The First Time || Eric & Wren

Eric walked down the street to the bakery Max had been telling him and Four about. They had brought the newest bodyguards Peter and Tris with them to celebrate them finishing their course for Dantless Security. He stepped inside and whistled seeing the girl behind the counter. He hadn’t been with a girl in six months, since he broke up with his crazy ex. But this girl was definitely worth his time.

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There’s not really a way to do fanning wrong. Like a popular pairing? Cool, join the community! Like a rare pairing? Awesome, enjoy that ship and ride the hell out of it! Only interested in gen, or have a very particular idea of how certain relationship dynamics should go? Great, there’s totally room in the fandom or your imagination and you don’t have to read anything you don’t want! There’s no one way to be a fan and enjoy a show.


There are *absofuckinglutely* wrong ways to interact with other fans. You don’t tell someone their story idea is wrong or bad. You don’t tell someone they “don’t understand” your favorite character. You don’t go into a ship that isn’t yours and complain about its very existence. And you really, really, REALLY don’t fucking go onto a new writer’s new story and tell them that. You want to talk getting things in fandom wrong? THAT’S wrong. That is morally and socially unacceptable. That is treating *real live feeling people* far worse than the ways you’re protesting the writers treat the FICTIONAL people who apparently only you truly understand. That’s *bullshit*, and it needs to fucking stop.