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Roommates (Danny Worsnop Smut)

Can you do a smut where Y/N and Danny Worsnop are room mates but they haven’t done anything yet and Y/N is trying to fix her bed but it isn’t working and shes getting worked up and she’s panting and stuff and Danny can hear her from the living room and hes getting turned on bc he thinks shes trying to get herself off. she comes out and Asks for help and then smut?

  A/N: First attempt at the guys perspective FINALLY 
I took the fresh laundry out of the dryer and buried my face in it. It smelled good and it was nice and warm. I couldn’t wait until I could lay down and take a long nap. I walked into my living room where my room mate Danny was sitting. He smirked at me and I beamed at him.   I walked into my room, pulling my blankets onto the floor. Throwing my pillows onto the ground, I started to try and fix my bed. I pulled the sheets onto my bed then turned to pull them onto the other side. I growled as they came undone on the other side.   After grunting and groaning a bunch of times, I really honestly could not fix my bed. I decided to go and get help.   ~ DANNY’S POV ~   I looked at the bulge in my pants, growing harder by the minute. Listening to Y/N touch herself was so fucking hot. I heard her groan again before coming out of her room. I gave her a sly smile as her flustered face looked at me with desperation.   “Can you help me? I think this would go by better with your handiness.” Y/N asked me. I grinned at her and got up, following her to the bedroom. She opened the door and I followed my instincts. I pushed her up against the wall, her yelping.   She looked at me with her mouth ajar and a confused look on her face. I smashed my lips onto hers, sticking my tongue forcefully into her mouth. Eventually she gave into the temptation and kissed me back, a groan escaping her mouth. I grinned against her lips as her hands tousled through my hair, my arms going down lower and lower onto her back. She grinded her hips up against mine as I turned and threw her onto the unfixed bed. I climbed over top of her, smashing my lips onto her once again. My hand trailed down to her leggings, my fingers moving down to her soaking core.   “I do that to you baby?” I whispered to her. She bit her lip and moaned as I thrusted two fingers inside of her, my thumb teasing her clit. I could feel her tense up, and she moaned again before ecstasy took over her body as she let out a loud scream.   “Clean ‘em.” I smirked to her as she leaned up and licked my fingers. Y/N, switched places with me, leaning over top of me. She kissed me and pulled off my shirt in the process.   Her fingers travelled down to my bulge as she palmed me through my jeans. She pulled it out and moved down lower and took it in her mouth.   Y/N bobbed her head, most of it into her mouth. I thrusted into her, making her gag as my cock hit the back of her throat. Her hands pumped up and down, making me closer and closer to my orgasm. I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed, then licked the rest off of my dick.   She moved up again, kissing me before lowering herself onto my long member. She moaned loudly as I began thrusting into her, making her boobs giggle.    “Fuck, Danny!” She groaned, her head thrown back.   “You’re so tight, Y/N…” I grunted back.   I held my hands onto her hips, thrusting deeply into her. I groaned as she started to grind her hips up against me. She started to become louder as I hit a certain spot.   “Is that your spot, baby?” I asked her, a cheeky grin on my face. She bit her lip and nodded, another scream coming on as I started to hit that spot repeatedly.   “Danny!” She screamed.  “Fuck, Y/N… I’m close.” I grunted, hitting her spot harder. “M-Me too.” She whimpered. I shot my load into her as she had her second orgasm as well. She fell next to me, kissing me again.   “Fuck, Y/N..” I whispered to her.   “Bye the way… I wasn’t coming out to ask you to y'know… Fuck me.. I actually needed help fixing my bed.” Y/N giggled.   “It sounded like you were having fun on your own from the living room..” I smirked to her.   “I didn’t need to have fun on my own… I have you don’t I?” She winked to me.   “You bet.”
Don't You Shiver

I’m back, babies! xx —B


Danny worsnop imagine where you guys are best friends and you don’t know how to swim ad your terrified of swimming and he teaches you how and then things get smutty Please please please do this one!! I love your guys imagines! Pleaseee do this one <333 :-)

 by B

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Someone Somewhere, Locked In A Bathroom Stall


So, this is my first request. I think I was a little creative while writing this. I enjoyed writing it. I’m also working on the other requests! I love you perverted people with an awesome music taste! -Love Kaila

You felt so stupid. You had accidentally locked yourself up in a bathroom stall, and not just a bathroom stall, after the amazing Asking Alexandria concert you had just been to you had decided that the line for the lady’s room was way too long so you thought it was a good idea to go to the men’s room. Little did you know that you would be stuck in there for a little less than two hours. 

And of course you had hurt your foot while trying to kick the door open, just because apparently the universe doesn’t like it when your life goes as planned. 

