Cannon Shippers: Uuuh this episode was so annoying. They only kissed like three times and held hands throughout the show. *annoyed*

Crack Shippers: OMG! OMG! They were in the same room for more than 15 second!!!!!! Oooh! A-and OTP A said OTP B’s name! I’m dying. *externally screams while crying* Best season EVOOOR!!

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Okay, thank you. https://corporaldaniharper.tumblr.com (TW for alcohol, drug use, and abuse) Plot # 10: Fairy-tales & Fatigues When a soldier returns home from active duty, he shares a joyful reunion with his significant other. Romance rekindles the moment the pair sets eyes on each other; for a time, it’s as if they never spent a minute apart, though it’s been several years since they’ve had more than a video chat to hold them over. The lovers are finally able to start building a life together and plan their fairy-tale wedding. Only, it doesn’t take but a few weeks for the soldier’s experiences abroad to start impeding their efforts. Gradually, he becomes listless and quiet. Sometimes, he’s eerily distant and angry without provocation. Saying that the adjustment to civilian living is more challenging then he first assumed it would be is an understatement. But the couple’s love is strong and neither is willing to give up just because there’s a few demons to fight. At their breaking point, the soldier’s love takes him to the spot where they first met. Then and there, they make a pact to stand together and never fall apart.

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farewell to glee; favorite musical numbers
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I'll Miss You ll Face to Face

“Okay Dani, you can do this.” Dani mumbled to herself while fidgeting with the small black heart shaped box in her pocket as she walked up the steps to her girlfriend’s house. Today had been the day she had both been looking forward to and completely dreading all at the same time, and both of those feelings combined made her nauseous. Knocking on the door to let her girlfriend know what was there, Dani turned the doorknob and walked inside. “Babe, I’m here!” She called out, kicking her shoes off while shrugging her jacket off and hanging it over the railing. “Where are you?”

Somebody's watching me

Santana was exhausted as she dragged her feet up the steps to the loft but now she was officially done shopping for Christmas and her and Dani could start decorating since the holiday was right around the corner. That’s what kept her powering through her day since it excited her just to think about having Dani around for Christmas. Santana pushed her key into the lock but groaned as it fought with her to open. “Piece of shit.. Open up.” She muttered to herself as she continued to try and unlock the front door but she wasn’t having any luck. Dani must’ve locked the deadbolt but it only made Santana crankier that she had to wait outside. “Babe! Open the door! You locked me out!” She shouted and banged loudly on the door so Dani would surely hear.

Carry on - trigger warning

After a few months of being alone Santana had completely given up on life, she sluggishly went to work only to come home and curl up in a ball on the floor and drink herself to sleep so one night she figured what was the point of still breathing. Her mind got very dark and before she could change her mind Santana cut her wrists up and sank herself in the tub after polishing off bottle of whiskey.

Great minds think alike.

Dani had been rushing around all day, telling Santana she had some errands to do. She had told Santana that her parents wanted to take Diego for the day with his cousin and Dani couldn’t refuse, but in reality Dani had asked her parents to look after him. It was a special date night for them and Dani wanted it to be perfect.

First Sleepover

Santana was a tad nervous for Dawn to be spending the night with them, she knew Eric wouldn’t be around at the moment. It had only been days since the incident and if he had any brains knowing Santana was a cop he’d stay away. Dawn had had a dance show in their town and Dani had been eager for Dawn to spend the night with them rather than a few hours and Santana couldn’t refuse, nor did she want to. Watching Dawn in her show she felt so proud of the little girl and seeing her face light up afterwards when she spotted her mommy was priceless. It was cute that Dawn didn’t know she was spending the night yet, Dani and her cousin leaving it as a surprise. “You did so well princess!” Santana cooed when Dawn leaped into Dani’s arms.


Everything had been going great lately and Santana couldn’t be happier, they wedding was still to be determined but she felt a lot more closer to Dani lately as it felt so good. She flipped through the channels on the tv looking for something to watch but decided upon the news since it was at least exciting. “What do you wanna do for dinner?” Santana called out to Dani who was either doing laundry or some other little chore as she turned the volume up when a local case came up on the tv talking about how a woman had died.

