First race as a p1/2. Let’s digest. Knights Ferry RR, usually the opener for most NorCal riders, is usually a good op to see how the legs feel and get the team working together. It was Myself, Nav & Bang Bang who would rep and, leaving in the wee hours the mood was good. Basic plan was to at least be in every move and see how it shook out. 1st lap, I gave a wee dig and a couple others joined. It was promising but a chase group of five came up to join and thus no real cooperation occurred so the main group came back but immediately attacks went. First Nav covered, then Bang and then Nav again but this time the break stuck with Nav on there. The gap went out to 3+ minutes and the impetus left our group to chase. With 1 lap to go, Nav was caught up in a mechanical and lost contact with the three remaining breakaway. Shit, now we had to work to bring it back so I said to Bang to chill at the back and let me go to work. I hit it, (channeling the big fella above), thinking that the other teams would want to chase hard too but no, every time I went hard, the peloton just let me go, but I wanted to bring Bang back to the break and thus give his fresh legs a chance on the finish so I was forced to slow. With 6km to go, wee Scotty Fusion burst off the front and I joined him. We easily opened up a 30sec gap and I said that we should be able to hold it if the others don’t chase soon. They didn’t, and as we came into the finishing km, we still had a gap, Scotty folded and as I rode to 4th, and the chasers were closing but there was no way they were going to get me in time. Alas, I took the best of the rest but was happy with the effort. I think a few things really helped me today. I rode with our new team Lazer Helium with the aero cover, made my own energy bars inspired by Dantianwellness and a great start to the day with some vigilant eats oatmeal. Ps, the focus rode really well today, giving me full confidence that no power was lost, Cheers, Jaffa