danny stills

they all kicked the sh*t out of danny rand i am so glad i might cry.. i was waiting for this the whole time. 

Warning Spoilers ⚠

Ok so ive been up for over 24 hours bc i started watching the defenders at 4am and couldn’t stop until i finished but I felt the need to make this post.

-I’ve really missed the relationship between Trish and Jessica

-i really dislike misty

-also Luke and Claire

-the breakup of foggy, Karen, and matt makes me sad.

-but foggy is doing so well!

-i love the banter between Jessica and matt

-started to lowkey ship them tbh

-Danny also got annoying around episode 5

-Elektra breaking into matt’s place and sleeping in his bed was so cute and sad i changed my mind i ship them

-Stick gets killed by Elektra I mean he was about to kill Danny but i still liked him around

-I was shook when Elektra killed Alexandra

-oh also i like how they basically broke PFF into groups during the whole show. Danny & Luke, Matt & Jessica, Claire & Colleen

-Foggy gave Matt his suit, he’s really gonna regret that

-Elektra literally tricks Danny into opening the door thing like c'mon i think he should be smarter than that

-oh and misty gets her arm cut off by Bakuto i think. I hope this gets rid of her tbh

-then when colleen chops his head off he lands on the bomb timer setting it off like their luck couldn’t get any worse

-oh yeah colleen steals bombs from the police to blow up the hand building

-Gao wasn’t killed by anyone so she might be alive

-then when everyone is leaving the basement cave thing matt stays bc he thinks he can save Elektra

-he knew he wasn’t gonna make it out, he was prepared to die and told Danny to protect his city

-elektra and matt kiss as the building falls on top of them

-everyone thinks matt died and foggy blames himself because he helped matt get there.

-like c'mon we all know he’s gonna be fine

-jess and Luke make up and she invites him do coffee. 😉

-oh so near the end Danny is on the roof on matt’s position like he can actually see or hear something

-so matt’s okayish, he’s alive and with some nuns. I have no idea how he’s okay tbh oh and no sign of Elektra and that’s how it ends

-oh and after the credits there’s a punisher trailer


Danny Phantom concept that I don’t think anyone thought about yet: these two. 

Every time I think about them, I feel as if they should definitely know each other?
They both have that Stupid Hairstyle and they’re both crusty old fancy adults who are secretly ghosts taking advantage of teenagers and ruining lives

Hey, A friend commissioned me to do a Dan.Va with a selfie game and I thought it was funny so I hope you enjoy it as well.

I’m so sorry.


“Nutcracker Suite? More like Buttcracker, sweet!!!”


Trainspotting (1996) directed by Danny Boyle