Multiple people had walked in and out of the bathroom but you’d just sit there in silence, being too embarrassed to let anyone know you were locked up in one of the stalls. 

However, when the last person left the bathroom and turned the lights out, you decided to swallow your pride for a little bit. 

“Ehh… Is there anybody out there?” You asked in a loud, surprisingly clear voice. 

The lights went back on. “Hello?” A voice said. The voice sounded incredibly familiar. The strong british accent. It sounded like Danny Worsnop’s accent. However, you focus quickly turned back to getting out of this godforsaken bathroom stall. 

“Yes… I’m stuck here.” You replied in the same clear voice. 

The british guy who sounded like Danny Worsnop chuckled a little. “Why are you in the men’s room, dear?" 

"Can you just help me get out? I hurt my foot.” You sighed as you stood on your left foot, the foot that you didn’t hurt. 

“How long have you been in there?” The Danny-sounding guy asked, you could tell by the way he talked that he was smiling broadly. 

“Just get me out, please.” You said in a more demanding voice that you were planning on using. 

“What do you think I’m doing?” The Danny-sounding guy snapped, before you saw the door lift up before it was casually tossed aside. 

You took a second to look at the door on the dirty bathroom floor, and then you decided to look at the person with the hot accent that freed you from your bathroom stall trap. 

Your mouth fell open when you realized that this guy did a lot more than just sound like Danny Worsnop. 

“Thank you.” Was the only thing you managed to say. 

“You’re very welcome,” Danny answered with a slick smile and a little nod. “Did you hurt your foot?” He instantly asked when he noticed the awkward position you were standing in. 

“Yes I did." 

"Were it those horrible fucking fans of that horrible fucking band that just played?” Danny smirked sarcastically. 

You just smiled and attempted to walk, standing on my right foot caused me to fall over. However, instead of landing on the cold dirty floor of the men’s room, you felt two warm, strong arms around you, keeping you from falling face forward on the floor. 

“Why would you attempt to walk when you know you can’t, dear?” Danny asked as he put you back on your feet but kept supporting you. 

“Well, how else am I gonna get home?” You snapped because of the pain in your foot. 

Danny smiled and then lifted you up by your waist effortlessly and threw you over his shoulder as if you were a bag of potatoes he had to carry. 

“I can be your taxi for a while, sounds like fun.” Danny joked as he started walking. He held you in place with one hand on you upper leg and one hand on your lower back. 

You couldn’t hold in your laughter although you were tired, hungry and thirsty. Danny put you down on the couch in his dressing room. 

“The guys all went back to the hotel I guess.” Danny stated as he looked around the empty, messy dressing room. “Are you alright?” He added after looking at the expression on your face. 

“Yeah, I’m fine, just a little thirsty.” You answered. “That’s what you get if you’re stuck in a bathroom stall for a good two hours.” You added with a heavy sigh. 

“Were you really stuck in there that long?” Danny asked. 

You nodded and turned a little red. Danny shook his head. 

“So I guess you’re my hero.” You joked. Danny lifted his eyebrows and gave you a look that made you giggle. 

“Has anyone ever told you you’re fucking beautiful?” Danny randomly asked. The word ‘beautiful’ made your belly fill up with butterflies. 

You shrugged, no one had called you beautiful for a long time. In fact, you couldn’t even remember the last person that called you beautiful. 

“You must say that to all the girls.” You assumed while blushing. 

“Only to one’s that are still beautiful while being locked in a men’s bathroom stall for two hours…” You noticed that as Danny spoke, his face kept coming closer to your. He put one hand on your waist and looked into your eyes. You looked back into his, somehow he seemed to get confirmation out of that, because after that moment of locking eyes, Danny immediately crashed his lips onto yours. 

The kiss was not what you’d except a first kiss with someone to be like. It wasn’t tender at all. It was rough, and already full of want. In his kiss, he pushed you down on the couch. He broke the kiss for a second and that was when things started moving really really fast.

He got his shirt off in one swift motion and then threw it across the messy dressing room. You licked your lip before softly biting down on it. 

“You okay?" 


"Tell me if I cross any lines.” Danny whispered carefully. 

“Just hurry up and cross them.” You whispered back, suddenly very turned on.

“As you wish.” Danny whispered, his warm breath against your ear send chills up and down your spine. 

He ripped off your shirt and in what seemed like a second, you were entirely naked. Danny’s hand traveled down to your sex and even though you were already soaking wet, he rubbed your clit and made you even wetter.

Danny picked you up from the couch and pinned you up against the wall. His naked body pressed against yours. You were both sweating which made it even hotter in a certain way. 

