dante woods

❝ One of the secrets of the universe was that our instincts were sometimes stronger than our minds. ❞

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Hugh in that pic with that pose and hair and facial expression and EVERYTHING looks like he came out of a Renaissance painting. Could you imagine what Hannibal would think if he happened across young!Will like that?? This is as good as that Daniel Deronda video clip of Hugh singing Dante I swear.

Wood Nymph Hugh

Dante loathed the weather that Devil’s Watch suffered through. The winters were too long, the summers not long enough and the damn impromptu rain that came whenever it pleased. He stared wistfully out of the front windows of his small flower shop, tucked behind the counter on a stool. It was bad enough that the recent events of the town had made everyone more on edge, he didn’t need the weather to drag him down as well. His fingers drummed slowly against the wood. Eventually, Dante gave up on waiting for the rain to stop so he could check on his outdoor plants, and turned around in the seat to face the sizable birdcage that sat behind him on a table. “Rainy days really aren’t the best time to buy flowers, are they?” He mumbled to the bird pecking at the bars.

He busied himself with the small finches, refilling food and tidying up the area, too distracted to hear the bells of the entrance chime, a signal that someone walked in.

As Dante says in the beginning of the Inferno, ‘In the midst of life’s journey I found myself in a dark wood, for the right path was lost.’ I think we’re all doing that, in our various ways… Looking for our Selves in the dark wood. I hope you find yourself on your journey.
—  Christopher Vogler