danny the voice

  • Matthew: Several months ago I lost my dear girlfriend, Elektra.
  • Elektra: Quit telling people I'm dead!
  • Matthew: Sometimes I can still hear her voice.

I voice Danny Phantom in JelloApocalypse’s So This is Basically Danny Phantom

StiB Danny Phantom Open Audition - Danny
Hey there! My name’s Brendan “Jello” Blaber and I make a series of semi-animated parodies called So This is Basically! Each episode pokes fun at a different franchise, be it a cartoon, game, or anime. The current video I’m working on is for Danny Phantom, a superhero cartoon about ghosts that ran...

Hey there, voice actors! I’m holding a small open audition for the role of Danny Phantom in an upcoming parody I’m making! Details in the document.

This is a paid role! DEADLINE MAY 11TH!


See the actors who voice your favorite Butch Hartman NickToons in this behind-the-scenes peek of the new Danny Phantom/Fairly OddParents/Bunsen is a Beast/T.U.F.F. Puppy cross-over short, The Fairly Odd Phantom!

Catch the full short here!


guys, this is the Danny Shorage aka the voice of hancock,  dressed as hancock,  singing ‘i dont want to set the world on fire’ a song well used in the fallout francise.  im ded.

((and for y’all who like to read my dearest    @spooky-kanaya    wrote a lil piece inspired by this and encouraged by 50 kisses ))

my biggest dream come true for this fandom besides a high quality reboot is that some brilliant person who is really good at voice impressions joins the fandom and starts doing dubs over some of the fan comics

in a lot of other fandoms (esp. undertale), people did voice impressions of the characters and they voiced over comics and a bunch of other junk. i know no one can perfectly do the voice of david kaufman but. IMAGINE. if someone in the fandom does a good danny voice, then we can finally hear him say “fuck”. could you imagine how great it would be if someone did this and we’d be reblogging audio posts saying “oh shit im the dead white haired anime boy” or “vlad you motherfucker” or “guess ill die”. someone could voice over my guacamole arc comics and id pay them a hundred bucks