Father this is your daughter, and if nobody else hears me i know u do

You've blessed me with forgiveness, and these dreams as a way to get to know you

You've blessed me with the beauty of struggle, and a warm bed at night

You've blessed me with a big heart, and drive, ambition, and fight

Please help me in this next step that Im about to take

Please let me make it to you if i die before i wake

Lord protect me and all my family which includes my friends as well

please keep me from making decisions that would make me burn in hell

Please help others understand me, and the choices that i will make

Give me guidance and perspective for i am yours to take

But most of all please bless me with peace of mind and happiness, because it has been my biggest struggle

Its caused me to unintentionally hurt friends, and ones i have loved, and had me feelin troubled

Let them know i care alot and that Im working on myself

getting things  together, growing up and maintaining my health

Getting closer to you, and placing you as a priority

Thankyou for always being there….for me.