Danny put his hands on your upper thighs and lifted you up a little, you wrapped your legs around him. One of Danny’s hands kept supporting you as well as feeling and squeezing your butt. That was when he thrusted into you. Pushing you up tighter against the wall with every thrust. You let out several moans. Your dug your nails into Danny’s back as he kept thrusting in and out of you. 

You bit your bottom lip and got really close to coming. 

“Fuck!” Danny groaned as he put one hand on your breast and squeezed it tightly. 

Danny came closely followed by you coming, screaming while doing so. Danny lifted you up and put you back on the couch. 

He gave you a soft kiss. “You’re perfect.” He stated, making you smile. 

This was still so surreal, a fantasy come true. 

Danny Worsnop morning sex!

“Good morning princess.” You woke up to Danny’s raspy voice as he kissed you on the cheek. You smiled & opened your eyes, it was the first full day of him being home from touring & it was so nice to hear his voice & feel him next you in your big bed.
“Morning baby..” You replied cuddling up to him.
“What shall we do today (y/n)?” He said stroking your hair.
“Hmm, stay in bed all day…making up for lost time..” You mused running your hand from his chest down to his boxers. He gave a cheeky grin & pulled you on top of him.
“I’ve been craving you for months.” He said as his lips crashed against yours, you opened your mouth & let his tongue slide over yours. You grinded over his cock feeling him harden underneath you. He pulled your shirt over your head exposing your breasts & kissing them, taking your nipple into his mouth he sucked & bit at it sending shivers through your core.
“Mmm Danny,” you moaned out. He rolled over so that he was on top now, kissing a trail from your breasts down to your panties.
“You’re so wet for me (y/n).” Danny said as he teased you through your panties.
“Danny don’t be a tease…” You whined through your moans.
He slowly slipped off your panties & spread your legs open. His tongue dipped into your wet folds lapping up your juices & sucking on your clit. You moaned when Danny slipped a finger into you, stroking at your g spot.
“Oh fuck, Danny-” was all you could get out before he slipped another in & quickened the pace. You grabbed at his hair & looked down at him as he looked up with a smile playing at the corners of his mouth, knowing he was getting you to your climax.
“Is that good baby?” He said as you writhed from his touch. You answered with a moan as he pulled his fingers out. You sat up & sucked the juices from them before kissing him passionately. Pulling his boxers down you stroked him, with a devilish grin you pushed him back on the bed & pulled him into your mouth, first just the tip as you stroked his shaft. He looked down at you with an approving smirk as you bobbed down deeper. You moaned as you took him to the back of your throat.
“Fuck you’re such a good girl.” Danny groaned. You continued sucking until he was almost there, You stopped to stroke his shaft as you sat up, preparing to ride him. You teased him at your entrance, holding him just so his tip could graze your wet core before finally slipping him in. You rolled your hips as you placed a hand on his chest, he grabbed your ass & smacked it making you yelp with pleasure. He thrusted into you as you grinded down into him faster & faster. You could feel the tension building in your stomach & released as you barreled down onto him letting his entire length fill you as you clenched tightly around his cock.
“Fuck, (y.n).” Danny said with a growl as he sat up & put his arms around you, pumping into you hard & fast. You moaned as you grabbed at his hair & clawed down his back. He grabbed at your breast as he came to his climax, kissing your neck & chest he loosened his grip & kissed you softly upon the lips.
“I’m so glad you’re home..” You cooed as you kissed.
“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be love.” Danny said as the two of you cuddled, getting ready for round 2.

“A Lesson Never Learned”
(A Danny Worsnop smut :3)

