dansou shoot


[PHOTOS] Dansou After Shower Shoot

Today I did a dansou ‘After Shower’ photoshoot! Actually I’d been thinking about doing it for a long time; I guess I was a bit shy(?) but seeing as I hadn’t been able to do a shoot in a while with all the packing for university, I just had to suck it up (that said I still regret not working out beforehand.) 

But all in all, I had fun doing the shoot and I’m quite pleased with the results! Well, if you minus the fact that I was frozen from head to toe by the time I’d finished XD Regardless, it was an interesting experiment to see if I could pull off the dansou look 'without clothes’ since without the help of men’s clothing, it relies solely on my facial expression and attitude, I don’t think I did badly, but I still think there’s much to be desired. 

I haven’t edited all of the photos I like (look out for updates), but here are some of the best (in my opinion anyway) what do you think? I think if I was to do the shoot again, I’d use a shorter towel around my waist and I’d try to add in more facial expressions. There was a lot of ideas I had that I couldn’t do due to my tripod being too short, but in future I’d like to try those too, for example, playing with mirror angles and interacting more with the things around me, who knows, my next shower shoot might be soon? 

So, ladies and gentlemen, care to join me for a hot shower?