dante mandrake

SHIT. I should be working on my second ink drawing. I also got like two papers due next week? AND my sister’s birthday is Sunday. Well, here I go I guess.

I was also planning on adding some info about my OCs sometime. Like a way that Dante and Noir are connected or bonded through a pact (or pseudo pact). It would be cute to give them something like wedding rings. XD Then I, TOO have OCs named Lysander and Cyrus. I’ll make them unlikely friends (or lovers). >u>

Frustrations on OC design: Noir


So ANYWAY. The main things I am royally PISSED at in regards to my OC, Noir Lovelock, and his design is that:

  1. I am never fuckin’ satisfied with hos wardrobe!
  2. I cannot understand how this faggot is feeling in comparison to my other OCs

Like, do I have to spend ANOTHER THREE YEARS designing and re-designing his ass? He was such a great character when I first created him. But something didn’t feel right as I gradually tried to develop him. He was too boyish and looked like the typical uke in a yaoi series. In case you didn’t notice, I wanted BOTH Dante AND Noir to be EQUALS. That means that Noir is supposed to be the seme type, not the uke type in this case. Yes, that still stands even though I have only gotten around to having Dante fucking Noir and not Noir fucking Dante.

So yeah, back on this fucker’s design.

I wanted to have a Victorian Era theme so I could have a place to start getting my inspirations from in order to make my characters look pretty, (not because it was inspired by Black Butler later on either).

It’s fucking difficult doing research to design original characters, especially if you want them to look and act a certain way. The wardrobe must fit at least SOMETHING about their personality even if the character is meant to deceive the viewers in some way.

Now I’m thinking about where the fuck else I’m gonna look in order to find manly yet beautiful outfits that fall along the lines of Victorian era clothing. I tried more than one country in Europe. I even looked up Gothic stuff but it just didn’t fit him. Well, I didn’t feel that it fit him (and I mean this as I feel Dante’s and Adem’s outfits right now).

I already have that one OC named Claude who is the Duke of Roselle and the half-cousin of Zaiyn Zephyrion, a prince from Neo Twilight. (These are some lands in other kinds of stories)

See, Claude IS wearing a dress. It’s just somewhat masculine. Claude is also a unisex name. Plus, this fag is skinnier than a mug and is very effeminate. It’s no wonder why people, especially outsiders, mistake him for a woman rather than a man. He is a DUKE not a DUCHESS.

But that is where the problems start. I want Noir to be a combination of these things. He is not especially masculine and he is not especially feminine. I want his ass to look fuckin’ pretty: beautiful even. I just don’t know where I fucked up along the way in his design. I created Claude last year in 2014 and I created Noir in 2012. WHy the FUCK is this so difficult for me right now?