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Don't You Shiver

I’m back, babies! xx —B


Danny worsnop imagine where you guys are best friends and you don’t know how to swim ad your terrified of swimming and he teaches you how and then things get smutty Please please please do this one!! I love your guys imagines! Pleaseee do this one <333 :-)

 by B

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Danny and Ben Part 1

A/N - I thought two smuts in one imagine would be too much write so this will probably be in three parts. I was writing a sentence a day so that’s why it took so long to finish.

You stood against the bar savoring the taste of the vodka sliding down your throat. You set down the empty shot glass down on the counter with a loud clank. You look back up to Danny who was holding you close to him and give him a mischievous smile; he took this as his queue to get the bartender to pour you another shot. You took it from him and quickly tilted your head back downing the strong drink.

“Keep em coming!” You say despite the fact you’ve had more than enough to drink.

“And here I thought you were a light weight.” he chuckled.

“Well, I guess its safe to say you underestimated me.” You giggle against his lips.

“Damn, you can almost drink as much a Ben, if not more!” Danny exclaims before taking a swig of his beer, “I’m impressed.” He continues with a smirk.

“I bet I could impress you in other aspects other than how much I can drink.” You say trying to be seductive but your hiccups get in the way.

“Oh really? Well than… take my breath away.” He whispers into your ear, grabbing your ass and roughly pulling you to him.

You bit down on your lip trying to contain your excitement. You motion over to the bartender and pay him enough money to just buy the whole bottle. He hands it to you, nervously glancing between you and Danny.

You grabbed Danny’s hand pulling him to the bathrooms, your other hand tightened around the neck of the glass bottle. Exhilaration begin to bubble throughout your body, your fantasy of hooking up with Danny was finally about to come true; to think all it took was a couple shots.

You tugged him past the heavy bathroom door, locking it when it shut. You turned to see him leaning against the bathroom counter, watching your every move with hungry eyes. You take a quick swig of liquid confidence as you slowly make your way over to him. You stop when your just inch’s from his face. You lean forward a little in turn making him come closer to, you duck your head to the side before his mouth could connect with yours and set the bottle on the counter.

“What was that?” He smiles, obviously amused by your teasing.

“Danny, what are you talking about?” You smirk before backing up, giving him a better view of your body.

You quickly kick off your shoes while he reach’s behind him for the bottle. Once he returns his attention to you you begin to undress. You curled your fingers around the front of the bottom of your shirt. The smoothness of your nails giving you chills as you run your hands along the bottom of your shirt. You neatly start to roll up the bottom of your shirt, watching as Danny’s eyes run over each new inch of the exposed skin.

Once your shirt is circled around your neck you swiftly pull it off of you and drop it to create a small heap at your feet. Danny’s eyes darken as they rest on your breast. Even though they were still covered by your bra you had made sure to wear a push up bra just in case this happened. Your skin began to tingle under his gaze and by the way his pants were becoming taught by something trying to free itself from his jeans.

You unbutton your pants and slowly bend over causing your breast to nearly spill out of your bra. Once your pants were pooled around your feet you gracefully stepped out of them. A chill shook your body as the air conditioning began to swirl around your body. Goose bumps soon began to form but not cause of the cold air that now filled the room but the way his eyes lapped up every inch of your bare body, your nearly naked body fueling his lust.

Danny suddenly reached out and grabbed your arm, colliding your body with his. His rough hands ran along the sides of your body, outlining all of your curves. He slowly lowered his head so his lips met yours in a long awaited kiss. The kiss started out slow and heavy, both of you still having second guesses whether you should do this or not. As you two got more confident Danny flipped you so the counter was now digging into your back and messily deepened the kiss. He took a handful of your panties in his hand and roughly tugged on them, a ripping noise travels to your ears and with one more strong tug Danny rips the thin fabric from your body.

He detaches your lips to tug off his shirt and you reach behind you for the bottle for another swig. You watch him as his fingers drunkenly fumble at the button on his jean, ‘So eager.’ you think with a smirk.

Once his pants and underpants fall to the floor with a clank as his belt hits the floor he’s once again pushing your body against the counter with his. His finger tips gently trail along your collarbone from there they slowly move over your shoulder and to your mid back to unhook your bra, the whole time Danny’s eyes never leave yours. After the taut hooks of your bra sprung loose you let it fall gently to the floor, Dannys sly hand moved down to cup the curve of your ass.

