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Okay guys, I’m working on a little something but thought I’d try to get your help/input on it. Now you don’t have to give a bit explanation or reason why (unless you feel like it) just tell me what happens in that moment.

So tell me…

What is your favorite moment between Kitty and Hyde?

Halfa Gem

Steven stumbles into Yellow Diamond. Mind games ensue.

(Note: Gif Comic)

Background on how this happened:

This started off as a relatively simple idea, but I lost all control of it. I was doodling Yellow Diamond as a silhouette, which reminded me of Spectra (Danny Phantom), which led to this adaptation of Danny and Spectra’s confrontation in the episode “My Brother’s Keeper.”

Edit: Now with accompanying art to balance this out (although it’s not a comic) . Halfa Buds is still a SU/DP crossover, but with a lighter theme. Hope you enjoy it as much as this!