Cannon Shippers: Uuuh this episode was so annoying. They only kissed like three times and held hands throughout the show. *annoyed*

Crack Shippers: OMG! OMG! They were in the same room for more than 15 second!!!!!! Oooh! A-and OTP A said OTP B’s name! I’m dying. *externally screams while crying* Best season EVOOOR!!


farewell to glee; favorite musical numbers
→ here comes the sun

Ghosts and Goblins

Dani’s appointment hadn’t been at all like she expected it to be. It was so much better, the people she met with were really nice and nobody judged her for the things she had gone through and done, and even when Santana gave them her list and explained what she was like they were nothing but helpful. Whenever she met a new person who was supposedly supposed to be helping her Dani was always anxious but even with the thought of being diagnosed with a disorder that would be hard to deal with they made her feel better about it then she did the day before so she was optimistic about this place, as optimistic as she could be with her doubts and fears, and her own mind telling her that she shouldn’t trust these people. It had been a few hours since her appointment now and she still hadn’t brought up what they told her, she wanted to go and have fun this evening before bringing it up, and telling Santana about her new diagnoses that were going to change things for them.

“Oh that’s cool.” Dani looked up from her phone where she had the pumpkin patch website pulled up, taking a sip of her iced coffee from the cup holder. “This pumpkin patch we’re going to has haunted hay rides tonight.. that’s kind of cool. It starts at 7, so we’ll have a couple hours to see the petting zoo and pick out pumpkins and all that before things get dark and spooky.” Dani had spent time last night looking up the best pumpkin patch to go to after writing her notes for her counsellor, mainly because it was a good distraction from thinking about her appointment and everything that could happen the next day, so Dani already knew about the haunted hay ride happening tonight but didn’t tell Santana until today so she wouldn’t be talked out of going. She knew how much Santana liked scary movies so she thought that it could be a nice surprise for her girlfriend. She deserved so much more then just a hay ride but Dani was working up to that, she just had to find the perfect way to show Santana how much she appreciated her.

It's Time

Dani and Santana were chilling in the house with the kids, Santana was currently messing about with them both when she heard Santana’s phone constantly ringing out. “San, your phone” she groaned but answered it anyways “hello?” She said but groaned when she heard Jess’s voice “okay” she said and put it down “she’s gone into labour and wants you there. We need to go, get the DNA done before anything” she told her. “I’ll ring my parents and we can go”


“Batman.. Dude, move before we both end up tumbling down the stairs.” She groaned at her dog who was dancing around her feet on the stairs looking for some attention. Dani was carrying a blanket for her party of one tonight, well really her party of four including the dogs.

Once she made it down the stairs she set the blanket down on the couch and picked her phone up off the coffee table. “6… that’s in.. two hours. Santana’s going to love me, or kill me.” She grinned talking to Batman, sliding her phone into her pocket after typing a quick okay to the person on the other end.

Low and Little

Dani didn’t want to get into a conversation with Santana right now, especially when she could barely see or focus on what she was trying to type. She left their apartment hours ago, and she had been drinking ever since. Since their trip to the mall to shop for her bathing suit and Dani’s panic attack in the middle of the food court after buying her bathing suit because of the crowded mall she hadn’t been right since. It had been a while since she hit a low, and this was worse then usual so drinking and getting high tonight was the only thing that was making that a little bit better.

Once the bar was closed she had nowhere else to go, so she came stumbling into the apartment just before 3 am, drunk out of her mind and reeking of cigarette smoke and weed, thankfully Santana couldn’t smell cocaine or she would be in a lot of trouble.