so i recently read somewhere that the second ari and dante book by saenz isn’t going to be the same story but from dante’s pov but a continuation from ari’s pov again.

and i was all like aw too bad but still that’s ok i love these two and i want more.

but then i was at work and i realized that means bad things can happen to them, the events of the next book are entirely unknown, and now i’m worried about my children. they could break up or fight or die or who even knows. I mean the title even sounds kinda sad “There Will Be Other Summers”. That could be a sad title. All I know is that I’m now worried about them officially for an indeterminate amount of time.

official-vergil  asked:

Hello again, Sparda !!!!! it's Vergil ! I just wanted to share that I've found (my) Dante on here and am very happy !!! This is probably unimportant to you, but I just wanted to share my happiness with someone !!!

That is wonderful, Vergil. Nothing that brings you happiness could be unimportant to me, and I am very elated to hear this, thank you for sharing with me. You are doing so well and make me so proud!