I know everyone’s talking about how the cast of Danny Phantom is full of gay and trans characters exclusively to piss of Butch Hartman but let us not forget, Butch’s bread and butter, Fairly Odd Parents…

Timmy’s parents were 100% sure that Timmy was going to be a girl before he was born, as seen in the episode Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker.

Cosmo seems to be the only other one in the know about this, and has baby pictures of Timmy in a dress on hand

Then, in the episode The Boy Who Would Be Queen…

When Wanda does, inevitably, transform Timmy into a girl to teach him a lesson…

Cosmo immediately panics.

AND in the episode “It’s a Wishful LIfe” when Timmy wishes he never existed…

The Turners have a daughter instead.

In conclusion:

Timmy Turner is trans and used the power of one of his fairy godparents to wish that everyone in his life completely forget that he was born and raised female for a portion of his life, including his parents and his other fairy godparent.

It’s 2009.

You go on YouTube to watch episodes and clips from your favorite anime, cartoon, or tv show.

The episodes are either divided into 3 parts (and the video is flipped), or all you can find are edits to the songs Everytime We Touch, Misery Business, He Said She Said, and Sk8er Boi.

You are now either amused, or annoyed. 

Reblog if it’s perfectly okay for an adult to prefer to watch to cartoons/animations instead of live action/reality tv

I’m trying to prove a point to my sister who is convinced that I, a 21 year old, should not be watching cartoons and animated programs.

Basically every fucking fandom ever.

bgnsteal  asked:

Hey sooo you and this other guy I’m following arnt happy with Butch lol what the hell did he do this time lol

Told Tara Strong she was the reason for her friend’s death

Publicly disputed the trans danny headcannon by saying the tank top that we often portrayed as a binder was a swim suit (original post here) (its at 17:00 if the link doesnt go to it)
(also because im bitter heres some more proof that danny is trans)

raised 250k for Christian and anti LGBT propaganda (full video)

made fun of mental health and introverts

in 2007 era he would kick you off his fan forums if you had any lgbt content favorited

left Nick as soon as they started producing LGBT content 

thinks that poor mental health comes from the uprising in non Christian morals, hence the creation of Oaxis

straight up COPIED the reverse trio au and made it straight and also stupid

is a giant hypocrite 

like dude u literally just made an entire streaming service to push your own political agenda

anyway thats all i got for now but im sure theres more