dans placenta

i love it when people don’t tell me something or do something bc I'm “too innocent”

yes i am too innocent. so fucking innocent. you have no idea I’m so innocent. but hey lets talk about something like idk the hat fic. oh u never heard of it? well it’s this one short story about two men and one of them buys a hamster so the other one kills it and fucks the first one USING THE FUCKING ANIMAL CARCASS and then eats the dead hamster body. how about the chair fic? well in that one one of the guys has a chair that makes all his desires come true and his roommate becomes submissive and must do whatever the first one says  AND THE FIRST ONE PUTS A SNAKE IN THE OTEHR’S ASS. or maybe the cherry fic? milk fic? kittens and steamrollers? the placenta fic? the skin fic? yes. as you can tell, i am too fucking innocent. so, so, so, so, so innocent

One thousand notes

And I’ll make a video of me printing out a hundred pictures of Dan and Phil and throwing it at all the homophobics at school and scream “TASTE THE GAY!”

Update: so it did get a thousand notes wow I’m surprised but I swear I’ll do it unlike those people with a million notes that haven’t done it I go back to school in a week and half so it will be uploaded on my YouTube channel DontAskLanie in less than a month I hope no one sues me


Danisnotonfire drinking game

1. Every time Dan says literally
2. Every time something awkward happens
3. Every time Phill is on frame
4. Every time you hear beep or the “F” word
5. Every time Dan fails
6. Every time someone is wearing the mask or a weird hat
7. Every time Totoro is in frame
8. Every time Dan or Phill’s hair gets messed up
9. Every time someone gets hurt
10. Every time you can see dans underwear
11. Every time cooking or food is involved
12. Every time gaming is involved or reversed
13. Every time there are words on the screen
14. Every time Dan fan girls over FREE or any anime
15. Every time Dan says placenta