: you were supposed to shoot that guy
Michael: oh really Dan? Really? Are you sure because if I’m not goddamn mistaken I was about to get fucking shanked to death
Dan: oh quit your bloody whinging, if you’d shot that guy you could have taken this other twat out before you got ‘shanked to death’.

Gavin: you two came for me!
Michael: I did! I did, all by myself. Dan didn’t help worth a damn.
Dan: Bullshit, Michael spent the whole ride here crying in the backseat
Michael: because I love and missed you boi, I was emotional
Dan: oh is that right, and I could have sworn it was because of your crippling inadequacy compared to me. That or the fact that you have no idea what a proper explosive rig looks like
Michael: mmmmm fuck you dAN

They spend all their time digging st each other until Gavin walks in the room and spend the rest of their time squabbling for Gavin’s affections. Michael makes up for Dan having known Gavin longer and all their inside jokes and their closeness by lots and lots of physical affection. He stands there kissing Gav staring Dan dead in the eye. Dan responds by buying Gav a new phantom, and grinning at Michael while Gav coos excitedly over it.

Them working together is usually only for Gavin’s sake and is never any modicum of friendly without Gav there like, their one common interest that they won’t immediately fight about, for his affections sure but not him, is Gavin. Their one common goal being his health and happiness. Gav gets hurt? Send Dan and Michael out and Gav will be carted back to the penthouse in record, tossed in the hospital where he will stay until Caleb clears him, no ifs, ands or buts. Gav gets kidnapped? Gavin’s rescued a day or less later and an entire swath of gangs in that sector of the city get taken out. Gavin’s been up for 5 days trying to get into some database? Dan and Michael bully Gav into sleeping, a feat more impressive than anything else.  Dan senses something wrong with Gav, emotionally, physcially, Michael confronts Gav about it. If Gav lies his way past Michael, Dan’s there to pick up the slack. Just, Dan and Michael’s the ‘we ‘share’ a loved one but also fuck you’ guys

Let’s say you’re good at what you do
(You are)
And you know what you’re talking about
(You do)
And let’s say, for a brief moment, your masks are off.
Who are you?

You are “baby”
You are tender kisses on rosy cheeks
And gentle hugs that fill the spaces you didn’t even know were empty 
Sunday picnics and picture perfect nights under the open skies
You are spring breeze laughs–playful and lively
With smiles that never end
(Until they do)
(Nothing lasts forever)
(You learned that young)
(Maybe too young)

You are “boy”
A bane, a curse, a reason
More fuel to the fire
Sharp glares, sharper words
You see life through the shattered plates you didn’t break
And the walls with the imperfect holes that crack and crumble
Like you’re pretty sure you will one day

You want to climb through and live there
Find nebulae in the spider webs
And new worlds in the shadows
Away from this purgatory
From this hell
(This is your penance)
(What was your sin?)

But he loves you
You love him
(I’m sorry)
Everything is fine
(Make it stop)

You feared it would last forever
(Nothing lasts forever)
(You learned that young)
(You’ve never been more grateful)

You are “B”
You are a too-skinny body hiding a too-devastating anger
And an even more scarred heart

He asks you your name and you laugh
And laugh
What does it matter?
You hate the sound of it anyway

So he gives you one
Crafts it with his own hands
Gently molds it to cover the worst of the hurts
With clay made of schoolyard memories and snapshots of success and adrenaline and glory and life
(Two kids in over their heads)
(You’ve never been happier)

Because he sees the marks
(He sees ones you didn’t even know you had)
And he understands
(You don’t know whether to love him or hate him for that)
And he reminds you with gentle words and midnight kisses
branded into skin that will never stop burning
(What does it mean when you don’t want it to stop)

You want it to last forever
(Nothing lasts forever)
He tells you it will
(Haven’t you learned anything)
You want to believe it
(But you are your father’s son)