My door slammed open and he backed into it, holding my up by my ass, my legs wrapped tightly around his waist and my arms around his neck. Our lips were locked in a passionate kiss and he kicked the door closed. His tongue wrestled roughly with mine in my mouth and he walked towards my bed. He threw me down and climbed on top, not breaking the kiss. He finally broke away for air and he brushed his hair away from his eyes for a minute. We were already breathing heavy and my shirt was halfway off. He roughly tugged it the rest of the way and locked his lips with mine again. He pushed his hips against mine and thrusted hard, earning a groan from me. His hands moved along my stomach and hips, feeling my soft skin. Our tongues swirled together and then he broke away. My head tilted back and his tongue slid along my neck and jaw. His lust was betrayed in every kiss, and lick he planted on my neck. I grabbed the ends of his shirt and he pulled it off. He pulled my shorts down my legs and rubbed my thighs. He undid his pants and slid them off, pushing them on the floor. He pushed his cock between my legs and I moaned. He smirked and his hot, strained voice appeared by my ear.
“You’re so hot…..” His voice had a sexy accent to it and a spread of heat took over my lower region and thighs. His lips dominated my neck and chest and his hands slid around and caressed my ass. I arched my back and his cock pushed harder between my legs. I pulled on the hair on the back of his neck and wrapped my other arm around his shoulders. My heavy breathing rang in his ears and his dick stiffened, sick of waiting and wanting to pound inside me. He yanked my panties down without warning and grinned.
He grabbed my legs and pulled them over his shoulders. His head dipped down and I gasped, his tongue tracing my entrance. His hands gripped my hips firmly and his tongue slid up and down my pussy, prodding at the entrance and pulling back. I moaned loudly and threw my head back. He pulled back and shifted up through my legs so they were around his waist. He smirked at me and I begged him not to. I screamed as his fingers shoved roughly inside me. He pumped them in and out of my damp pussy and moaned.
“Get wet for me…” He groaned, pumping his fingers harder and deeper into me. I moaned and took a sharp intake of breath as an overwhelming spread of heat took over my lower region. I shouted as he took me to my edge and I came. He moaned. “Good girl….” His voice quivered and his fingers pulled slowly out of me. He glanced at my wet pussy and bit his lip. I blushed and he moved up farther between my legs. His hands pulled down the rim of his boxers and his hard cock throbbed against my leg. I moaned his name and he groaned mine back. “I want you so bad Y/N….” His strained voice barely made it out of his lips, before his throbbing cock slammed inside me. I shouted and he grabbed my hips, pounding against me. He thrusted hard, my hips rocking violently and I gripped the sheets tightly in my fists. “Danny!” I screamed his name as his dick buried deep into my pussy. He didn’t want slow. He wanted hot, heavy and fast. He dominated my whole body, his lips sucking and biting my neck and chest, and his cock wedged deep between my legs. He grabbed my legs and threw them over his shoulders. I moaned and he thrusted faster. Suddenly he stopped, pulling his cock out of me slowly, causing me to whimper from loss of contact. He grabbed my shoulders and flipped me over, so I sat on his hips, straddling him. He lowered me onto his cock and started to thrust mercilessly again. I dug my nails into his shoulders and arched my back. His hands rubbed my thighs and hips roughly and I moaned. A smile spread across his lips. “I love that sound baby…” His whispered and pushed me under him again, not liking me being in control. He slammed his hips repeatedly into mine and I felt my limit coming. Our breathing was heavy and hard and sweat drenched our bodies. He bit his lip as my climax hit and I yelled, releasing around his cock. “Y/N…” He moaned my name loudly and pounded faster inside my pussy. He threw his head back and shouted, cumming inside of me. His eyes lifted to mine and he grinned. He collapsed beside me and kissed my temple. “No one else is ever going to experience that, got it? I’m the only man who gets to fuck you like that.” He whispered firmly and I nodded.

Fucking Dirty Kids (Danny Worsnop SLIGHTSMUT)

Could you do a Danny worsnop one where y/n and him ditch PE and go to the locker room and y/n gives a him a handjob, if you do visuals can you put those into please? Thank you :)

A/N: tbh i have no idea what visuals are oops…  I tapped my pen against my binder as I listened to the teacher ramble on aimlessly. My phone buzzed and I looked down at it, seeing it was from my boyfriend, Danny. “I got a raging boner and I’m hiding in the spare locker room downstairs ;)” I smiled down at my lap before replying. “Give me a second, class is almost over xx” The bell rang and I bolted out of the classroom, despite what the teacher yelled to me. I threw my bag into my locker and then went into the bathroom to quickly freshen up. I then walked out of the bathroom and down to the spare locker room. The spare locker room was a weird place. The schools definitely needed a new locker room but do to the janitor being lazy, he said he will not clean another room. So we could only use one for each gender. I walked into the locker room, one of the light on. It was a creepy situation and Danny was no where in sight. I set my bag down and just as I was about to turn around, someone grabbed me from behind. I shrieked slightly as Danny laughed turning and closing the door. “You scared, love?” He asked me, a sly look on his face. “Not funny!” I said, turning and punching him in the shoulder. He faked pain as he grasped his shoulder, sticking out his bottom lips slightly. “Why do you abuse me?” He said, fake crying. I rolled my eyes and pulled him in for a kiss. He kissed me back, his hands going down to my ass and squeezing it slightly. His one hand switched to go down to my waist band of my pants, slowly dipping his hand into my underwear. I smirked and bit his lip lightly, pushing my hips against his as I turned and pushed him to sit down on the bench in the middle of the room. I unzipped his pants and pulled his boxers down to expose his cock. I licked my lips and put my hand around his shaft and started pumping up and down, earning a low growl from Danny. I moved my hand up and down, twisting slightly. “Fuck, go faster.” He moaned to me. I moved my hand quicker, my sound of skin slapping and Danny groaning filled the room. I collected the precum off of his tip with my thumb, before spitting slightly to make my hand move faster. Without a warning, Danny came onto the area between us, getting a loud moan of satisfaction. I moved to take my shirt off when Danny shushed me. “What? What is it?” I asked him. Without a warning he pulled me into one of the spare change rooms, closing the curtain and covering my mouth. The door to the spare change room opened and I heard footsteps. “Hello? Is anyone in here?” I heard our instructor ask. I held my breath as his footsteps moved towards our curtain and I froze. “Fucking dirty kids.” He whispered as he turned and left the room. Danny waiting until he heard the steps go back upstairs before letting me out. I laughed loudly as there was a small fingerprint in the pile of Danny’s cum. “Well, there was someone coming, and it wasn’t just me.” He winked, pulling me in for another kiss. “Oh my fucking god, this is why I love you.” I said as my lips met his.
Cats & Guns

