I do not know how to feel about Fuller Hose Season 3B. I feel like there’s a lot of things to complain about, to be honest.

Stephanie chosing Kimmie as her surrogate, especially since I could have sworn I saw a trailer where it was Becky saying she would be proud to be a surrogate for Stephanie. I guess I was just expecting that?

DJ BREAKING UP WITH MATT FOR STEVE. Listen, I loved Steve / DJ but there are times where I just hate the whole ‘high school love’ thing and this was one of those times. DJ man, she did Matt so wrong. And same with Steve and CJ. Shit was not okay, especially since they’re probably going to bring Matt back to cause drama between DJ and Steve in Season 4, since Steve won’t be around.

The queer baiting. Like, shit is not funny? Whether it was between Kimmie/Stephanie or Danny/Jessie/Joey, it just made me feel extremely awkward and took out any enjoyment I was having for the scene. And it says a lot, since I don’t ship any of the aforementiond ships. Hell, even the baiting with Steve/Matt.

“I wonder who else we can dig up” - Listen, Fuller House, Mary Kate Olsen has literally said she would love to act again and be on the show again so enough is enough and just call her up. You don’t need Ashley.

Jackson x Ramona was actually really cute, and hell yeah, I still ship them, but please stop treating Ramona like dirt when it comes to boys.

So why hasn’t anyone drawn any of our fave youtubers as characters in HuniePop?

Seriously, you could do so much with this. You could draw them into the roles of any of the girls a la HunkiePop style (but not HunkiePop cuz that’s actually kinda sorta a thing now), dress them in the original outfits or create new ones based of those, you could genderbend them into girls and stick em in that world.

Would Danny Sexbang be Jessie cuz he’s older than most of the others and he talks about dicks a lot? I’m so sorry. orz Ninja Brian could be Audrey. omg Markiplier as Aiko, I can picture him holding the chopsticks and saying “omfg you are so racist.”

Honestly I sometimes don’t even realize that Michelle isn’t on Fuller House. DJ is Danny, Steph is Jessie and Kimmy is Joey. It all just fits, you know? That’s not to say that I wouldn’t enjoy a 3 second cameo of Michelle walking through the house saying “You got it dude” and then leaving. The show literally MADE the Olsen twins and they can’t throw us a bone? How rude