danny x lacey x jo

Disappointment is a Sort of Bankruptcy

I still can not believe that some people are still sitting here wondering why we are “mad”…

I must advise you to be gone… better yet click the (x) button and get out of our faces. Clearly the mentality of some of this fandom is beyond our control. I for one am embarrassed for what occurred last night. Do you not understand the hard work and dedication that was put into this show by this fandom? Twisted can try to bandage this damage but they can never fix the broken hearts on the Twisted fandom.  They say that we are mad that Dacey is over…there you go again the mentality is just not there. Lacey Porter was used and beaten to death by the writers. I mean just keep it real with us Lacey was just guest staring for a while for Jo and Danny’s secret. Whitney on her debut has more of a story line than Lacey, Rico has more of a storyline than Lacey; and if you cannot see a problem in that then…I really can’t help you. Instead of focusing on a 16 year old boy who may or may not have killed his father by accident they focus on a girl who he called his sister and showed no interest towards and now all of a sudden she has become his one true love because she knows his secret. And then you have Jo with her long ass speeches. I was not impressed when Jo stepped out of the race because that was too cliché… I knew it was coming I yawned and used that as a bathroom break to be honest.  I am so tired of everyone telling her how great she is. We got Danny throwing petals at her feet. We got Rico telling her that she is the girl of his dreams. We had Tyler talking about her enigma. We have her parents treating her like she is the golden child. We have Lacey constantly apologizing to her.

Lacey Porter:

  • Her best friend is murdered! Dead…never coming back.  The skip button was pressed ont hat one. Did we get to see how Lacey grieved or how exactly her and Regina were as best friends? No!
  • Lacey finds out that her dad is gay…where did that story go? Is she still talking to her dad or Nah? Lacey has a sister…but did we ever see how she looks or interacts with Lacey…No!
  • She has nobody…her friends dropped her. Her family doesn’t exist. She is being dragged through the dirt by Jo and Danny’s secret. I may have been a hardcore Dacey shipper but Danny doesn’t deserve Lacey at this point because he always underestimates her abilities to get to the truth. Imagine doing all this work for a guy and losing all your friends and slut shaming yourself around school just to find out that Jo is the one.
  • Lacey got recorded with Danny on camera…did Doug and Eloise ever get punished? No! The school was bullying the poor girl. But after all went down that she has to go apologize to Jo. Did they ever apologize to her for that…No!
  • How exactly did Judy and Samuel feel about her daughter being back with Danny? Did they know Danny would be taking her to homecoming? I guess we are supposed to just pretend these things happened.
  • And then you have Jo, who called Lacey a hypocrite because Lacey didn’t tell her about a relationship that wasn’t her business. But it is okay for her to keep a secret about Vikram from Lacey…Bitch bye, dismisses yourself.

I will not sit here and allow the naïve people on the fandom claiming that it’s our fault why people have lost hope. Yup…we were sitting in that writing room thinking of all this bullshit together.  

I Can't...

Everyone is in love with Jo and Jo made out with her brother.

Charlie is in love with Jo…awkard.

Danny is in love with Jo…that’s why he called her his sister.

Lacey is in love with Jo…and she don’t even know it.

Sarita is in love with Jo..left town because of it.

Archie is in love with Jo…he poisoned Cole for it.

Scott is in love with Jo…*silently waiting in the background*

Phoebe is Love with Jo..that’s why she moved to Chicago.

Tyler is in Love with Jo..his enigma. 

Rico is in love with Jo…he’ll drop Andie in a heartbeat.

Andie is in Love with Jo…Jo backed out of the Race for her.

The Ghost of Judy and Clara past is in Love with Jo..that’s why they left town making Lacey an orphan.

Green Grove is in Love with Jo..shit why not she’s the one.

The writers are in love with Jo…it’s always been Jo.

But guess what…

The fandom is NOT in love with Jo..Jo is not the one.

