dante penman

Castle Bureaucracy, Ink on construction paper, 10 x 8in. 2014.

Edition of 5 + 1 AP

by Dante Penman

Based on Franz Kafka’s The Castle (1926)

Sculptures #2, #3 and #4

More ‘in progress’ pictures. It’s difficult trying to focus my full attention on one sculpt, so I’ve made a few more to cycle through and come back to when the inspiration hits.

From top to bottom -

- Trying out a fleshy ‘doll making’ clay and sculpting ears for the first time. I ended up sacrificing/firing the head before finishing it because I needed to figure out my baking times before trying it out with finished work.

- Stop-motion puppet. Before I moved to Canada I taught myself how to animate with stop-motion and now it’s come back into my life and I’m ready to run with it. This armature belongs to an animation of the introduction to my anthology, based on a real-life event. I’m still torn between sculpting for realism or expression which is holding things up at the moment.

- Third armature/sculpt is a static piece, a character from my graphic novel. The character is based on the Beauchene skull except that it’s less focused on the skull and bones and more the whole body including the flesh, nervous system and viscera

I was feeling in the mood to create something today. So this is a new piece, not in response to anything.

I layered a couple of Polaroid transfers and attempted to seal it with wax. Which I kind of regret only because it made a HUGE mess, and got over some previous pages.

I used some of the wax i got from this fall’s honey harvest, combined with synthetic candle wax, pure beeswax unbleached is not as transparent as the synthetic bleached version. Its also cracking quite a bit, so I will have to fool around more with wax to find out this process.

Anywho, for those who can’t read the text it says:

“I had this dream last night where I was stuck underwater. But I wasn’t drownin. I was just standing there free of all thoughts.”



I did not necessarily want to respond with a lino cut so I decided to play around with  a few things I found inspiring in Dante’s lino piece, plus a couple of ideas I have been wanting to try out.

His lines, shape, texture and paper resulted in this series of six 3.25 x 3.25" that I stitched into a small book.

I played around with staining newsprint which I then applied a faux mold to. And with watercolour I painted lines of various sizes using various colours, which were inspired by some of the lines I saw in his piece.


Castle Walls, Ink on construction paper, 10 x 8 in. 2014.

Edition of 5 + 1 AP

by Dante Penman

Based on Franz Kafka’s The Castle (1926)