The Bad Boy Experiment (2)

Author: Kaylee of ExcessivePhan

A/N: Thank you thegirlwholikessleepingphanforaquashootingstar-lyn, and the 5 others who sent messages but were on anon. Thank you for inspiring me to write more to this!

Summary: Teenagers Dan Howell and Zoe Sugg work together to  find out what the effects of changing nerdy invisible good boy Dan to sexy popular bad boy Dan will have on the public. Dan isn’t too excited about the experiment until the rich and popular goody goody Phil Lester notices him.

Part One

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So why hasn’t anyone drawn any of our fave youtubers as characters in HuniePop?

Seriously, you could do so much with this. You could draw them into the roles of any of the girls a la HunkiePop style (but not HunkiePop cuz that’s actually kinda sorta a thing now), dress them in the original outfits or create new ones based of those, you could genderbend them into girls and stick em in that world.

Would Danny Sexbang be Jessie cuz he’s older than most of the others and he talks about dicks a lot? I’m so sorry. orz Ninja Brian could be Audrey. omg Markiplier as Aiko, I can picture him holding the chopsticks and saying “omfg you are so racist.”

  • "Jessie J’s amazing. She’s just getting bigger and better and stronger. I love her, she’s so inspiring and to have a wonderful singer like that, someone who’s so so good around you all the time is great – you get really inspired by her." Danny O'Donoghue