—  When Fortune Favors the Weak

Where’s Dan in all these FAHC 

  • Growing up there would be no way Dan didn’t at some point teach Gavin some self defense. Even Dan couldn’t ignore the way Gavin’s mouth got them in trouble.
  • Pulling stunts with Gavin, that might or might not lead to one or both being injured, but hey, it looked cool.
  • Each thinking the other is dead after a heist gone bad, only seeing each other again due to pure circumstance years later.
  • Dan meeting the fake ah crew, getting off on the wrong foot because he has to make sure their taking care of his B.
  • Dan and Gavin meeting up in private, making the crew worried about this strange guy Gavin is meeting up with.
  • The crew not knowing what kind of relationship Gavin and Dan have in the first place.
  • Dan talking about things Gavin hasn’t told the crew. Mentioning small things that the crew won’t understand. Telling Gavin, he visited his parents, mentioning how he found one of their old videos, starting conversations about chemistry and explosions, telling Gavin how he misses Gav’s long hair.
  • Dan giving the best of the boys a run for their money on a heist, because Gavin was (sadly) the brains, while Dan skills lied more with weapons.
  • Gavin wearing Dan’s clothes, as Dan’s sweaters are excellent hiding places.
  • Dan working with other crews but willing drops everything for Gavin, fly across an ocean when he hears Gavin’s hurt.
The B Button

Word travels far if you’ve got the right grapevine. Dan’s in Argentina when he meets an interesting woman, a soon to be ex contact. She brings plans that he knows are fake, words of caution meant to trap, and tales from the Americas. The rumor mill around Los Santos has never been this full, and she has a years worth of stories about how there’s a fault in Ramsey’s structure. The Golden Boy has a weakness, one that hits harder than Dollface, strikes faster than Ruby Rose, cuts deeper than Mogar.

His name is “Dan”. She says it with a laugh. No last name is given, no outside information aside from those three letters. Just mention the name, provide a vague threat with a semi-serious look or a regretful sigh, or a smirk if you’re feeling particularly bitter, and the Golden Boy crumbles. He gets sloppy and punchy and makes so many mistakes. Like a child struggling to not have a tantrum and failing miserably. It’s delicious, she says into her glass of poisoned wine, so incredibly satisfying that after all this time, they’ve finally got a trump card. Dan nicks her pretty gold watch before he burns the body.

He doesn’t mention it to Gav when they talk, but now those sudden, frantic, infrequent calls over the past nine months make a lot of sense. It’s a little funny how Gav thinks he’s the vulnerable one. For so long the man wouldn’t even look at a gun, while Dan had learned the ins and outs at sixteen. But he understands it, too. He didn’t have to kill that women, or the others who come bragging to the aforementioned weak spot himself. He’s always been good at keeping a low profile, of working both sides so seamlessly that everyone he works with assumes he’s some kind of triple agent gone rouge. No flashy names or antics like his B. But that’s good, too. He likes surprises.

Word travels far, but it travels slow. He’s on a mini vacation in Switzerland of all places when he hears the news. Ramsey lost a major “ally” thanks to another “Dan” incident. From the way the men laugh, he figures those so called allies were fake to begin with, made to ruin Ramsey’s image, and more importantly, drive a wedge between him and his front man. Dan isn’t too worried, knows that even if Ramsey wouldn’t move hell and earth for his first born (which he would, B said so) he knows Gav has three partners ready to kill for—

“Roughed him up pretty bad. Shot him—”

Dan’s on the next flight into America.

He doesn’t announce his arrival, makes up some bullshit story when Gav calls him that week. He sounds bad, defeated, vulnerable. The line they’re on is being monitored as they speak, by Gav himself of course, so it’s safe to mention that Ramsey managed to coax (beg) that weapons dealer to give them another shot. Gav has been requested (demanded) to apologize. He sounds resigned and ashamed, two things he should never be.