Twisted 1.13 Emotions


Poor Danny hiding in some fake ass woods. Can’t even reunite with his mother without Jo being there. Honestly Danny should have went to Kyle like he planned because Jo says shes there for him now but shes not a ride or die chick…that’s all Lacey.


My baby was flawless and perfect, her hair was beyond marvelous.Talking about I woke up like this…yes you did my queen. When she told that stalker “I’d say that saddle looks pretty heavy, you should keep moving.” LMAO the queen went in and she conquered. Wasn’t it how adorable she was all about Danny and his innocence and she can finally breath…or so she thinks. She caught Gloria right handed though..bitch wasn’t ready…oh. 


This show has so much potential. Poor Jo and the Jo show seems to be immortal. 


She basically let her daughter die…and helped framed a poor innocent boy. When she was going on about how here and Vikram are in love I was dying…bitch you not the only tryna be the only one.


Vikram Mr. Pimpin had all them bitches in green grove protecting him.. claiming he was the one…had women give it to him like they owed him some. Vikram got a lot of shit done with his 4 min screen time though.


This show has thirsty people, shady people, murderers, and socios but now ladies and gentleman we have found ourselves a stalker. I bet if  Lacey would have gone to the bathroom…charlie would be outside the door like…“hey long time no see, did you need any help in there.”


And Tess that is you my darling..talking about no more secrets..girl you already started it might as well finish it.

Kyle & Lacey:

Kyle…Kyle…Kyle the only Masterson I give two fucks about ( Selfish daughter and a Shady Wife…I feel ya) because him and Lacey got shit done…on some Sherlock and Watson shit. Like Lacey should take Marilyn’s position. 


Tonight I witnessed Lacey and her selfish and bitchy ways once more despite of everything she gave Jo a big bear hug…what a bitch! That look Lacey gave Jo when Jo was about to call Danny…after she confronted Jo about not calling her when Danny was at her house. ( Heavy sarcasm coming your way) Oh yes thank you Jo…thank you for giving Lacey permission to be with her Danny now we may all breath and carry on.


I mean she deserves it after going Sherlock Holmes on Regina’s case. Keeping this secret from Lacey is like ten steps and a the great wall will be back and stronger than ever. Jo is such a hypocrite because wasn’t she team truth? I love Danny but to make Dacey happen man you got to keep it real with Lacey…she don’t have time for secrets and lies. 

Twisted 1x15 Emotions:


“Tell her the Truth!’

Bruh…depressed danny is making me depressed…like I’m giving myself massages…pacing…like Danny is playing with my emotions. Danny sweetie, honey you did not kill pimping desai okay it was clearly self defense if you had not listened to that one individual ( not naming anyone) JO!… you wouldn’t be in this hot mess. The boy got me out here stressing . Danny stated one truth tonight..his own enemy is himself.


” Try not to blink…and you’ll find me!“

Attention…the ghost of Clara and Judy past claims that they have Lacey’s story line ya. In that half a millisecond Lacey had on the screen she was flawless of course..and that’s when you know that her character has so much potential because even when I see her when I’m not trying to blink she slays and delivers. That one scene where that one guy stated he believed that Danny was innocent all along, Lacey was all like back space, delete…umm where the dafuq you been?


"If you ain’t talking money, I don’t wanna talk.”

Karen is a boss ass bitch and I don’t care what anyone says. Karen was like I want my money and I need it now( she reminded me of that one GJ Wentworth commercial lmao)…she all about that mula ( She was too ready for pimping Desai to get buried like dammm). If you ain’t talking money… then bitch swerve. When she told Tess to get out I was out my seat clapping for Karen because just like Lacey she was handling business… like yes shaddy tess to left you go…shoo flew. When Karen threw that casserole I was rolling like omg she threw the casserole… lord Jesus not the CASSEROLE ( is it bad that I wanted Karen to you know land a little of punches here in there at Tess I mean).


“Let my family and I control the show!”

Fans: Less Jo pretty please with a cherry on top?

Writers: More Jo?

Fans: No less Jo!

