Adam Dant - Anatomy of the Mortal Soul, 2006.

The soul is man’s spiritual bridge between his experience of the body and the physical world around him and his experience of God.

The soul is the field of our psychological activity (thinking, emotions, memory, desires, will, and so on) as well as of the so-called paranormal or psychic phenomena (extrasensory perception, out-of-body experiences, etc.). However, the soul is not the highest, but a middle dimension of human beings. Higher than the soul is the spirit, which is considered to be the real self; the source of everything we call “good” - happiness, wisdom, love, compassion, harmony, peace, etc. While the spirit is eternal and incorruptible, the soul is not. The soul acts as a link between the material body and the spiritual self, and therefore shares some characteristics of both. The soul can be attracted either towards the spiritual or towards the material realm, being thus the “battlefield” of good and evil. It is only when the soul is attracted towards the spiritual and merges with the Self that it becomes eternal and divine.

The consciousness of souls is an intermediate state that links the consciousness of worlds with that of Divinity. The level of worlds includes both man’s animal soul, as well as his native, human intellect - called the intellectual soul. The level of souls comprises man’s Divine soul.


Another stream well done! ´w`/ I double streamed with @radjinja huhu <3

We had a blast as always! -cry- illegal i swear!! These are the fruits of my labour!

Most had already been done and just needed colour but Kylo Ren is the only new piece done during the stream! ´w`/

Jinja’s Viktor makes an appearance again haha! we’ve chat how he dips Loki low, smooches him and drops him after that, HAHAHAH i’ve only drawn one part (because apparently i’m going through an art block! ∂u∂’’

Loki and Xone got an upgrade and I hope that’ll be it (for the most part) because dang children you’re annoying HAHAHAH my love for colours are growing stronger -cry- i love playing with colours ugh

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Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren©Star Wars (weep i love)
Viktor© @radjinja
Loki and Xone©mine :u

You got nothing and nothing’s got you

I can see your fear it surrounds you

Built with strife and insight but it’s not enough

I’ll defeat and discreet your every move

Instinctual, just take your life

One step, one breath you’re under my knife

Killing slow is the way I conquer

Torture test can’t wait no longer

With your first step you will burn

Can’t control your hate you’ve learned

Killing slow is the way I conquer

Until you know the meaning of suffer

Step twice you invite and welcome death

Pay homage to me with your last breath

Say goodbye to a life that you once knew

Along with every being that was before you

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Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS was one of the first organizations to stand up for our community when no else would. Almost 30 years later they’ve been able to extend their support nationwide.
This holiday season I got some of my favorite Broadway folk together and made this music video as a direct thank you from our community to the thousands of donors who have made this year for BC/EFA possible.