It’s easy to track down the meeting spot. America may like their weapons, but they’re too obvious about it. The warehouse by the docks has been done to death, and the security outside is merely child’s play for someone like him, someone who can hit a moving target with one eye closed and a hand tied behind his back. He enjoys being the muscle, backing up Gav’s hasty words with an even faster headshot.

Everything next happens in quick time: shoot dodge roll punch kick shoot fight shoot shoot shoot. Dan was never great at subtle when the situation doesn’t call for it. By the time he reaches the “meeting” there’s blood on faces and knuckles, bullets in heads and legs. Ramsey is calm as he’s held in a chokehold, the Vagabond bares his teeth at the three men caging him in, and Mogar spits blood on the shoes of whoever has a foot on his back.

The Golden Boy stares at something on a computer screen, no doubt a seemingly live video feed of “Dan”. He doesn’t react when the man behind him falls, assumes one of his crew got free like always, and the rest of the bodies fall. Once it’s silent he speaks, voice hoarse and full of barely concealed panic.

“.. I think I’ll go on holiday for a bit, Geoff. See some sights back home.” Go to wherever his B is, get him somewhere safe.

“That’s a shame. And after I left /my/ holiday to come see you. Pretty fucked up B, innit?”

Such blind trust was usually a crutch, a bad habit, but when Gav doesn’t hesitate to fly into his arms, Dan can’t really complain. Especially when he crushes that thin body to his chest and Gav lifts his feet off the ground and he squawks like an agitated bird when Mogar thumps the back of his head for being so quick to assume everyone on every video feed is who people say they are.

“What are you doing here, B?!”

“You call so much I figured you missed me.”

“But I saw you! In Germany! They..”

“Germany huh? They’re getting better, but not by much.”

Dan’s taken back to the base and is properly introduced. Gav let’s his partners fuss over him for a bit, changes into comfy clothes and distributes kisses to all three, several times. Dan quietly relays his intel to Ramsey, drops names of the gossipers, leaves the name of a dependable weapons dealer in Mexico. He mingles with the crew, offering up nothing more than a smile and a thumbs up.

When Gav wonders over to him Dan’s arms automatically open. B slides in like a puzzle piece, and for the rest of his visit the two remain in near constant physical contact. He thinks Mogar might be the jealous type, just a bit, those sharp eyes never leaving him, even when B is in his lap and not Dan’s. Dollface is possessive, carding pretty fingers through (it’s ridiculous B! What’s wrong with brown?) dyed blond hair and caressing his beard. Ruby Rose is probably the most sure, knows that Gav will end up with her, with them, when everything is said and done.

He leaves as soon as he arrived, having made his point to those Ramsey let live to spread the word. He had kept his face covered with a mask, but not his eyes. His eyes that burned a steady, controlled fire, promising severe consequences to anyone who dare hurt his B again. It wouldn’t last for more than six months because people always liked to push their luck, but it would be long enough for him to convince Gav that he was a Big Boy who was maybe a little more equipped to handle being targeted.

It’s three in the morning when he leaves the penthouse. He planned to leave around midnight, but Gav refused to leave his arms. He wrapped around him like a koala and moaned about how Dan didn’t visit enough, how they never talked long enough. Dan didn’t need to remind him that moving and slipping away was part of his job, his title. Dan The Man, according to the few who knew him by name, was a gun and run type of guy.

“I miss you.” It’s said very softly into Dan’s ear, and suddenly it’s just him and B back at home, hacking into video game headquarters to implant cheat codes. He hugs him tighter, runs his thick fingers through sleep tousled hair, presses the barest hint of a kiss to his bare shoulder.

“I miss us, too.”

Dan wasn’t the jealous type. He couldn’t be since he now had to share his B with so many others. But he was the prideful type, and nothing made him happier than the look on Gav’s face as he slipped on his new golden watch. Except, maybe, the three hard stares he got as he left the penthouse. Dan wasn’t the jealous type.

But he would always have Gav first.

Well, Gavin obviously have done something stupid here! Although I think Dan would just laugh his ass off before helping Gavin on the situation. [Pics]