so in summary we know Steve:

  • has no shame when it comes to obsessing about Danny
  • was hurt enough about Danny considering retirement without telling him to confront him about it
  • wanted his last words to be an I love you
  • or a promise from Danny to name his restaurant Steve’s because he wants them to always be together even when they’re not
  • has no qualms about comparing their relationship to a marriage

and we know Danny:

  • has trust issues he has discussed with Steve
  • knows Steve well enough to know that if he didn’t tell him about the list he would keep obsessing about it
  • hates the idea of Steve’s last words so much he tried to stop them
  • loves Steve enough to try to say his own last words when death appears imminent
  • accepts that Steve was right to be upset about his potential retirement and apologizes for not discussing it with him

I will fight anyone who doesn’t think that their relationship, though flawed, is healthy and loving


Danny: I’m sorry. I’m… shit, I should have seen through it but I was so excited, you know? I was so excited to see the charity take off, to see everything I imagined happen that I just blocked out the obvious. 

Silvia: Did you ever want her?

Danny: I did, when I was a dumb sixteen year old. Not now. Silv, you’re the only one I see now. 

Silvia: I should have told you but I didn’t want to ruin things. I was afraid. I was scared that you would resent me, that you wouldn’t believe me. I’m sorry.

Danny: I would never. Love I think- you know what, I’ll just show you. 

anonymous asked:

so like I'm a lesbian but I was watching YouTube with my friend the other day and someone was voicing over a video and she asked "Hey wait, isn't that the guy from Ninja Sex Party? I love that guy" and I was just immediately "I will fight you, square up." (I already claimed him as my beard)

I cannot believe the number of lesbians and straight boys who have messaged me about Danny confusing them or being their exception and I LOVE IT. 

I also don’t blame you guys though