You jumped a little when his fingers brushed against your bare sex, not expecting the sudden contact. A quiet moan came from your gaping mouth when his strong hands came to rest on your cleft. You let out another low moan as his rough, hot palm just added onto the pleasure. You rocked your hips forward, expressing your need for his fingers inside of you. Danny obliged and slid a rough finger into you, wiggling it around. You gasped and arched your body against his; this simple action making you think about all the pleasure to come.

He worked his finger in and out of you eventually adding a second finger. You jerked when he inserted a third finger, you opened your mouth to scream but nothing came out. Suddenly his tongue was there twisting with yours. Your moans filled his mouth as you forcefully rode his fingers.It felt so great having his fingers pumping inside of you, nothing else mattered at this moment but his body against yours. Danny’s fingers brushed a long your elusive g-spot. Soon enough your orgasm ripped through body making waves of pleasure overcome you.

Danny roughly turned your body around bent your quivering body over the counter; your cheek squished against the cool surface. Danny placed his cock in between your ass cheeks, he slowly thrust his hips so the underside of his cock ran across your puckered asshole. His thrusts became harder as he continued to use your cheeks as assistance to his masturbation. You could feel his cock began to throb hotly when he squeezed your ass around him. He ceased the fucking of your ass cheeks and moved the tip of his cock to slit, rubbing it back and forth between your sopping folds; making you realize just how much you wanted him. You moved your hips back so his tip rest in the seam of your cleft.

“Unf… Danny please.” You breath, your voice almost covered by the music coming from the bar.

“I can already tell you’re gonna be on top of Santa’s naughty list this year.” He growls while shoving his thick cock in you, holding it there so you could adjust. He leaned over so he could nip at your earlobe.

“But that’s okay, I like bad girls.” He smirked, pulling out of you then slamming back in.

You cried out as he immediately set a steady and hard pace. He grabbed and held your shoulders with surprising strength, pulling you onto him repeatedly. His name bursts from your mouth in the form of a scream. He pounded into you relentlessly, balls deep every time. One of the hands clutching your shoulder moved to the bottle beside your head. He took to large gulps followed by a loud groan. He pumped his cock in and out of you, your release building in your stomach.

Danny continued his attack on your pussy only harder, sensing you were close to the edge. With every thrust you were forced up on your tiptoes. He continued to fuck you, not seeming to tire at all, until you were seeing spots in your vision. The ball in your stomach that was shaking with the intensity of your orgasm finally burst. His seed gushed into you, your juices mixing in a glorious orgasm.

Danny pulled your body up against his, he held you close to his body as yours fell limp; turning into a heap of moans and heavy breathing. He nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, his stubble tickling your sensitive skin. He wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you ever closer whilst placing kisses on your cheek and neck. You run your hands over his arms soothingly, feeling the way his chest rose and fell quickly against your back.

He unwrapped his arms sooner then you would have liked, his hand lingering on your hips for a moment before pulling away completely. You heard the jingling if him fastening his belt, you realized you probably should begin getting dressed as well. You both get dressed in silence, you reach for the nearly empty bottle on the counter when Danny gently turns you around. He cups your cheek kissing you softly. He pulls away, you both looking into each others eyes. He leans forward so his breath is tickling the inside of your ear.

“You’re perfect, Y/N.” He whispers then places one last gentle kiss on your cheek and walks over to the door.

He hesitates at the door for a moment before turning around, smirk crawls across his rough face.

“We should do this again.” He chuckles, his thoughtful facade suddenly gone.

He threw open the door and walked out; a small wave of air hit you as the door closed again. Hooking up with Danny was more than wonderful, greater than you could have imagined. There was something hidden in there, between you and Danny. You were to distracted though at the time by Danny burying himself inside you to try and figure out what it was. What ever it was you definitely wanted to feel it again; so yes Danny, we were definitely going to do this again.

Cats & Guns

I’m in such a Danny mood, guise. Also, I wrote this on third person cause I hate to change POV’s xx —B

Hello! Love what you guys do! Please could I have a Danny smut/fluff one where he doesn’t want to go to a Halloween party, but after overhearing you and Juliet Simms (your bestie) talk about it, suprises you and goes. SMUT ALSO PLEASE. Thank you! <3

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Between Your Hips

I’m back! xx —B

I am in love with your blog , can you please do one where you and Danny are like best friends and you guys help each other pick up chicks and guys but you both secretly have feelings for each other and one day you get into a fight because you think that he doesn’t care about you but he reveals his feelings and you go on to smutty time

Can you do a seriously sumtty danny worsnop one where he comes and visits you in college


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The Future is Just a Few Heartbeats Away

a cute one (still with danny) where its in the future and you have a couple kids and he’s all clean and sober n stuff? - Anon

I pretty much went wild with this one, I’ve had an idea in my head forever now for something like this. So enjoy.

