i'll watch you shine | christian & danny

Christian was nervous about the idea of coming to watch his muse dance with the boy’s permission and he had even stopped to get him a little box of chocolates that he’d attached a note to, briefly thanking the boy for letting him come to watch him dance. After all, that was what the least he could do for the boy who had helped inspire him as much as he had. Christian had behaved, waiting until after he knew the dancer had warmed up to slip into the studio, staying silent and in the corner as he tried to take up the least amount of room and stay as unnoticed as possible to not have the dancer lose his momentum by noticing him. He hadn’t brought his camera this time around, wanting to just watch the way the boy danced, but he’d made sure that his notebook was tucked in his pocket and he was possibly planning on taking a few notes of movements so he could try and look them up. He wanted to learn the dance terms so he could impress the boy, because dancing was important to him and that made it important to Christian. A soft smile spread across his face as he reached into his pocket for his notebook, flipping past the first few pages of questions he had for him, ignoring how the one ‘What is your name?’ was underlined quite a few times because that had been bothering Christian all week. He was determined to figure that out today.

Danny and Miles | Hard Worker

Miles got out of his car and walked into the hardware store. He needed some supplies to fix the house. He wasn’t exactly a handyman, but he thought he could do it himself. He kept wandering aisle after aisle, realizing he had no idea what he should get. But he pretended he knew what to grab, despite the confused expression on his face. 

Long Due || Closed


It had been a while. Too long, maybe, for two people who had been, and remained, as close as Danny and him. It’s not just the fact that she had been his longest lasting romantic relationship, ever, but that they had gone through so much together, good and bad. Still, they had shared dreams and now they were making them come true, slowly, step by step, but apart. He was busy at the NPASA, and ambitiously trying to finish a Ph.D, but that had been no excuse. Still, he didn’t want to impose, or maybe he just didn’t want to bother her, but having friends in common, sooner or later, she had to know he’d find out, that word would get to him, that he’d know the truth… and even if they hadn’t kept in touch as much as they used to, Caleb still cared for his friend. 

Now as he realized he had a clear schedule, they could catch up, go for a walk, anything, which is why Caleb decided to message Danny and see if she was free. “Just come right up when you get here, I’m wrapping up an essay and I’ll get ready. Don’t eat much, we can just grab lunch later. I’m on my fourth espresso on an empty stomach and it’s not even 12 yet.”