My Scanty and Kneesocks Print, since I already drew Panty and Stocking a couple months back. Had more fun with this since I wanted to do more with the background and lighting. Think for more future drawings for this series, I’m gonna draw the characters in a more realistic art style.



Finally drawing Starfire in her TEEN TITANS GO style to close off my series of prints featuring some of the female characters from the original show. 

Check out the original Raven Print that started off this series (along with the other three linked in the description)

There can be only one Robot Master….

Had this idea for a while now, and I’m glad I finally had time to sit down and draw it. Possibly the most detailed/dynamic Mega Man drawing I have done yet, especially with the weather effects and lighting that I played around with. Treble was also fun to draw, wish he had better placement and detail, but whatevs.