There are a lot of flashbacks in this story. They will be in italics to make it easier to read. Also I know the title is from a PTV song but it fits this pretty well I think. 

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Second Chances

Alright :) I was just wondering if I could request a Danny Worsnop imagine? It would be fluffy in the end haha. I was thinking that you, Danny and your two year old daughter were supposed to do something as a family but he doesn’t show up. He shows up later that night dunk and you have a fight. You take your daughter and go to your friends for a few days and then Danny apologizes and says he’s trying to change for the both of you and then you have a family day? Sorry if it’s too long. Thanks! - Anon

Written by: C


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Wether Im Drunk Or Sober, Your Still Fucking Perfect! (A Danny Worsnop Imagine With Anon)

I was stood at the side of the stage. Watching my boyfriend, Danny Worsnop, on stage. He was doing his thing as the fans where going crazy. He started running around during the guitar solo and he looked over at me and give me his massive, innocent as fuck, smile. I had to giggle and smile back, he is such a cutie. Not to mention he is so perfect . 

‘Alright, we’re on to out last song now!’ Ben said as Danny was too busy smiling at me. ‘Danny.. Danny… OI! DICKHEAD!’ He shouted and Danny looked at him.

‘Oh, sorry but my beautiful girlfriends at the side’ he smiled and the crowd aww’d. 

‘I love how you immediately know we were talking to you when I said dickhead! And anyway, you can see her after, now sing!’ Ben laughed and Danny nodded. 

After the show they ran off and Danny’s lips collided with mine. The chant of Asking Alexandria was getting fainter and fainter as I realised Danny was backing me up against the wall. 

‘You are so gorgeous’ he said. 

‘And you sound so drunk!’ I laughed, 

‘Maybe, but you are still so fucking perfect when I’m sober’ he smiled and kissed me softly. He was so hot and sweaty but I didn’t mind. 

‘Aw, you’re a cutie!’ I smiled and in return he licked my nose, ‘Cheers babe’ I laughed.

‘Oh, you know I love you’ he said and I looked at him. He what? He had never said that to me before. 

‘What?’ I asked and he widened his eyes when he realised what he had said then relaxed, sort of. 

‘I love you so much, you have made me a better person and you’ve made me so happy, ever since he day I met you I knew you were the one and for that I love you so fucking much’ he says. I smile and kiss him. 

‘I love you so much too Danny’ I smiled and blushed. 

‘Now, you’re the one who’s being cute,’ he said, kissing me softly again. 

‘YEY!!! YOU’VE FINALLY ADMITTED IT’ Cameron said and we both looked at him, sat with the others. 

‘YEAH!’ Sam smiled, ‘we’ve been waiting for you both to admit it to each other, you’re amazing together and we see the way you look at each other’ 

‘You also have that glint in your eyes that says you’re gunna kill us’ James laughed and then looked at us as me and Danny looked at each other and nodded. 

‘Shit! RUN!’ James said, as the 4 guys stood up and started running as we chased them out of the room.

(Written By Co-Writer Becky)

A/N: This was written because my Co-writer simply had too many Danny feels! Hope you enjoy! i love you guys!

Under And Over It,

Sophie xx :) 

A Messy Ending....

Can you do one where you’re dating Danny worsnop for sometime now and one day you get into a huge fight because he is jealous of your friendship with Ben , and he starts say that you are cheating on him , you get tired of his accusations and you leave the next day he goes to your house and says he is sorry and you go on to have kinky time haha sorry is such a long request , love your imagines by the way - Anon


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I Swear to Drunk, I'm not God - Wait...

Can you do one where you’re the singer of a band andyou touring with asking alexandria and you’re friends with the band especially Ben you’re like best friends but you have an awful relationship with Danny and you are always fighting,one day after a party you are drunk Danny is not but he instead of taking advantage of you he takes you to his house and cuddles with you when you wake up you’re happy he didn’t have sex with you when you were drunk and tells you he loves u and you love him too <3 

Written by: C

[[DSNOP is my personal favorite mmk ]]

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