dante rules

  • Dante: You are in so much deep shit, Verg.
  • Vergil: Did I get drunk again?
  • Dante: That would have been better, actually.
  • Vergil: Was it Lady?
  • Dante: Well, Lady was drunk already. It's just that a certain blue coat wearing douchenozzel happened to mention her father.
  • Vergil: ....Shit.
  • Dante: And if you happen to be a bit sore in the face, check Youtube or Facebook for what happened.
capital K;

aridante, fluff, unedited.

ari wants more. dante wants more. and they’ve pretty much established a mutual understanding and acceptance of what they have for each other. there is just one more roadblock left…and ari’s determined to sweep it away. note: great to read along with this beautiful song

We’re lying in comfortable silence when Dante shoots up and looks at me with a calm determination. I wait for whatever life-changing discovery he wants to announce. This guy just can’t stomach a good quiet period, can he?

Dante leans down, his fingers playing with my hair. He likes touching it, says it’s soft, feels good. And when’s close enough, I focus on his lips. They’re parted and I want to kiss them, slip my tongue through them. My stomach suddenly gets a bit hot and I try to calm it down while tuning into Dante.

“Do you know about the Aurora Borealis, Ari? It’s a light show, except it’s nature’s light show, born solely from the sun’s wind and our Earth’s atmosphere. And it looks like seeing river streams in the sky!”

Dante’s eyes shine in the dark, with the universe’s stars encased within and I think that I don’t need to keep searching anymore.

“They say you can sometimes hear stuff, like whistling or a low hum, or whispers,” says Dante. “Whispers of the universe’s secrets.”

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abi’s post-jan 29 media rec

hi! i know a lot of you are feeling down so i thought that i would give you a couple of good media recs with happy gays :> there is a NO DEAD LESBIANS policy on this list everything is wlw unless otherwise noted


  • fingersmith by sarah waters 
  • the paying guests by sarah waters
  • tipping the velvet by sarah waters (there is one dead lesbian i regret to say but she has died before the events of the book transpire so idk if this breaks my rule)
  • dante and aristotle discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin alire sáenz (mlm)
  • everything leads to you by nina lacour
  • hold still by nina lacour (main character is straight but there’s a very important lesbian side character. cw for suicide, which occurs before the book begins)
  • annie on my mind by nancy garden 
  • ash by malinda lo 
  • a love story staring my dead best friend by emily horner (cw death obviously, it occurs before the events of the book)


  • the handmaiden (cw for EVERYTHING on this, message me if you have questions, both lesbians make it out pretty much uninjured and alive)
  • saving face 
  • the way he looks (mlm)
  • blue is the warmest color (male-gazey but whatever it still holds a special place in my heart)
  • carol (obviously)
  • pride (haven’t watched it yet but i hear overwhelmingly good things so it has a place)
  • women who kill (this movie is SO WEIRD but i liked it a lot, cw death) 
  • l’auberge espagnole trilogy (not about a lesbian but has a recurring lesbian side character)


  • supergirl 
  • orphan black (the bi girl who appeared to be dead was not in fact dead)
  • sense8 (mlm AND wlw) 
  • black mirror - JUST san junipero, s3e3
  • the bletchley circle (it isn’t gay but it’s a period drama just about women so idk it gets honored. go watch it) 
  • uk skins (seasons 3 & 4, we forget about season 7) 

unfortunately there’s not a huge amount of media out there and a couple of these are fudged (uk skins kills someone off in s7 but you don’t have to watch that and i recommend you don’t) or severely flawed. if you have questions feel free to message me. like i said, they all have prominent wlw unless otherwise noted, and i enjoyed most of these a whole lot. <3