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1989. In Your Face

is the second album by the band Kingdom Come.

In an interview, the band’s members talk about the title of the album, saying that when you first look at the LP, you read “Kingdom Come”, then, as you move your eyes downwards, you read “In your face”. They laugh and say: “Kingdom come … in your face, get it?”, making an obscene joke or double entendre of it.

A very good album from one of the best voices and music writers in rock n roll. A real fast tempo in the beginning sets the pace for another Lenny Wolf creation worth a listen to. Also in the band STONE FURY this guy is a real talent.  

Lenny Wolf    Danny Stag    Rick Steier    Johnny B. Frank  James Kottak

Kingdom Come - Kingdom Come (1988)

Kingdom Come’s early claim to fame was that they sounded too similar to Led Zeppelin, especially their self-titled debut album.  Jimmy Page even mentioned them specifically as being rip-off artists, though that seems kinda hypocritical since Zeppelin was known to heavily “borrow” old blues songs and make them their own.  In any case, lead singer Lenny Wolf didn’t do much to help his band’s cause by claiming they never heard of Led Zeppelin before starting their band.  (yeah…sure.)

Anyway, Kingdom Come’s debut album definitely has classic rock influences and is well done, especially if you are into Zeppelin.  Personally, many bands that I enjoy sound similar to other bands I like.  If that’s not your cup of tea, I definitely understand.

My faves: Living Out of Touch, The Shuffle, Now Forever After, Shout it Out