dans smile :3

"Actually, can I ride you?"

YO sO I Wrote A FIc anD it’s SmuT Im GoINg StrAIght To HELL i HoPE to See u alL ThEre alONG wITh dan ANd PhIl excePT tHEY arE Not GOIng stRaiGHt to HelL cUz thEY Be NOt stRaighT oOps

Also I am a child what am I doing with my life and this is my first fic and i can’t write if my life depended on it so ignore the mistakes also I haven’t reread it so :c
Tags?: SMUT (yes we r all sinners oops), masturbation, high school au I guess, riding and idk I kinda forgot what happens haha
Anyway read it if u want here we go.

Dan and Phil were in school. They hated it. They were both bullied for being gay. They were both teased for their relationship. They hated everything about to school. It felt like them vs the world, like everyone was against them. It was lunch and dan and Phil were both sat outside on the bench under the tree which was their usual spot. “Do you still want to come over tonight?” Dan asked while cuddled up to Phil. “Ye.” Phil relied. “You might as well stay the night, I’ll ask my mum.” Dan said as he grabbed his phone and texted his mum. She replied within minutes. Phil had a really good relationship with dans parents. They were always polite and it felt like home, he could just walk in whenever he wanted and it wouldn’t be questioned. “She says sure.” Dan said with a smile. “I’ll go home first and then I’ll come over because I need to get my stuff.” They spent the rest of lunch enjoying being in each other company. The bell rang and they went off to their lessons.

Dan came home and slung his bag on his bed. He immediately got changed and made sure his room was presentable enough for Phil, not that Phil would care but it felt like the right thing to do. After he had finished tidying dan received a text from Phil saying “Hey, I’m just gonna do the dishes and wait for my mum to come home from work so she can drive me because i really can’t be bothered walking. I’ll be an hour max. Xx <3” Dan smiled and replied. Dan thought he would use the time he had left logically. Dan, after all is a teen, and Dan and Phil hadn’t had sex yet. Which is obviously understandable, they had made out(a lot) and on a few incidents they had come in their pants but haven’t had sex. He figured that because he didn’t want to make it awkward when he enviably got a boner while they were sleeping next to each other he would quickly sort himself before Phil got there. To try and prevent and awkward situations.

Dan rushed to his room where his laptop was, took off his super tight ripped jeans, with struggle. And he proceeded to remove the rest of his clothes and opened his laptop. He searched for some gay porn and propped his laptop at the perfect angle, throwing his head back. He was already hard, Gotta love being a teenager. He poured some lube onto his hand and slightly stroked his now extremely hard dick. Using whatever lube was left on his hand he began fingering himself with one finger. Lot long after he added another, and another.

Phil opened the door and walked in, surprised Dan wasn’t downstairs waiting for him like he usually is. He assumed dan was in his room and just hadn’t heard him so he sprinted up the stairs and turned left then stopped as he started hearing small whimpers almost moans coming from the room at the end of the hall, Dans room. He slowly walked to his door and pushed it open to reveal dan completely naked spread out on his bed, his fingers up his ass, laptop open and releasing moans. Dan somehow still hadn’t noticed the surprise visitor at the door, too busy pushing his fingers in and out of his ass quickly. Phil could feel himself harder than ever and pulsing inside his jeans. “Preparing for me, are we?” Phil said with a smirk, he didn’t really know what happened he just kind of blurted it out. Dans eyes shot open his cheeks burning red from the heat, hair sticking to his forehead. He yelped. Grabbed his quilt to cover himself and shut his laptop as quick as he could. Phil walked over to dan. It felt like it was in slow motion Phil removed his shoes and his pants, his t-shirt slowly following. Dan was still in complete shock and unable to tear his eyes away from the huge bulge in Phils boxers. Phil sat at the end of the bed and pulled of the quilt before getting on top of dan and locking their lips. At this point dan didn’t care anymore and devoted all his attention to the present. Kissing Phil felt amazing like every time they kissed sparks flew. Dan began tugging at the band of Phils boxers before pulling them off completely and tossing them to the side. “Lube?” Phil asked out of breath. “Top drawer.” Dan replied also out of breath. Phil broke apart their kiss to reach over and grab the lube. He poured onto his hand and spread all over his dick. “Are you ready?” Phil said still on top of dan. “Actually, can I ride you?” Dan asked shyly turning even brighter red which he didn’t think was possible. Phil nodded and rolled over so he was on his back laying next to dan. Dan sat up and looked at Phil who was smirking at him. Dan lifted one leg over him so his ass kinda lined up with phils dick. He put his hands either side of Phil to stabilise himself. “I’m ready, are you?” Dan asked. Phil moaned and nodded in response because even the thought of dan riding him was enough to send pulses straight to his throbbing dick. Dan lowered himself onto Phil slowly as soon as they made contact Phil whined in pleasure and couldn’t help to let a few moans escape his mouth. Dans eyes shut quickly as he pushed further and further down. Dan stopped when he reached the base of Phils cock. He lifted himself up an slowly building a rhythm. phil was completely gone, a moaning mess. Dan picked up the pace slowly but surly and making sure to keep trying to angle himself so that phil would hit his prostate. And there it was, dan moaned and screamed in absolute pleasure. Phil smiled because he knew he had just hit his prostate. Dan stayed at this angle moving even faster. Hitting his prostate every time. “Da…Dan I’m gonn….gonna come!” Phil groaned. “D…do yyyou want to stop?” Phil continued. “No phil, IIII don’t care please cum for me. In me.” Dan replied in absolute awe. “I think I’m clo…close too phil.”
Phil took this as a sign to start stroking dans dick which was throbbing and leaking, this made dan scream once again. “DANNNN!” Phil yelled as he came into dan, dan still bouncing on Phil helping him ride out his orgasm. As Phil finished than couldn’t hold it any longer and he came hard onto Phils chest and hand. Dan finished and rolled of Phil to lay down next to him. “Sorry.” Dan replied looking at Phil covered in his cum. “Don’t be it’s fine. It was more than fine actually it was hot as hell if I’m being honest.” Phil replied making them both laugh.

