I’ll watch Susanne Sundfør tomorrow, and I am currently making a new dansekjole for this fine occasion. The Giraffe gifted me with this lovely piece of fabric. Apparently it came from her grandmother’s attic. It is possibly the most beautiful piece of fabric I’ve ever played with. Happy DIY Wednesday. Life is good.

I am smiling because: 
I’ve watched Susanne Sundfør at last! 
Susanne Sundfør is just perfect. 
I heart the yellow curtains gifted to me by the Giraffe, which is now the prettiest dress I’ve ever made. 
It is a beautiful day. 
I’ll move back to London in a matter of days. 
It’s less than 2 weeks till I’ll be reunited with the dear Raccoon. 
Life is good. 
It feels marvellous to be alive. 

Dansekjole - Violeta

The last dansekjole (dress) I made was Solipsism, which was created during the semi-sunny days of spring last year. I was somewhat dreading my next attempt, because it felt like my (restricted) ability to manipulate the sewing machine had evaporated. The pieces of fabric had become stubborn, and I frequently held a pair of scissors in my hand not knowing what to do next. My energy levels were negative, and I had no inspiration (or motivation) to create anything, what so ever.

I think I´ve got the vegan powers at last, and it feels like anything is achievable (which is good when you´re planning a career in clinical psychology). Lack of energy is no longer a problem, nor is inspiration. My solution is a combination of good literature, old films, interesting music, delicious vegan food, the occasional company of people I admire, and coffee. Yes, lots of coffee! Guatemalan coffee, that is. Last night I decided it was about time to face my fear. I found this beautiful piece of fabric and started tearing it apart whilst listening to Moddi. (Badger, I am ever so sorry, the DIY “sofa” is not going to happen.) Discovering that Moddi would play in London in April gave me a boost of inspiration as well.

I am ever so pleased with the result. Her name is Violeta. I do intend for Violeta to accompany me to the Kaizers Orchestra gig at the Opera. Words fail to account for this abstruse excitement. 


Solipsism was created last night in the presence of some old school Madonna. I don’t really listen to Madonna that much anymore, and most of her new stuff makes me cringe. It cannot be taken seriously. I am a serious person, and I am into serious and thought provoking shit. Maybe it´s because I am older and that I don’t have a crush on her any longer, or maybe most of her new songs are profoundly disturbing experiences. Withdrawing the original video of American Life, which is perhaps one of my favourite music videos of all time, was a turning point and my interest in her started to slide away. It was, of course, well cool to attend her gig a few years back, and I still enjoy her prior-American Life career.