“I ran security for Nassana Dantius. Then I found out she was having people killed to cover up her dirty secrets. She fired me when I confronted her. Her loss. I might have been good enough to stop Thane from taking her down.” 

Shoutout to Seryna, the NPC in Nos Astra who helped me find my favorite character. (Thane and my Shepard totally invited her to the eventual wedding.)

anonymous asked:

This is a silly question but, why do you like salarians so much? any reason in particular?

Lmao. I feel like I’m guilty of something. Welp, here’s what I was able to come up with, friend: 

  • I think the fact that there’s an entire race of beings that sound vaguely like Steve Buscemi is pretty entertaining.
  • “Please don’t touch that.”
  • I personally find their lack of a typical sex drive to be both very interesting and quite refreshing.
  • My favorite ME3MP character is the Salarian Infiltrator, so that helps.
  • “Again, I would ask you to refrain from touching that.” 
  • That one salarian during Thane’s loyalty mission that says the only thing he knows about humans is that he likes their food is the best thing.
  • Mordin, Padok, Kirrahe, and Jondum are all just great characters.
  • The fact that they have sadly short lifespans is also interesting to me as well as the fact that they only need maybe like an hour or two of sleep a day.
  • “Once more, the Salarian Union formally requests that you not touch that.”
  • Their homeworld, Sur’Kesh, is my personal favorite of the alien homeworlds because it’s so green and beautiful, and I love the organic nature of their architecture.
  • I really appreciated the how they flavored the world in such varied ways. BioWare made them surprisingly diverse. They had different skin tones, different markings, different personalities. Some of them were bitter and callous (Administrator Anoleis from Port Hanshan on Noveria), some were cheerful as if they’d woke up on the best possible side of the bed (Marab the store clerk from Saronis Applications in the Zakera Ward on the Citadel), and some were just super chill (that smoking salarian in the fish freezer on the Citadel). Some are powerful members of the galactic society (Dalatrass Linron, Citadel Councilors Valern/Esheel) while some are just average workers trying to get by (the construction workers at the Dantius Towers in Nos Astra on Illium). Some are good (Kirrahe, Solik Vass who just wanted to put together some footage of nice things happening to help raise people’s morale during the war with the reapers), some are bad (Dr. Saleon the scientist who illicitly sold organs, Jaroth the Eclipse merc from Omega), and some are far more complex than that (Maelon, Mordin). So, with all those characteristics, they make up a real, living, breathing society. They feel real, so ultimately, I really loved them for that.
  • “Fine. If you are so enamored of that object, then I suggest you get your own feces analyzer.”

Basically, I just love them for so many reasons.