I’m in such a Danny mood, guise. Also, I wrote this on third person cause I hate to change POV’s xx —B

Hello! Love what you guys do! Please could I have a Danny smut/fluff one where he doesn’t want to go to a Halloween party, but after overhearing you and Juliet Simms (your bestie) talk about it, suprises you and goes. SMUT ALSO PLEASE. Thank you! <3

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Pick a Seat

Danny gathered me up in a big bear hug as I walked in through the doorway.

“I missed you.” I smiled into his shoulder, inhaling his familiar musk.
“I missed you, too.” Danny kissed all over my face, and lastly kissed me hard on the lips.

He grabbed my hand and walked me over to the couch, kneeling on the ground at my feet. As he spoke, he began untying my shoes, and I flushed a little.

“How was your trip? Did you get to go to Versaille with Sierra?” he asked as he slipped off my first shoe.
“It was amazing, and yes, we did go to Versaille. It was so beautiful. I couldn’t help but wonder what it was like when people still danced in those halls. The palace really is grand.” I trailed on.
“You’ll have to show me pictures later. I couldn’t stop thinking about you, you know. I miss you when you’re gone.” Danny smiled, and sat next to me on the couch.

I slid on to his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck, nuzzling my chin into his shoulder. His hands ran up and down my back, and his leg bounced, making me feel calm.

“Do you want to go upstairs? Surely you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be in your own bed.” his accented voice sounded husky, and I smiled and nodded, climbing off of his lap.

We held hands as we climbed up the stairs and walked into our bedroom. Where should I sit? I thought.

“Pick a seat.” Danny encouraged, as though he was psychic.
“I think I want to sit there,” I whirled around while biting my lip and pointed at his face.

Danny stepped closer to me, just a mere few inches away now. Gently, looking me in the eyes the whole time, he raised my arms above my head and pulled off my dress. There were goose bumps on my skin, but the blood underneath pulsed thick and hot. I wasn’t wearing a bra, now only in a black mesh thong and stockings. Danny eyed me up and down, and absent-mindedly clutched at the waistband of his jeans as though he was going to take them off, but he didn’t. He instead just took his shirt off, and jumped onto the bed, the lust in his eyes inviting me over to him.

On my hands and knees, I climbed along the mattress to him and into his lap. He began pulling off my panties and I raised my bum off of the mattress to allow him, and as soon as they were off, he pulled my body against his. Our lips moulded against each other’s, and Danny pushed his tongue passed my parted lips. One of his hands held the small of my back, and the other cupped my face, but began sliding down, and eventually started massaging my breast. I moaned into his mouth and a tingly feeling began between my legs. I moved my hand and started playing with my clit as Danny moved his lips to my neck, ghosting across my skin until he found a spot that made me moan loudly.

“F-fuck, Danny,” I breathed out in a moan.

Gently, he pushed me off to the side and shuffled down so that he was laying on the mattress with his head rested on the pillows.

“Claim your seat, love.” he smirked, his accent making me wet, and even more turned on.

I threw my leg over him, straddling his face, but not quite. There was just an inch or two separating my dripping core and Danny’s skillful tongue. Separating me from ecstasy.

“Mm, let me taste you.” Danny moaned.

That was enough for me, and I lowered myself onto him, and immediately felt his tongue dancing against my folds. I gasped and my hips jolted at the contact, and my back hunched as my breathing got heavier. Danny’s tongue circled my entrance and then slid up and flicked against my clit, sending me into raptures. The knot in my stomach only tightened as I brought my hands up to massage my breasts, thumb and forefinger pinching my nipples.

“Fuck, Danny, you’re so good,” I moaned as his tongue thrust into me. “I’m gonna cum, fuck!”

One of his hands gripped my waist, and the other was reached around me and slightly moved up and down against my leg. I could tell without turning around that he was stroking himself. Danny circled his tongue back around my clit and I squeaked out a moan. The overwhelming pleasure and the thought of Danny pleasuring himself was enough to unravel the knot, and my legs shook. I felt him moan against my clit, and that was it.