Writers: So what you are really trying to say is..you need more Jo…

Fans: Bruh..Less Jo or nah

Writers: Okay the fans have spoken..more Jo it is…Tonight’s going to be exciting #BestEpisodeEver!!!

I’m still cackling about this girl talking about all she wants is the truth…ooh when Lacey finds out( wait…if we even get a scene of her reaction)…Turn Up.



This whole episode I seriously sat there yelling my TV:

“TELL HER!” “OMG TELL HER!” “DO YOU WANT ME TO TELL HER! ( I mean I can get all Olivia pope on them..its been handled)”

Dude the beginning had me swinging but wait when I’m thinking Lacey is going to finally ride her surfboard tonight..Jo cock blocks without even being there. The frustration is unbelievable…every time Lacey is about to grain on that wood..swerve on that body some shit goes down..like dam they got me out here acting like Jo ( and I clearly do not appreciate that at all) thirsty for some dam Dacey scenes. But we will never get the Dacey scenes we deserve Danny gets through what happened and he starts being honest with Lacey. Like you guys know I ship this couple all day everyday but you NEED trust in a relationship. I know at the end Danny says he’s protecting Lacey but dude you need to let Nancy Drew do her thing..she got this. 

Green Grove:

“Oh my God Danny, we were just playing.”

I see you green grove..I see you…Fake ass school with some fake ass people. I knew this would happen. Green Grove need to swerve…like danny did in that preview (all I was thinking about that moment was…nooo danny but umm you didn’t really take drivers ED so umm yeah..Danny got his license ya!). That one boy that came and asked Danny for lunch money…I had the straightest face…please dismiss yourself. Did you see when that girl licked her lips when Danny came in…oh lawd.


“Hello I’m Kyle Masterson, and I have shady wife.”

Shaddy Tess knew damm well pimping desai was not only there for her when she needed him..she got the D. I don’t know who she is trying to fool.  Kyle needs to just be like:


If I were ever given the chance to meet the Twisted writers I would be on my worst behavior:

It’s about to go down… My Dacers told me to tell you! To learn how to write a damn motherfucking show, you lil’ stupid bitch ,dumb writer bitch, Lacey story-line not knowin’ what the fuck it is bitch, Poor Jo cryin’ down her thirst finally quenched ass bitch, Jo and Danny need to take a seat havin’ ass bicth! 

We could have had something good, we could have had something special…but ya some cliche ass individuals.

But you know what…

Have a Jofull day…


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen…they do not respect us. I am beyond disgusted by his response. Obviously she was not saying that “gay fathers are bad” she was implying about the lack of character development for Lacey and her nonexistent family. Where did that story go? Lacey finding out about her father was rudely insensitive on Jo’s behalf. Lacey’s family has no importance whatsoever unless it involves Jo. The victim mind set is clearly playing a big role right here. This individual chose to ignore the other points stated in that Tweet; instead he was ready for a debate. Debate over what exactly? The evidence is right there! He chose to be defensive over the truth. No valid argument. What excuse is there is this world, that such a great character like Lacey Porter was just mistreated and used in such a tasteless way? Don’t make a character the one of the main leads if she was just guest staring. We are fighting for what we believe in not over ship because Danny does not deserve Lacey. This is about LACEY PORTER.  Twisted had so much potential…we could have had it all…but you playing.  

Spoilers: “Dead Men Tell Big Tales”

“Jo is still struggling with her feelings for Danny.”

“Karen turns to an old friend (recurring guest star Ivan Sergei) for assistance in locating her dead husband, not realizing Tess may hold the key to his whereabouts.”

“Meanwhile, Lacey brings forth information regarding Regina, pointing Kyle to a surprising new suspect in the murder case.”

She’s also on the search for Danny and in the process encounters new Green Grove resident Charlie (recurring guest star Jack Falahee), who quickly ingratiates himself into her life.”

“Finally Danny shocks Jo and Lacey when he reveals the details of what happened with his Aunt Tara all those years ago.”