if you would of asked me a year ago to take a picture of myself with no makeup on and with my natural curl hair i wouldn’t of even considered it. The thought of exposing my ‘true self’ would of been a nightmare. We see images of these 'perfect’ girls and think that’s what society wants us to be, to become. Well this is the true me with or without the makeup on, the Makeup does not make me up as a person. I am trying to prove a point here, even tho I make youtube videos about makeup and hair.. that doesn’t mean it will change you, yourself. If your a rotten egg you can decorate yourself and hope that nobody will realize that your a bad egg, but eventually you will start to smell bad and you will be exposed for the world to discover your true identity. Just be who you are, I know you are all beautiful with or without the makeup, Don’t let others tell you otherwise. Love you so much danny