“Oh my god, Danny!” I moaned loudly as I came and his mouth mopped up the mess.

I crawled off of him, still a quivering ball of ecstasy, and I could see a trail of his own taint on his fingers and I grabbed his wrist, raising his hand to my mouth. Slowly, I licked his fingers clean, and then kissed him, tasting both myself and him.

“You taste so good,” I whispered in his ear.

Danny and Ben Part 1

A/N - I thought two smuts in one imagine would be too much write so this will probably be in three parts. I was writing a sentence a day so that’s why it took so long to finish.

You stood against the bar savoring the taste of the vodka sliding down your throat. You set down the empty shot glass down on the counter with a loud clank. You look back up to Danny who was holding you close to him and give him a mischievous smile; he took this as his queue to get the bartender to pour you another shot. You took it from him and quickly tilted your head back downing the strong drink.

“Keep em coming!” You say despite the fact you’ve had more than enough to drink.

“And here I thought you were a light weight.” he chuckled.

“Well, I guess its safe to say you underestimated me.” You giggle against his lips.

“Damn, you can almost drink as much a Ben, if not more!” Danny exclaims before taking a swig of his beer, “I’m impressed.” He continues with a smirk.

“I bet I could impress you in other aspects other than how much I can drink.” You say trying to be seductive but your hiccups get in the way.

“Oh really? Well than… take my breath away.” He whispers into your ear, grabbing your ass and roughly pulling you to him.

You bit down on your lip trying to contain your excitement. You motion over to the bartender and pay him enough money to just buy the whole bottle. He hands it to you, nervously glancing between you and Danny.

You grabbed Danny’s hand pulling him to the bathrooms, your other hand tightened around the neck of the glass bottle. Exhilaration begin to bubble throughout your body, your fantasy of hooking up with Danny was finally about to come true; to think all it took was a couple shots.

You tugged him past the heavy bathroom door, locking it when it shut. You turned to see him leaning against the bathroom counter, watching your every move with hungry eyes. You take a quick swig of liquid confidence as you slowly make your way over to him. You stop when your just inch’s from his face. You lean forward a little in turn making him come closer to, you duck your head to the side before his mouth could connect with yours and set the bottle on the counter.

“What was that?” He smiles, obviously amused by your teasing.

“Danny, what are you talking about?” You smirk before backing up, giving him a better view of your body.

You quickly kick off your shoes while he reach’s behind him for the bottle. Once he returns his attention to you you begin to undress. You curled your fingers around the front of the bottom of your shirt. The smoothness of your nails giving you chills as you run your hands along the bottom of your shirt. You neatly start to roll up the bottom of your shirt, watching as Danny’s eyes run over each new inch of the exposed skin.

Once your shirt is circled around your neck you swiftly pull it off of you and drop it to create a small heap at your feet. Danny’s eyes darken as they rest on your breast. Even though they were still covered by your bra you had made sure to wear a push up bra just in case this happened. Your skin began to tingle under his gaze and by the way his pants were becoming taught by something trying to free itself from his jeans.

You unbutton your pants and slowly bend over causing your breast to nearly spill out of your bra. Once your pants were pooled around your feet you gracefully stepped out of them. A chill shook your body as the air conditioning began to swirl around your body. Goose bumps soon began to form but not cause of the cold air that now filled the room but the way his eyes lapped up every inch of your bare body, your nearly naked body fueling his lust.

Danny suddenly reached out and grabbed your arm, colliding your body with his. His rough hands ran along the sides of your body, outlining all of your curves. He slowly lowered his head so his lips met yours in a long awaited kiss. The kiss started out slow and heavy, both of you still having second guesses whether you should do this or not. As you two got more confident Danny flipped you so the counter was now digging into your back and messily deepened the kiss. He took a handful of your panties in his hand and roughly tugged on them, a ripping noise travels to your ears and with one more strong tug Danny rips the thin fabric from your body.

He detaches your lips to tug off his shirt and you reach behind you for the bottle for another swig. You watch him as his fingers drunkenly fumble at the button on his jean, ‘So eager.’ you think with a smirk.

Once his pants and underpants fall to the floor with a clank as his belt hits the floor he’s once again pushing your body against the counter with his. His finger tips gently trail along your collarbone from there they slowly move over your shoulder and to your mid back to unhook your bra, the whole time Danny’s eyes never leave yours. After the taut hooks of your bra sprung loose you let it fall gently to the floor, Dannys sly hand moved down to cup the curve of your ass.

