Time to Fly ll Dantana

Dani groaned as she heard the alarm go off. Lifting her head, she groaned even louder when she saw what time it was. Dani leaned over Santana and turned it off before she cuddled back into her. Poking Santana’s nose, she kisses her softly. “Baby… Wake up.”

A new challenge || Dantana

Santana had tried to avoid Dani as much as possible, for Dani as much as for herself. She didn’t want the girl to be reminded about what they did, knowing that she regretted it. She turned down mission after mission when they said that Dani would be her partner, remembering the woman said that they couldn’t ‘live together’ anymore, but eventually she just ran out of money, almost completely broke and she needed to go back to work. She was too embarrassed to ask her parents for money. Again, Dani was the only person available and they told her two rooms would be provided. Getting on the flight, she hadn’t even seen the girl during check in and swapped her ticket with a businessman so that she didn’t have to sit with her for the flight. It was going to be hard, but she had no other choice.

Here We Go Again || F2F

Running had always been Santana’s escape. She liked exercise, and it was one of the only times she could do it without Sue’s yelling in her ear. It let her forget about pretty much anything she was worried about for an hour. She usually tried to run through the park and out of Lima, to get some different scenery, but they had called for a heavy rainstorm today so she decided to stick around her neighbourhood so she could easily head back if it hit. After her usual hour, she found herself a few houses down from hers and she slowed to a walk, breathing heavily with her hands on her hips as she began walking towards her house.

Gift of a Friend ll F2F ll Dantana

Dani scanned the choir room for her girlfriend as she walked in, spotting her standing at the piano talking to Quinn and Brittany. “Hey sexy lady.” She greeted her before she hopped up on the piano next to where her girlfriend was standing. 

School trip NYC
  • Tagging - Santana Lopez, Dani Walker. Sue Sylvester, other students.
  • Time Frame - Sunday, 8th- 12th, February.
  • Location - Everywhere
  • Summary - Dani has to step in for another teacher and go with the senior class to New York. 

Ms. Walker:

Dani got a text from Figgins saying she had to go with sue and the senior class to NYC to look at colleges and explore, on one side she was happy to go wanting to see New York and everything, but on the other side she wanted to go just her and Santana, alone. Packing the last of her bag, she put her hair up in a messy bun and cooked the last of her and Santana’s dinner. She wasn’t sure what her girlfriend would think of it or how she’d react, but she was for sure telling her as soon as she came. 

Hearing the knock on the door, she walked over and let her girlfriend in, kissing her softly before moving out of the way and letting  her in. Going over she’d already put out the food and served it, sitting down at the table with Santana “So guess who’s going to New York with you guys?”

Malibu Get Away ll Dantana

“Come on baby, we’re going to be late.” Dani shouted up the stairs as she was buckling the babies in their car seats. Today was Santana’s birthday and they had already had a nice family birthday party for Santana but now she had another surprise in store for her. She was taking Santana away for the night to a resort in Malibu and had a romantic night planned for them. She was being excited for their night away. 

Moms the word
  • Tagging - Santana Lopez, Dani Walker
  • Time Frame - Friday, 30th January
  • Location - McKinley
  • Summary - Things almost go terribly wrong

Santana Lopez:

Santana slept soundly with her girlfriend wrapped around her, the sheets pulled up, covering their naked bodies. Maribel checked on them when she got home from dinner with Pablo, sighing. She wasn’t adjusting at all to Dani, but she was trying because she didn’t want to miss out on her relationship with Santana. She went to bed, setting her alarm to make lunch and breakfast for the girls, trying to make an effort even though her heart wasn’t in it, even though Dani’s relationship with Santana made her very uncomfortable.

The next morning she woke up, cooking the girls eggs, bacon, sausages and pancakes. She made their lunch, overfilled sandwiches and a salad each. She went to the store and got them some fresh smoothies and some coconut water for throughout the day, stopping at Starbucks on her drive home to get their morning coffee, waiting for them to wake up when she got home.

Reunion -16th December 2022-

It had been over 6 yrs since Santana and Dani had last seen each other, she was anxious and excited to be going to see her. Packing for two days, she kissed her girlfriend goodbye at the airport. Sam knew that Dani was going to see Santana, but she had reasoned it with having to buy her Christmas gift, which was partially true. Texting Santana, she told her that she when she would be there. Dani went to the bathroom several times to  make sure she looked good, wanting to look cute when she saw her ex. Boarding the plane, she sat back and listened to her music, checking her twitter to see if anyone was talking about ‘Sam’s girlfriend’ and where she was at.

Field Trip ll F2F ll Dantana

Dani lit up her cigarette as she sat on the cold concrete steps of her house. She had agreed after almost a week of Santana pestering her that she would let Quinn drive her to school since her and Santana lived so close to each other. Glancing up she smiled at the younger girl who sat beside her on the steps who was also waiting to be picked up for school. Chatting with her for s few minutes as she waited for Quinn and Santana. 

Undercover once again || Dantana

Dani had packed her bags and everything, ready to leave for their next mission. Of course she were sad to leave Ally behind, making sure to have a day in with her girlfriend before having to leave. It were only 2 am when Santana picked her up and they took a plane off to their new location, having to stop slave seller from the inside. Dani read through the folder as they flew, not really doing much else except a small amount of chatting back and forth. Her and Santana had no idea how long it would take, which were the worst part of their jobs beside the no contact rules. 

Landing at the airport, Dani got their bags into the cab that were waiting for them. And soon they were checked into their room, Dani of course angry when they once again had been given a single suite, meaning they had to share bed and everything. Taking her bag, she didn’t bother unpacking just kicking it into the closet before grabbing a beer. “This is Bull”

Too Good Of a Mood ll Dantana

Dani stuck the butt of the cigarette in the ashtray before walking in the house. Walking in the house she kicked off her shoe. “Babe, I’m home!” Dani called out. “Hi baby girl.” She beamed as she bent down and picked Baylee up who was crawling towards her, kissing her cheeks and peppering kisses all over her face, making her daughter giggle. “Let’s go find mommy.” She whispered to her daughter as she carried her through the house and into the the kitchen where Santana was. “Hey baby.” Dani kissed Santana’s cheek as she stood beside her at the counter. 

Welcome to Your New Home ll Dantana

Dani groaned and struggled against her restraints as she was led blindfolded and cuffed through a new location that she had just arrived at. Having no idea where she was, she was frightened and angry as she tried to get away from the men who were holding onto her arms on either side of her when she was suddenly pushed down to the ground, she felt one of the men almost on top of her as she felt them fiddling with the handcuffs and then she felt herself being handcuffed to something sturdy. Not being able to see she panicked and tried to struggle but it didn’t seem to have any effect on the guards and then she felt them gone seconds later, keeping her blindfolded.