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Closet Danny Phantom Cosplay~

I recently discovered the trans Danny headcanon and it is honestly giving me so much life. I have always loved Danny Phantom- I was so in love with him- and I can’t exactly pin why, but I super connect with this specific headcanon, and I can’t get enough now. Maybe it’s because I’m a transboy who is all about the supernatural, and I too have green eyes (and I want white hair SOOOOO BAD). IDK. But I love it ♡

I think that I and all of my fellow Lawstein trash shippers often forget that Carmilla and Danny are both huge literature nerds, like Carmilla reads philosophical texts for fun, and who knows what else, and Danny literally TAs a Lit class.

Where are all of my disgusting “lawstein arguing over interpretations of classic novels/favorite characters/favorite books” fics? 

Where is the fic that begins with Hollstein just chilling and then Danny barging in, scaring Laura when she goes right for Carmilla and growls “How dare you recommend that book to me.” when Carmilla tells her to read an especially sad novel.

Where is my librarian!au?


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A must listen to for any Batman TAS fans.

Is Laura a professor at Silas?

Fact 1: She’s grading papers.  Either a professor or a TA.  Five years means I lean towards TA, but I just like thinking of Laura as a sexy professor.  Also, Danny was a TA while still in undergrad so there’s that too weighing against it.

Fact 2: The paper on top is about property exchanging hands at Silas.  Silas, not Styria.  It’s possible she’s elsewhere, but I tend to think she’s actually at the university if that’s the focus of attention.  I think it would be unlikely for a random student to be writing about Silas specifically.

I’m not saying for sure, but I definitely lean that way.  Fic writers take note.

Danny Lawrence, English Lit TA, a girl who loved to read as much as she loved the feeling of the track field flying beneath her. Twenty one years old, former vice president of the Summer Society.

Who was pulled into Laura’s lap and spent her last moments looking up into the face of a girl who, honestly, she had looked up to since they met at that Town Hall meeting.

I’m not afraid. Okay? You remember that.

Danny Lawrence, who was without a doubt terrified. She helped so many people, and how would they be safe without her there?

I’m not scared.
 I’m not scared.
 I’m not…

She told the truth. She wasn’t scared to leave this earth.
But she was terrified for the people she was forced to leave behind.

Danny Meta

So I was just looking at a Danny GIFset, from Laura’s “interrogation” of Carmilla, and I noticed how focused she seems. Staring intently at Carmilla like she’s trying not to miss a single word. Leaning on Laura’s chair to back her up. Fixing her face to be as steely as possible.

I can imagine Danny being a perfectionist. After all, she’s Danny Lawrence, high-ranking member of the Summer Society. Danny Lawrence, lit TA. Danny Lawrence, protector of everything, keeper of peace and order at Silas.

Danny Lawrence, who shouldered the world- why? Because she lost someone? Because she was used to things being out of control?

When she and Laura fight, she looks on the brink of tears as she lists off the ways Laura’s risking her life. Being overprotective to the point of threatening Laura’s independence is Danny’s failing, true, but that particular scene had all the hallmarks of an anxiety attack (to my eyes). For the first time, she looks and sounds vulnerable.

addams-beineke says she thinks Danny is one of the most vulnerable characters on the show, and I agree. Maybe she’s more like Perry than anyone suspects. Better at dealing with “the weird,” but equally invested in having everything peaceful and orderly. And safe. Above all else, safe.

I wonder what the protector is protecting herself from?