You jumped a little when his fingers brushed against your bare sex, not expecting the sudden contact. A quiet moan came from your gaping mouth when his strong hands came to rest on your cleft. You let out another low moan as his rough, hot palm just added onto the pleasure. You rocked your hips forward, expressing your need for his fingers inside of you. Danny obliged and slid a rough finger into you, wiggling it around. You gasped and arched your body against his; this simple action making you think about all the pleasure to come.

He worked his finger in and out of you eventually adding a second finger. You jerked when he inserted a third finger, you opened your mouth to scream but nothing came out. Suddenly his tongue was there twisting with yours. Your moans filled his mouth as you forcefully rode his fingers.It felt so great having his fingers pumping inside of you, nothing else mattered at this moment but his body against yours. Danny’s fingers brushed a long your elusive g-spot. Soon enough your orgasm ripped through body making waves of pleasure overcome you.

Danny roughly turned your body around bent your quivering body over the counter; your cheek squished against the cool surface. Danny placed his cock in between your ass cheeks, he slowly thrust his hips so the underside of his cock ran across your puckered asshole. His thrusts became harder as he continued to use your cheeks as assistance to his masturbation. You could feel his cock began to throb hotly when he squeezed your ass around him. He ceased the fucking of your ass cheeks and moved the tip of his cock to slit, rubbing it back and forth between your sopping folds; making you realize just how much you wanted him. You moved your hips back so his tip rest in the seam of your cleft.

“Unf… Danny please.” You breath, your voice almost covered by the music coming from the bar.

“I can already tell you’re gonna be on top of Santa’s naughty list this year.” He growls while shoving his thick cock in you, holding it there so you could adjust. He leaned over so he could nip at your earlobe.

“But that’s okay, I like bad girls.” He smirked, pulling out of you then slamming back in.

You cried out as he immediately set a steady and hard pace. He grabbed and held your shoulders with surprising strength, pulling you onto him repeatedly. His name bursts from your mouth in the form of a scream. He pounded into you relentlessly, balls deep every time. One of the hands clutching your shoulder moved to the bottle beside your head. He took to large gulps followed by a loud groan. He pumped his cock in and out of you, your release building in your stomach.

Danny continued his attack on your pussy only harder, sensing you were close to the edge. With every thrust you were forced up on your tiptoes. He continued to fuck you, not seeming to tire at all, until you were seeing spots in your vision. The ball in your stomach that was shaking with the intensity of your orgasm finally burst. His seed gushed into you, your juices mixing in a glorious orgasm.

Danny pulled your body up against his, he held you close to his body as yours fell limp; turning into a heap of moans and heavy breathing. He nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, his stubble tickling your sensitive skin. He wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you ever closer whilst placing kisses on your cheek and neck. You run your hands over his arms soothingly, feeling the way his chest rose and fell quickly against your back.

He unwrapped his arms sooner then you would have liked, his hand lingering on your hips for a moment before pulling away completely. You heard the jingling if him fastening his belt, you realized you probably should begin getting dressed as well. You both get dressed in silence, you reach for the nearly empty bottle on the counter when Danny gently turns you around. He cups your cheek kissing you softly. He pulls away, you both looking into each others eyes. He leans forward so his breath is tickling the inside of your ear.

“You’re perfect, Y/N.” He whispers then places one last gentle kiss on your cheek and walks over to the door.

He hesitates at the door for a moment before turning around, smirk crawls across his rough face.

“We should do this again.” He chuckles, his thoughtful facade suddenly gone.

He threw open the door and walked out; a small wave of air hit you as the door closed again. Hooking up with Danny was more than wonderful, greater than you could have imagined. There was something hidden in there, between you and Danny. You were to distracted though at the time by Danny burying himself inside you to try and figure out what it was. What ever it was you definitely wanted to feel it again; so yes Danny, we were definitely going to do this again.

anonymous asked:

Hi could you do a Danny worsnop imagine where you're friends with him and the rest of asking alexandria and one night you all go out and drink, Danny ets drunk, you're only a bt drunk, you have sex, hes really rough and you cry and bleed a bit because it hurts bc you're a virgin but didnt tell him, when he realises he apologises and it all becomes passionate sex

******Smut Warning*******

You and danny were both drinking in the back of asking alexandria’s bus, all the others had gone out to the bar but you guys decided to stay behind to drink on the bus.

danny moved over sat so close to you, you could feel his breathe on your cheek as he whispered “you know, you’re looking amazing tonight, when you bent over to get the bottle of jack from the cupboard..damn you make me hard” he placed his hand on your thigh and started rubbing your leg, close to your center.

you weren’t sure if it was the alcohol or that fact that you’d always sorta liked danny but you were really wet, and in the mood for really really rough sex.

Danny started kissing your neck and rubbing your boobs with his hands as you rubbed his dick over his trousers, his bulge was getting big, fuck, you wanted him soo bad.

