dante santiago


the mendozas

“I thought maybe you’d like a car.”

A car. Shit. “Yeah,” I said. “I don’t drive.”

“You can learn.”

“You said you didn’t want me driving.”

“I never said that. It was your mom who said that.”

I couldn’t see my mom’s face from the backseat. And I couldn’t exactly lean over. “And what does my mom think?”

“You mean your mom, the fascist?”

“Yeah, her,” I said.

We all busted out laughing.

“So what do you say, Ari?”

My dad sounded like a boy. “I think I’d like, you know, one of those low-rider cars.”

My mother didn’t skip a beat. “Over my dead body.”

I lost it. I think I probably laughed for five minutes straight. My father joined in the fun. “Okay,” I said finally. “Seriously?”


“I’d like an old pickup truck. ”

My mother and father exchanged glances.

“We can make that happen,” my mother said.

[…]“Which of the two of you are going to give me driving lessons?”

They both answered at the same time. “I am.”

I figured I’d let them fight it out.

(the quintanas)


It had been a long summer, emerson had started at the private Isla Paradisio Prep at the start of the year and was having no trouble making friends thanks to her friendly nature, and partaking in a lot of pool parties. Dante and Jackie were very happy about this, he was ecstatic that Emerson had grown in to such a beautiful smart young lady, he was also mentally cheering every day that she took after her mother personality wise and not after his rebellious nature. Both his children had a good head on their shoulders and he was pretty proud of his fathering skills so far.

One day after Emerson came home from school she plonked herself down next to her dad and huffed an exhausted sigh.

“Something on your mind kiddo?” Dante asked.
“No, just tired, I have so much homework, plus all my extra credit homework” Emerson smiled.
“Why don’t you cut back on some extra credit stuff, you have outstanding grades as it is, you mum and I wouldn’t be disappointed if you did, You ment to be at least trying to enjoy your teens” Dante smiled “we all know you’ll be going to the best university anyway”
“I guess I could drop one” Emerson said to herself “It couldn’t hurt”
“So anything else on your mind kiddo?”
“Yeah, I got invited to a party at my friends, the Hunter twins on the weekend, can I go?”
Dante was finding he was very uncomfortable about, the Hunter twins. What Dante was worried about is that they were, rich, smart and knew exactly how to be trouble.
“Uh, I’m not sure about that, they’re hanging around a lot lately, and I don’t want them getting you into any kind of your trouble”
“Come on dad, I asked mum today and she was fine with it” Emerson asked sadly.
“Thats because your mum has never been a teenage boy”
“Come on dad, they’re my good friends, and you know I’m not silly, I’d never do anything to get into trouble, and their parents are gonna be there, along with my whole grade” Emerson begged.
Dante sighed, he couldn’t say no to her, he never could say no, she never asked for much “okay fine”
“Thanks dad!” She smiled, hopped off the couch and wen up to her room to start her homework.

Dante just shook his head, he was such a pushover. However, he was ready to ring a twins neck if he ever had too.