Cannon Shippers: Uuuh this episode was so annoying. They only kissed like three times and held hands throughout the show. *annoyed*

Crack Shippers: OMG! OMG! They were in the same room for more than 15 second!!!!!! Oooh! A-and OTP A said OTP B’s name! I’m dying. *externally screams while crying* Best season EVOOOR!!


farewell to glee; favorite musical numbers
→ here comes the sun

Happy Anniversary

“Aww look how handsome you look!” Dani cooed as she adjusted the black bow tie collar around her service dogs neck. It was the collar that had a matching leash that she used to their date nights and she was very excited about this one. Tonight they were celebrating their anniversary and Dani spent a lot of time trying to plan the perfect date but she didn’t feel like going anywhere fancy, she wanted to have fun tonight and that’s what they were going to do. Dani switched out a fancy restaurant for a restaurant attacked to a huge arcade filled with all of the best arcade games, and she switched out her fancy outfit for a pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt and her new leather jacket. Running down the stairs she knocked on the door of the bathroom before walking in to see her girlfriend getting her make up on. “How did I get so lucky.” Dani cooed into Santana’s ear while wrapping her arms around her waist from behind and kissing her neck. She was very excited for their date this evening.

A night out

Santana and a group of Cheerios decided to clubbing tonight. Winning the national cheerleading competition they needed a way to celebrate. Booking a hotel and a party bus Santana knew the night would be turned up for them. Flashing their fake ID’s at the big buff guy at the door. The club was pack tonight since it was Friday. Santana had one a short fitted black dress that stopped right below her ass with some killer high heels she was sure if she was to just stand and look pretty someone would offer to buy her a drink.

Tell all

After constantly nagging her Santana finally caved and gave into her mother, reading Dani’s book in its entirety. Of course that meant needing the week away from her girlfriend to get through it but lucky Kendall had no idea what Santana was up too and she could deal with her shit alone. Of course it pissed her off a little that Dani had just aired their dirty laundry but at the same time it took her back to when they had been happy and in love and God, did she miss that feeing. Once she was done though she was fueled by emotions and headed straight over to Dani’s place, hoping she’d be home so they could talk. Although once she made it to Dani’s front door she froze and her mind went blank because she could tell Dani still loved her based on the book but what if things had changed since then?

Slippery Slope

“Okay time for a break.” Dani breathed out while taking Ace’s vest off of him and hanging it up by the front door. She fed Ace a couple more treats that she had in her treat bag before walking into the kitchen to grab a bottle of whiskey and poured some in a glass that she took a sip from but left it on the counter knowing if Santana saw her drinking this early again she’d bother her about it. “So, what are we going to have for lunch? I think we have… I actually don’t know, we have stuff.” She asked while sitting next to her girlfriend on the couch.

Letting loose

Santana giggled drunkenly as she stumbled through the front door of the loft, it was late not that she knew what time it was but the sun had gone down a while ago and all the lights were off in the loft except for the tv so Santana figured Dani was passed out on the couch after her night with the dogs. “Shhh..” She hushed the dogs when she saw Alfred’s head pop up from the chair that had followed them from New York. The last thing she wanted was to disturb her girlfriend even though she knew she was a light sleeper so she tiptoed through the loft trying desperately not to fall over as the entire room started spinning. “Fuck, I’m so drunk.” She groaned to herself as she grabbed onto the railing at the foot of the stairs.

New York Pride

“That tastes really good, doesn’t it?” Dani asked Batman as he chewed on a small piece of chicken she had given him from the lunch she was cooking. She licked her own fingers clean and looked at the chicken grilling on the stove but resisted taking another piece to try. “Do you want salad or chips with your sandwich, or both?” She called out to Santana who was somewhere in the apartment.