They stood up and started to dress, Phil looked over at his incredibly hot boyfriend who was still flustered and he could already feel himself getting hard again. Dan spotted Phil looking at him and he smiled back and he looked down and saw his boyfriend was completely hard. “Round 2?” Dan asked giggling. “Fuck. I hate being a teen.” Was all phil could reply with as he locked their lips. “I’ve never been more happy about the fact that my parents work late.” Dan chuckled. “Shut up and take of your boxers.” Phil replied both of them laughing so much that it hurt.

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Dan being an adorable, giggly baby playing a remix of “Don’t You Want Me” by the Human League during filming for the “I (Burgie) Burgie” promo (x)

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Dan and Phil do the miracle berry challenge and Dan turn the camera off while Phil is blindfolded and makes Phil give him a rim job


genre: shortish?¿ sin

slight fluff at the end :’)

Dan’s POV

It was 10 minutes into the Berry challenge and Phil had Dan blind folded. “Okay, here try this one” Phil smiled as he was putting Sour Cream into Dan’s mouth.

“Um.. Greek yogurt” Dan asked his voice filled with uncertainty. Phil erupted in laughter. “No, Oh my god no” Phil said through a fit of giggles causing Dan to lift his his blind fold quickly. “OH! IS THIS SOUR CREAM” Dan screams in laughter and disgust. Phil smiles and snatches the blindfold out of Dan’s hands and ties it around his eyes. Phil smiles and hides his mouth with his hands “Oh god, Dan i don’t want to” He giggles and puts his hands in his lap and waits for Dans next item. Dan however had different ideas. Dan silently goes and turns off the tv stripping himself of his clothes.
“Okay Phil, you have to get up and move for this one” Dan laughs to hide the suspicion. Phil smiles and gets up waiting for instructions.
“Okay now walk forward and get on your knees” Dan giggles whilst leaned over the bed. Phil now started to get immensely confused and considering how oblivious the lovely Philip Lester is it wasn’t surprising. “O..Okay” Phil walked up behind Dan and went to his knees. “N..now what” Phil said filled with confusion.
“Now now love, Don’t be worried. Just lean forward and lick it” Dan said smiling at his lovers Innocence that is soon to be lost. As Phil licked unknowingly over Dan’s rim. As he completed that task for the first time Dan struggled to keep quiet. His hole clenching slightly. “Holy Hell, I don’t quite know what this is but this is so sweet! I want more oh my” Phil smiles and leans forward licking and sucking at his rim now slightly knowing what is in his mouth. Dan whimpers and moans loudly after hearing Phils voice drop 3 octaves. “You have been bad haven’t you Dan” Dan whimpers as Phil adds more pressure on his hole, Sliding his tongue in slightly causing Dan to squirm around. “Ah ah ah, No moving Danny Baby” Phil said holding Dan’s hips down as he spread his legs a little bit more for Phil’s better access. Phil had decided he had enough and he quickly leaned back and took off the blindfold and quickly covered Dan’s eyes with it and flipped them over causing Dan to be Sitting over his cock with his ass in Phils face. Dan quickly unbuttoned his lovers pants and pulled them down releasing his throbbingly hard length and kitten licked the tip. Phil grunted Wrapping his arms around Dan’s waist and pulled him Closer to his mouth licking and sucking furiously over his red and slightly abused hole.
Dan moaned and ground down into Phil’s tongue moaning loudly.
“Yes, that’s my good boy, Show everyone how much of a whore you are for me.” Phil mumbled into Dan’s Bum Cheek before returning to devour his brown haired beauty pretty little hole. Dan moaned taking Phil’s cock into his hand and stroking at a quick pace. He reaches for his own member only to have Phil smack his hand away. “No, want you to cum just from my tongue” Dan moaned and shook his head yes. Phil smacked his ass hard enough to leave an immediate mark on Dans ass. “Y..yes Phil” Dan moans and grinds back feeling a tightening coil of heat in his stomach. He knows he is about to cum so he starts sucking and stroking Phil at a higher pace. To help his love reach his climax the same time he does. “Ahh.. baby right like that” Phil moans and his hips buck up and accidentally choke Dan. As he is about to apologize Dan holds his nose and his head down so he cant breathe and he starts to shake “ahh Dan I’m gonna cum, Cum with me” Dan moans and shakes as his body is flooded with pleasure. Phil released into Dan’s mouth with a moan. After about 15 minutes of aftercare Phil smiles over at Dan with adoration. “I really love you ya know” Dan smiled and with 3 simple words he fell asleep on his own personal heaven. “I’ve always known”

