The Beacon Hills Werewolf Training Program Teachers

The Werewolf Training Program

The Beacon Hills Training Program is much smaller than the other programs. Normally the schools provide basic training for the human handler expecting the werewolves to have passed all mandatory tests. Beacon Hills provides specialist classes for werewolves as well as their handlers. Most of the pairs that attend the Beacon Hills Program become teachers at the school, Envoys between human and wolf counterparts or work with Derek and his ‘troubled wolves’.

Allison Argent: Head of Human interpretation of wolf studies, Envoy for the school and local hunters (Paired with Erica Reyes) Allison was originally a fledgling level hunter who’s close friendship with Stiles had her causing an inner war between hunters when she proved that killing wolves wasn’t necessary.

Stiles Stilinski: more commonly referred to as Professor Stiles, is the founder of the werewolf program and the first human (recorded) to bond with a werewolf. He is also the only human to date to be bonded with two werewolves. (Paired with Derek Hale and Scott McCall)

Lydia Martin: Lydia is a junior member of staff and is in her last two years of the Program with her wolf Danny both regularly assist Allison and Eric with Classes

Derek Hale: Derek is the first wolf (Recorded) to have bonded with a human. While he is a huge part of the werewolf training program he is better known for his short temper and ability to control young and / or troubled wolves. Derek’s home was where the werewolf compound originally started, his pack members becoming the first members to pass the program although he and Erica were the only ones who bonded with humans.

Erica Reyes: Erica teaches the wolves and also regulates contact the wolves have with each other before they are paired while they are being transferred from the compound to the school. She is also responsible for coordinating with the hunters during the first years survival games. 

Scott McCall: Scott is a junior member of staff and mostly pops up to help the students when he sees them in need of a hand. Despite passing his four years at the Program he still hasn’t completed his mid-pup phase and become a fully fledged wolf.

Danny Mahealani: Danny is a junior member of staff and works closely with Derek at the Hale house. His experience with his best friend Jackson  helped him decide to work at the Hale house once he finished finished the program with the full support of his handler Lydia.

You know, i’m coming around to the notion that, roller coasters might be able to run in reverse. I mean that we can move in whatever direction we want…change things…patch things that we fucked up. Maybe even afford the luxury of a dream or two
—  Zachary Wells (Danny Reyes) - Judas Kiss

My Darling Fury’s “Blots in the Margin”

I love this song.


As Stephen sped down the motor way, he wished that he could lift the visor on his helmet. He had passed his test only a few weeks before hand, and this had been the first time that he had managed to take out April’s old bike from the disgusting garage at the bottom of the building. Though this was no sunday morning drive. On his back was a sealed backpack with a few days of clothes, some saved up money and a few snacks with a bottle of water, it would keep him going for however many days he needed.

That morning he had woken up very early, it was dark outside and Danny was asleep beside him. It was at this moment that he realised how much his feelings had grown over these days that he had spent with his boyfriend after he had surprised him. It was amazing, he was proud of himself, but the more overwhelming feeling was the fact thar he was scared, scared of his own feelings, what if Danny didn’t feel as strongly as he did himself? What if he was being stupid, and this was all going to end in hurt and heart break? He had never loved anyone before, and this was probaby the reason he ran so fast. He packed quietly and left a note on his old coffee table before escaping into the early morning, needing to breath and fine space to think. Stephen was very much like his sister in this sence, whenever something big happened he needed to find air, get away from everyone and everything and think with no interuptions whatsoever. He had no idea where he was going or what was going to appen, but he would be back for Danny. if he still wanted him after all of this.

The note read as follows: “I’m sorry, I really need to think about some things. I’ll be home…x”

Richard Franklin | FC: Richard Harmon | Vampire | 350 | Gay | OPEN

Bio: Richard grew up as a cabin boy on a pirate ship. He was a diligent worker and the captain took a liking to him. When the boy was fifteen the pirate began to make advances. Richard wasn’t entirely sure what to do with them at first. He had noticed his attraction to men, but had chalked that up to there not having been any girls in sight for a long time while he was at sea. He told himself he was just lonely and his body was just trying to make up for it.

But when he finally gave in to the advances, he found he really liked it. He struggled with it for a while, but when the pirate captain revealed that he was, in fact, a vampire, Richard found he had bigger things to worry about than his attraction to men. He didn’t know what to make of his captain’s story. It seemed unbelievable, but then the pirate drank from him during a make-out session. It was pretty hard not to believe then.

The captain wanted to make Richard a vampire, so that they could sail the seas together forever. Richard was apprehensive but was quickly swayed by the promise of power and eternal youth. When he turned seventeen, he allowed the captain to turn him. Unfortunately during the transformation, the rest of the crew discovered them. Outraged and horrified, they staged a mutiny, staking the captain and attempting to do the same with Richard. He escaped only by jumping overboard. He swam to the nearest island where he stayed and acclimated himself into one of the tribes he came across. They thought he was a god of some sort and willingly became his victims.

After a few years though he grew bored and found a way back to England where he fell into a coven. He heard about Sunnybrooke around 1901 from a fellow vampire and decided to check it out. He’s been there ever since.

Personality: Richard started out as a humble boy. A quiet, diligent worker who was always quick to assist and never spoke harshly or disobeyed a direct order. He was kind and gentle. But after experiencing the violence from the crew and watching his captain die, he became a little hardened. And spending time as the god of a tribe didn’t help. He grew cocky, prideful. He believes things should be handed to him on a silver platter, how he wants them and when he wants them. He’s set himself up as the captain of his own ship in a way, and feels like he deserves to be treated with respect and obedience after everything he’s gone through. Some of that boy from before still lingers, but it’s deep beneath the surface and hasn’t shown itself in a long, long time.

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Pornstars Derek and Stiles work for the same company. Derek only shoots with werewolves and Stiles only shoots with humans. That’s not going to change after they meet. It’s really not.
(It might.)