He taught me to embrace my differences and the things that make me special.

She taught me to never hide who you really are. 

He taught me you don’t have to be powerful to be strong and brave and that guilt doesn’t make you weak. 

She taught me it’s okay to fall in love even if people say otherwise but that you don’t need a relationship to be badass. 

He taught me you should always get to know people before judging them. 

He taught me popularity isn’t everything and you don’t get anything good from greed.

She taught me everyone has a dark side but you can defeat it if your heart is good.

She taught me its not bad to be honest and straight forward as long as you’re loving, caring and loyal.

He taught me anger doesn’t have to control you.

They taught me you should give people a second chance. 

They taught me you shouldn’t succumb to stereotypes. 

He taught me power doesn’t get you everything. 

He taught me your past doesn’t control your future. 

She taught me you can be independent at any age.

She taught me be confident.

He taught me more people may care about you than you think. 

He taught me good never comes from evil. 

She taught me revenge is never the best option.

He taught me people can change.

He taught me what you are doesn’t decide who you are.

He taught me you don’t have to have a child to be a dad. 

She taught me your family isn’t necessarily your blood. 

He taught me that even the most law abiding people have to break the rules sometimes. 

They taught me friendship is the best, most powerful weapon.

And people still tell me I should watch something more educational. 


Artist: @uni416

Inspired by @incorrect-overwatch-quotes post.  (Link to it here)

Original Game Grumps video here.


Gabe Sexbang & Jack Hanson - Me


Kevin MacLeod - Marty Gots A Plan

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all i want from season 6:

mention isaac
mention boyd
mention erica
mention kate
mention kira
mention ethan
mention aiden
mention danny
mention heather
mention derek


Leaked lines for the next episode of AOS
  • Daisy: Say it.
  • Robbie: No.
  • Daisy: Say it.
  • Robbie: No.
  • Daisy: SAY IT.
  • Robbie: NO.
  • Daisy: *makes puppy dog face* Say it, pretty please?
  • Robbie: Oh for fuck's sake, no!
  • Daisy: I'm just gonna keep bothering you till you say it.
  • Robbie: No, no, and a thousand times, no!
  • Daisy: Pretty please with a cherry on top?
  • Robbie: Why you do this to me, Daisy?
  • Daisy: I'll clean the Charger for free if you say it.
  • Robbie: Argh, seriously-
  • Daisy: Yes, seriously! You think this is a joke?
  • Robbie: Isn't this a joke?
  • Daisy: I do not joke about this type of stuff, believe me.
  • Robbie: ...you'll clean everything? Even the tires?
  • Daisy: I've been told that my car washing skills are earth-shatteringly good.
  • Robbie: *sighs hard* Okay, FINE. I'm...
  • Daisy: You are?
  • Robbie: I'm going ghost! *transforms into Ghost Rider*
  • Daisy: *claps loudly* Yes! Thank you for fulfilling a childhood dream of mine.
  • Robbie: Whatever...just make sure my car is spotless. There's still white supremacist blood on the wheels.

the old pack in a hogwarts au (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ dragon-in-a-sheeps-skin, take responsibility for this :“D
foxerica this has some berica :D

click for higher res as usual and happy valentine’s to those who celebrate it!

[transparent version] [more sterek art]

When Derek got Erica the camera she demanded asked for her birthday, he didn’t think she would document every f*cking thing that happened to the pack and take approximately 318 pictures a day…


I was thinking about this old ugly thing i draw and it got out of hand. Nobody’s dead and everything is rainbows and puppy piles !!

(The font is “fox in the snow”, i couldn’t help myself :p)

21 décembre 2015