Anger rolled over him in waves, filling him to the very core, overflowing in every capillary. He didn’t even truly comprehend what either he or Danny were saying - his responses were, in a way, mechanical. He was practically snarling as he screamed and gestured. In turn, Danny’s hands were crossed, his lip curled in a snide fashion when he wasn’t yelling his head off.

Never before had so much emotion consumed him.

Never before had he felt this way.

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So of course I was gonna draw this ship, what did you guys expect.

Dedicated to Lex because she’s the one who got me into this fandom and fangirls with me over this ship and she’s been having a lot of stress over school so I hope this’ll take your mind off of things for a bit. UuU

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EDIT: I fixed the lighting on the glove, the layer was accidentally hidden. :|