Theodore “Theo” Danshov | 23 | Power Replication | Cameron Monaghan | OPEN

Year: 6

Status: Student

Ability Potency: Mastered; 8

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The Danshovs are notorious for being careful about who carries their bloodline. If their family tree were to be analysed, it would reveal a long succession of noblemen and –women. For a century they have maintained this by way of arranged marriages. And Theo’s parents were no different. Like in most arranged marriages, the two parties involved did not love one another. They might have borne three children but they were not a happy family. Theo grew up listening to the constant noise of his parents’ fighting. Being the youngest to a sister three years his senior and a brother the eldest by two years, they both had gotten used to their household already that when little Theo came along he was scolded for crying. This was their way of living and he should grow accustomed to it, they had said to him. Alaric and Helena had their own ways of coping which involved being away from home. Theo had to fend for himself and find his own refuge, and find he did in the mansion’s library. He read, and read, and read; one book to another. Theo absorbed the stories and the knowledge the tomes provided, which led to him becoming the most intelligent student of his year at St. Gus.


Theo’s superiority complex has made him the least liked among his class. Even some professors don’t favour him. But being a Danshov means they turn their heads. He’s captain of a handful of clubs and has a good association with the headmistress, she being his godmother. Theo has a secret relationship with Olivier Wright. His homosexuality is something he has yet to reveal; only two people know as of now. The youngest Danshov is unclear of his feelings for Olivier but he has come to yearn for him, though he would never admit it. Over the summer, Theo had considered telling the truth to his parents, thinking with his two siblings already married they would give him free reign. As it turns out, his parents think it is time for him to find a partner and they have begun the search for an eligible bachelorette.

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Juliet Aristova: Juliet, Briony and Theo grew up together; everybody knows they are the best of friends and one can rarely be seen without the other on campus. Juliet is the only person Theo’s ever told about his homosexuality and his secret romance with Olivier. He’s always known how incredibly loyal she is and that she would never expose him, but it still took him by surprise how supportive she’s been of his situation.

Briony Valkaevich: Ever since they were children, Theo’s looked out for Briony. He has a soft spot for the sweet girl. They often bicker like brother and sister because of his superiority, and her naivetè gets to his nerves. But at the end of the day, he simply doesn’t want her to get hurt. Theo has kept his sexuality a secret from her.

Olivier Wright: Theo’s been secretly hooking up with Olivier for months now. Their relationship has definitely developed into something more, though neither of the two have actually brought up the topic for discussion. For now, Theo has other things to worry about than their relationship.

Daniel Walgren: Theo knew Daniel through Cormac but as of recently has never thought much of the older boy. Only when Olivier mentioned that he’s friends with Daniel did Theo pay any attention to the man. Daniel comes off as pretentious to Theo, and seeing him with Olivier around campus irritates him.

Francesca Ward: Theo doesn’t know of Francesca’s infatuation with him. He asked her to be his date for an academy ball once before and competes against her in the Debating Society. However, he doesn’t consider himself remotely friends with her.

  • Name:Yuri Даньшов
  • Alias:Danshov
  • Age:23/759
  • Hex Code:d6571c
  • Relations:Dating Ryder Kosakowski
  • Profession:Trainer, Info Gatherer, Fighter, Bodyguard, Messenger (Jackson's dog basically)
  • Background:As a Human, he was known for his ability to acquire any type of drug on the market, even occasionally willing to light up with his customers. Yuri was always obedient and well-mannered, but when the leader of the Russian Mafia he took place in asked him to kill off his sister, he refused. This landed him hours of torture until he was thrown out on the streets. There, many of his clients realized he was giving them low quality drugs and sought for revenge. He spent the rest of his Human life on the run, until Jackson gave him the offer of immortality to keep him safe. Since this got Jackson into deep waters with Ezekiel, he now follows Jackson's every order and basically became his dog. He still speaks fluent Russian and understands English perfectly, but he has difficulties speaking in English to others.Yuri really enjoys the fact that he found someone else who speaks Russian for him to talk to.