Here’s a twenty minute interview with Evil Dead 2 actor Danny Hicks. The interview covers Danny’s films as well as some opinions towards Ash vs Evil Dead.


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Written and directed by Evil Dead 2 writer Scott Spiegel. Also the very first KNB effects film. 

Synopsis: The overnight stock crew of a local supermarket find themselves being stalked and slashed by a mysterious maniac.

Evil Dead/Michigan Mafia members that appear in this film

Sam Raimi - Randy the Butcher

Ted Raimi - Produce Joe

Danny Hicks - Bill Roberts

Bruce Campbell - Officer Howard

Scott Spiegel - Bread Man

Hope you guys enjoy this one! Because this is KNB’s first project, expect to see some of their work as well!


Popcorn Nights will be hosting a 25th Anniversary Screening of Sam Raimi’s cult classic “Darkman” on Tuesday, February 24th at 9pm at the O Cinema Wynwood in Miami, Florida. Danny Hicks will available for a Skype Q and A for the event. To learn more visit Popcorn Nights here


Danny Hicks has a few words to say for the upcoming documentary Hail to the Deadites!

Be sure to check out the Indiegogo page here.


The Fisch Bowl has a brand new Danny Hicks interview revolving around his career which also includes the Evil Dead 2 actor’s opinion on Ash vs Evil Dead.

There is also a brand new and great interview with Bruce Campbell on fandom and Ash vs Evil Dead over at Kickstarter here.