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Digital Spy: Danny Miller spills the beans on the latest Robron drama and what the future holds

Emmerdale star Danny Miller has explained the latest drama Robron will face over the festive season, and also teased what lies ahead for them in the New Year.

Although the couple have happier times to look forward to now they are engaged, Aaron and Robert will hit the rocks again next week when Rebecca White continues to cause trouble.

“What everyone forgets as well is that regardless of the fact they are in love, and regardless of the fact that Robert was there for him through the darkest time of his life, Aaron fell in love with Robert during an affair. So because of that, he thinks Robert will never fully be happy with him.”

“It’s good to mix things up when stuff isn’t happy within relationships and marriages,” Danny said.

“Liv has been a big part of Aaron’s happiness and that triangle they have with Robert has been beautiful to work with. But it would be good to see something different.

"It has been nice to see them happy, and they deserve to be after the year they’ve had, but it is a soap though, and eventually something will be thrown in there to test them.”

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Season’s greetings! Danny Miller has a VERY special #Christmasmessage for you…⠀


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