Calling to check in

Santana had been a complete miserable wreck ever since Dani left, there had literally been no point in even getting out of bed anymore and it even got to the point where she put the house up for sale so she could go and get a smaller, cheaper apartment. She knew she did the right thing though since she wasn’t equipped to be a good parent or wife, Santana could barely live with herself after Cali died so if anything happened to her family the she would be absolutely lost. Her cell phone started ringing but she wasn’t sure who it would be since she didn’t talk to anyone anymore but she answered it and brought it up to her ear as she stayed in her spot on the couch. “H-hello?” She spoke in a groggy voice since she was still drunk from.. Well all she did now was drink so she was never really sober.


Dani was more than excited to have Santana back, specially with their children. The plane had just landed and they were just stepping off it “I’ve missed the kids so much” she said to Santana as they walked off towards the baggage claim. Waiting for Santana’s suitcases to come round she grabbed them knowing Santana was still too weak. Kissing her head as they began walking out “we’ll have to get a cab, my mom come and picked my car up when I dumped it” she chuckled.

Welcome Home

Dani put her luggage down in the entrance of the house with a grunt, and set her duffle bag on the floor beside the other bag. She was finally going home, after three and a half long months of drug rehab and treatment. It wasn’t how it was supposed to be but she was happy about going home anyways. She was hoping that everything would work out even better at home then it was here. “Okay Santana hurry up!” She was so anxious to see her girlfriend as she looked out the window for her girlfriend’s car.

The News

Dani couldn’t believe she was pregnant after thinking Santana couldn’t get her pregnant. Taking two pregnancy test both coming back positive she made a doctors appointment to confirm it which they did. She couldn’t let Louise find out about her and Santana so she made up a Lie about how she couldn’t wait to have a baby with her so she just went ahead with her plan. Dani end up telling Stacy about her being pregnant not know someone else was listening in on their conversation.

Meet The Rents

Santana was excited for Dani to meet her parents. It was something she had been wanting to do for a while but didn’t want to push Dani into it when she wasn’t comfortable. Her mom had been asking more questions about the mysterious girl every time she went round to visit and finally setting a dinner for them was exciting. Putting her shoes on she called out to Dani “you nearly ready babe?” She was beyond excited and knew her parents would love Dani.

25 to life

Santana was on her way to visit Charlie after work just like she always did but the flashing lights that she saw as she approached the house made her panic. She couldn’t even drive up the street so she got out and started to run towards the house as she saw the stretcher being wheeled out the front door. “Cali!” Santana cried out as her panic rose even more while she pushed through the small crowd and past the yellow tape but was stopped by an officer. “She’s being taken to the hospital but it doesn’t look good.” The officer told Santana but as concerned as she was about Cali, Charlie was a bigger priority for her. “Where’s my baby girl? Where’s Charlie?” She started to sob but let out a sigh of relief when another officer brought her daughter to her and she held her close while everyone rushed around her in a blur. “Miss, we suggest you head to the hospital, an officer will want to ask you come questions since it looks like a local gang was involved.” Santana’s heart shattered when she was told that but followed the ambulance to the hospital, it hadn’t even registered to her yet to call Dani to tell her why she was late coming home.

Little white lie

Dani wasn’t happy with the amount of time Cali was spending at Santana’s but what could she do? It wasn’t her place and Santana and her weren’t together. She was more up for splitting them up but she couldn’t bare to hurt Santana again. Dani was wondering around the house when she looked in the living room to see the pair cuddled up on the sofa. Dani decided to make an effort with the girl if she was gonna stick around. “Baby is kicking like hell today” Dani groaned as she sat down.

Start of Something New

Dani paced the small balcony with a cigarette between her fingers. She had just gotten high, her last high for hopefully ever, but she couldn’t be sure about that right now. Dani was trying to think positivity about this experience because for the most part she was relieved to be going to get clean and live a better life with the help she knew she needed. Taking the last drag of her cigarette, she breathed out a sigh before heading back into the motel, again for what she hoped was the last time.