There can be only one Robot Master….

Had this idea for a while now, and I’m glad I finally had time to sit down and draw it. Possibly the most detailed/dynamic Mega Man drawing I have done yet, especially with the weather effects and lighting that I played around with. Treble was also fun to draw, wish he had better placement and detail, but whatevs.


My first fan art piece for Overwatch featuring Talon’s top field agents Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra!

I’ve been on the fence about doing Overwatch artwork for a while now, but after spending hundreds of hours on the game (Diamond rank btw) and the Sombra reveal, I felt it was appropriate to make a sweet print. Took my time to make the character models perfect and fit in the composition.

Hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for more artwork similar to this one!

Jack-O bringing the pain with pumpkins and lollipops. Had a lot of fun drawing her, super cool design as to be expected from the GG franchise.