Phil Lester Imagine c:

Here’s the imagine for the anon that requested the Phil imagine based on the Mayday Parade song :) I’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted. I’ve never heard the song so I looked up the meaning and just went off that c: I hope you like it! :)

*1 Month Ago*

“Just leave!” Phil yelled.
“Fine!” I yelled back.
“Fine!” He yelled.
I turned my back and slammed the door.

*Present Day*

I snapped out of the horrible flashback. I flipped the tv off and sighed.
Phil and I had been together for about a year and a half. We got a flat together
and we were so happy together, but all of that changed about a month ago.
We got into a stupid fight for a reason I can’t even remember and it resulted in me
leaving. Since then, I’ve been staying at Dan’s place. He tried to cheer me up, but
it just didn’t work. So many times I wanted to call him and make up, but then I
remember he was the one that broke up with me.
My thoughts were interuppted by Dan coming down stairs.
“Hey Y/N.” Dan said as he walked into the kitchen.
“Hey..” I said as cheerful as I could.
Dan backed up and walked back into the living room.
“Are you okay?” He asked.
I hesitated, then shook my head.
“Thinking about Phil again?” He asked.
“When am I not?” I said staring at my hands.
“He’ll come back. I know Phil like the back of my hand.” Dan said, trying to help.
I nodded and put on a fake smile.
“Thank you Dan.” I said.
He smiled softly.
3 slow knocks sounded throughout the flat.
“I’ll get it.” Dan said walking over to the door.
I grabbed my book that was next to me and flipped it open. I just wantd to get my
mind off Phil for a couple minutes. A couple minutes passed before Dan walked up
to me. He looked at me sympathetically.
“Phil’s here.” He said.
My heart dropped to my stomach. Was I dreaming again? From the corner of my eye I
saw a silhouette of a man standing there.
I looked over to see Phil. He wore a hoodie and sweatpants. His hair was messed up
and he looked exhausted. Despite all that, he still looked perfect and for a minute,
I forgot how to breath.
“Y/N..” Phil breathed.
I put my book down and stood up.
“Phil.” I said.
“I’ll let you two talk.” Dan said, leaving the room awkwardly.
“I..” I started to say, but was cut off.
“No let me just say this first. I am so sorry for being so cruel. I should of never
told you to leave over some stupid fight. I was just really stressed and I wasn’t
thinking. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I do know that I love you way too much
to let you go that easy. I take full responsibility for our breakup. I was stupid and
I just hope you can forgive me.” Phil said with tears streaming down his cheeks.
"Phil, it wasn’t all you. I was being stupid too. I love you so much and I do forgive
you. I just hope you forgive me too.” I said, crying now.
Phil looked up at me and took a couple steps towards me.
He pulled me close and kissed me for the first time in awhile.
"Please, let’s never hurt each other again.” Phil said as he pulled away.
I nodded with tears still in my eyes. Not sad tears though, happy tears now.
He smiled and kissed me again.

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