Went to ComicCon/Dallas Fan Expo today!!! Had a great time with @spacegirlsgang ❤❤❤

And thanks to @perfectlyroyal for making me my costume!!!

Hello. This is a rare moment in history. I’m showing my face and taking selfies. This is rare for I don’t do either. But this was important.

Not only is this a Danny Phantom cosplay, but it’s my first cosplay ever and I am so proud of myself. To top it I’ll be going to be going to my first con being Megacon. 

If you’re going I hope we can say hi *waves like an idiot* 

you know what would be cool?

If identical twins went to a con together as Danny phantom one in human form the other in ghost form then the ghost one would hide somewhere and the human one would stand outside and if someone asked for a pic he’d just be like one sec then go where the ghost one is yell I’m going ghost and the other one comes out.


I saw like five Vexes it was crazy. The one on the right had a lovely voice. Also some great Danny Phantom, Steam Powered Giraffe, The Adventure Zone, and YYH, including the shoot I was part of.

Cosplay credit:
Me as Yusuke “Swagmaster” Urameshi
@bisexualpluto as Vex’ahlia (on the right)
@prince-peter-pan as Danny Phantom
@peachi-study as Ember McLain