Back to Business

Dani was really struggling with knowing she had to go to work soon. She hadn’t done anything sexual with anybody, including masturbating since the day she was violently beaten by her pimp, and his friends. The thought of having sex with random strangers, or regulars so soon was terrifying, especially when all Dani could think about were past assaults.

She had a plan though, as hard as it was for her, she was going to have sex with Santana before her return to work. She needed to know she could get through it with her girlfriend at least so she could handle going back to work. And if she couldn’t, the she was fucked. Dani had to go back now whether she liked it or not.

Chewing on her lip, Dani looked over at Santana sitting beside her on the couch and sighed quietly.

Strike Three

Dani didn’t bother to rush home from the club after she text Santana. After her messages, Dani knew what was coming for her and she decided that she wasn’t going to rush because she would probably get punished badly either way. Dani was already tipsy when Santana text her, but she continued to drink and have fun with her friends after her short conversation with Santana.

It wasn’t until three that Dani left the club, and she was on her at home after hugging her friends goodbye. She was hoping that Santana would be asleep already because she took so long, but she wasn’t going to get her hopes up to high.

Fumbling with her keys, Dani opened the door as quietly as possible, but the lights we’re on which meant Santana hadn’t gone to sleep yet.