“Phantom did all my editing so if it sucks hard it’s HIS fault, and I’m NOT awkward. YOU’RE awkward SHUT UP”

- OOC: SO I made a proper video after people seemed to like my Ember gifs so uhh, enjoy my fake american accent and my Phantom’s shitty editing ~


As per the usual, here’s a bunch of dumb pictures of us from Sacanime with the ghost hunting homies!  If you saw us and caught a picture make sure to post it so we can see it!  but only of course if you caught my half-dead side. <3

PS.The Sam that’s not mine and doesn’t have the Specter Deflector on, is @prince-cake.  and they were the sweetest ever omg thanks for dabbing with us dude! We’ve never run into Danny Phantom cosplayers before and no one will ever be as sweet again <3