Danny suddenly got up and walked to the back lounge, what the fuck? was he going to leave you like this?

but a few moments later, he reappeared with what looked like a blind fold. “Get naked” he demanded as he walked over to you and blind folded you.

once you were stood their in the bus completely naked, danny said “get on your knees, bitch” in a raspy, low voice, you did as you were told, both scared and really turned on.

“Now, if you even make a fucking sound, you’ll be punished, slut” “what?” you questioned, you were confused, you’d never done anything like this before, infact you’d only had sex once and it was a really long time ago.

Suddenly you felt a sharp smack on your ass, fucking hell it hurt, you were sure it was gonna bruise, but that turned you on even more. You stayed quiet though just in case.

“stayed quiet? good girl, you get a reward now” danny laughed in a deep voice. What was the reward? you couldn’t wait to know.

It didnt take long to find out as you felt a finger slowly pump in and out of you “mmm..” you moaned, then realised your mistake and felt another hard smack, this time it was on your center and it hurt even more than the first, “I told you to be quiet, whore” you loved danny’s dirty talk.

He quickly started pumping two fingers inside you once again, you heard danny’s zipper go down and he pushed himself inside of you without warning, fuck he was huge, he grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled it as hard as he could and his thrusts were really hard and fast, it was amazing.

you knew both you and him were close as his thrusts were getting sloppier and you could feel the knot in your stomach start to unwind.

“Oh fuck, (Y/N) you’re fucking tight” danny moaned really loudly “cum for me baby” and as he said that you let out a really loud moan and you felt danny cum inside you. -M

I missed you (Requested)

Ben Bruce Smut 

Anon Asked: “Could you do really rough Ben Bruce smut? Leaving the situation to you”

You are at home and ready to get into bed and go to sleep. Your boyfriend Ben Bruce comes home really horny and ties you to the bed and roughly fucks you till you can’t take anymore. 

Your boyfriend Ben Bruce had been out all day and you weren’t sure when he was coming home. It was 10:00pm and you were tired of waiting around for Ben to come home so you were just gonna go to bed. You pulled off your clothes except for your panties and pulled over one of your over sized t-shirts, you grabbed a pair of knee high socks and put them on too. You jumped into bed and pulled out your phone. You were only on your phone for about 5 minutes before Ben came through the front door of your apartment. You heard him put his keys on the kitchen bench and he walked into the room. “Hey babe” he said as he sat on the end of the bed and started taking his shoes off, “hey, how was your day?”

You got out from under the covers and crawled to the end of the bed where Ben was sitting. You cuddled him from behind and kissed his cheek. “It was good, but I missed you” he said still taking off his shoes, “nawww aha I missed you too.” “What did you end up doing today?” Ben asked “oh not much it was pretty boring actually” Ben turned around to face you and pulled you closer “well maybe we can have some fun now.” He smashed his lips onto yours and his tongue explored your mouth, his hands moved up to your tits and he rubbed them softly. He lifted your top up and over your head revealing your tits, he grabbed your tit and started sucking on your hard nipple. His cold lip rings gave you goosebumps but it felt amazing, his free hand moved down to your throbbing core and under your panties. He started rubbing your clit, you unzipped his pants and pulled them down, you could see his hard cock through his thin boxers. 

You messaged his member through his pants while he rubbed your wet clit. He ripped off his shirt and go off the bed, you moved up to the top of the bed and Ben pulled out two pairs of handcuffs from the drawer. You let him cuff you to the bed head and he slowly pulled down his boxers letting his erection spring free. You still had your panties and socks on but Ben was just standing looking at you. “You’re so perfect” he said as he walked to the end of the bed, he got onto the bed and crawled toward you. Your legs were open and inviting him in, he slowly pulled down your panties and threw them onto the floor. Your core was throbbing at the sight of his length, you couldn’t wait for him to enter you. Ben could see you looking down at his member and he pushed his tip into your folds and moved it up and down teasing you. “You want it baby?” he asked “yes Ben, I want it please” you begged his teasing was driving you crazy. He slowly pushed himself into you and started thrusting into you. You gasped at his entry and you wished you could drag your nails down his back. You knuckles went white as your hands tightened around the bed head bars. 

Bens thrusting became faster and harder, he squeezed on both of your tits while pounding into you. The room filled with the sounds of both of your moans. He pounded harder and one of his hands clasped around your throat, he used his other hand to hit your face but not too hard. His moans became more frequent and he quickly pulled his length out and came on your stomach, “oohhhh” Ben tried to catch his breath then quickly entered you again. Your legs started trembling and your vision blurred as your orgasm reached it’s peak, your juices coated his cock as you screamed. He once again pulled out and came onto your stomach. He uncuffed you and you both got cleaned up before jumping back into bed and cuddling.