danny tablet


Merry (late) Christmas to @haikujitsu!!! I made this comic from this amazing drabble that brought joy into my life. I hope you like it, sorry it’s late! I hope your Christmas was amazing, and I wish you a happy new year!! <3

Here’s my VERY late Truce gift  of grayghost for @miss-mismagius!!! Hope you had an awesome holiday season!!! (Bonus doodle to follow for my lateness.) //click for better quality.

My first digital piece in years and i had to do it with a mouse. sigh. couldve added a little more detail with a tablet but ya know. Anyway, thought itd be interesting to do comics about how the ghosts died and this is sorta my take on Ember. i might do the others but idk.

“United front. No mercy. Am I right?”

“Guys keep it down in here, I’m trying to do my homework or whatever…”