danny walsh

And we’re the Game Grumps!

Shows like Sense8 and How To Get Away With Murder have pansexual orgies and guys rimming each other every other episode and Jeff Davis wants us to worship him because he created a show where where homophobia doesn’t exist, which is pretty easy to do when there aren’t any gay characters to begin with.

Here’s something I’ve been itching to draw for a long while! The Grumps continue to inspire me and make me laugh and I’m so proud to see them grow! I’ve met a ton of amazing people and artists because we all love what they do and we can enjoy their shenanigans together. Thanks for all the great videos, animation, art, and silly tweets you guys put out every day!

For anyone interested, I’ll be selling 11 x 17 poster prints of this at Anime Expo this year! I’ll put up more information once I know where I’m tabling and all that. In the mean time I hope you all enjoy the GG fam <3

Snow Dan and the 7  8 Grumps

This…took way too long (7 hours and 19 minutes to be exact) for a drawing based on one thing Suzy said in her Renne Faire video and suffering through SAI crashing three times is just a pain in the butt. BUt I still really love this picture and hey I drew Jack and Vernon for the first time (albeit their Grump heads but yeah) 😄