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Machete  (Ferdinand Lopez)   //   Marvel Comics

Fernando Lopez is an athletic man with no superhuman powers. He is an expert with bladed weapons and the throwing of such weapons. He has extensive knowledge of guerrilla warfare tactics.

Machete wore a bulletproof Kevlar flak jacket with a variety of pockets and pouches for carrying various weapons, particularly throwing-knives. He wore custom-made combat boots with additional weapons pouches; the remainder of his costume consisted of conventional military surplus items. Machete carried a variety of specially manufactured weighted steel throwing knives, two three-foot machetes, and other items as necessary. 

Additionally, his costume’s gloves were equipped with strong electromagnets to help him retrieve his weapons in case he was disarmed. (X)

1st appearance Captain America #302 (1985) 

Edit: This is not actually the same character from the  Machete movies but he sure is Danny Trejo for me.