asamis replied to your post “do u blog about gossip girl? blair waldorf is an Icon”

also what pairings do you like

ok well obviously blairena is god tier even though serena pisses me off sometimes, blair/any woman is god tier, chuck/anyone is shit tier, i do really like nate most of the time so nate/dan is cute, vanessa/dan is kind of dumb she deserves and easily could do so much better, thats what i got so far wbu??


Here are two photo of the famous Trey Jones or Cult, Shadow Conspiracy, Fox clothing, Vans shoes, and Dans comp.  This first photo was published as a full page Fox clothing advertisement in ride bmx.  It is Trey doing a toboggan off of his own roof onto his own car.   The second photo has never been seen, been sitting on it and it is really old at this point, kick out at Heathen trails in Loch Haven Pa.


Etnies x Dan’s Comp Tour Vid


Ben Hucke is one of my favourite riders. His son levi shreds and check out his little half cabs. He seems like a pretty chill dad to me hahaha


this kid is ridiculously good


Etnies + Dan’s Comp // The Bakery // Special Recipe