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The Weird Neighbour

by existentialcatwhiskers

Phan | Dan/Phil | 3.7k | Rated T for dan’s language

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Summary:  Dan has just moved into a new flat when he has an odd and awkward exchange with his new neighbour who then makes a YouTube video about it. Dan’s friend finds the video and sends it to Dan who vows to get his revenge by being the weirdest, strangest neighbour that this Phil guy would ever meet. Turns out he got more than revenge.

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Being the only emo in your group 3

Friend: Aw my eyeshadow is smudging and the colours are mixing

Other friend: My foundation is caking up in this humid air

Another friend (Yes I have this many friends shut up): My eyeliner is bigger on this side

Me:*raccoon eyes buffered with more black eyeshadow, no foundation just pale powder and eyeliner is not even visible through all the black eyeshadow it could be shaped like a potato who knows*

Me: *Sneaky smirky smile* huehue

anonymous asked:

henlo i'm here to ask about that fic with dnp fake moaning to deter their neighbors who have sex every day at like eight in the morning? phil called dan daddy accidentally and they pretended that they had furry kinks? then they ended up almost doing the do. ty if you do find it i appreciate your help!

Annoying Neighbors by Dan and Phil get revenge on their noisy neighbors.


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“for the person who inspires me a lot with their magical universe hand,. @kickthepj “

yep,totally inspired on the slurp mug please don’t sue me pj

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