danny's face at the end was priceless

Disguised Flirting

What a great scene. So many hidden hints.

Okay…I’m still smiling and these guys are such cute idiots.
As I see it in this scene there is a lot of flirting going on from Danny’s side but it didn’t work out the way he hoped.

Danny’s face at the end? PRICELESS! He even is speechless. When does this happen? LOL! This cool gesture with his arm over his head in the last scene has only one purpose, to hide his embarrassment. He just landed flat on his butt while he tried to hit on Steve.

And Steve? It’s like he gets to hear the same lame joke over and over again. He seems almost annoyed and hurt, why Danny still questions the fact, that he has Danny’s back. Always! So he lectures him and his face expression tells a lot. Such kind of a twisted face he only gets when he thinks Danny still doesn’t get IT.

Haha, this has high school character. Love it.


The story of Steve being cheap when it comes to pay for lunch or a drink is quite long, even if we actually saw him paying for Danny’s beer in season 1 and also we can’t forget the special week end he gave as gift to Danny to spend with Grace at the end of the Pilot…

Anyway the McDanno meaning of this scene is not about money… what I love is the way everyone leave them alone as soon as Danny and Steve start bickering: do not interfere between husbands ;) Grover’s ‘Oops’ and his face is priceless!

And Steve is so lost explaining to Danny his reasons that he really doesn’t notice everyone left so when he turns around he doesn’t understand what happened… not very navy SEAL like :D

A little note: we often have Danny used as the comic relief in the show and many of Danny’s fans doesn’t particularly love it (sometimes neither do I), but in scenes like this it’s actually Steve who looks like the silly one, and I love it, it’s cute when this badass military man appears a little off the world ;)


1x03: Steve meets Grace and it’s clearly love at first sight… For both of them ;)

I love that Steve calls her Gracie and that he looks immediately so confortable with the little girl… Don’t forget this is the same Steve that in the previous episodes was totally incapable to deal with kids (the little girl calling him a cop in the Pilot and the scared boy in the elevator in 1x02)

Of course Danny talks about Grace all the time… But we find out when he is with his beloved daughter he ends up talking a lot about Steve! :D
Steve face when Grace tells him is priceless.
Also Kono and Chin reactions are perfect, we know the cousins are the first McDanno shippers. ;)
And of course Danny has a plausible excuse ready to explain why he spends a lot of his precious time with Grace talking about his crazy-new-partner…. And nobody believes it. :D